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  1. So far I got myself a good source for an original soundtrack for the game. Still seeking someone that could help with the script and to design original sprites and artwork for the game. For those wanting to at least follow the progress as it comes along, you can follow the Patreon I made for it. P.S. Still working on the starting Demo for it so nothing much on display on the Patreon yet. https://www.patreon.com/xarkrr
  2. Alright. I sent a message to both of you to talk more on the matter.
  3. Greetings, Everyone! I am relatively new to the game making world, but have been working on taking an old story of mine and converting it into what I believe to be a fun and interesting story. While I am new to this, I have been looking up details and getting the hang of the program to make sure the ideas and system I envisioned can come out well. My plans are to make this idea into a game worth making a profit off of. One thing I feel has to be mentioned is that this game idea contains mature content. Nothing straight up porn-like, but some partial nudity at most and realistic events to actions you make. Title: N/A The name is still a work in progress since that has always been a hard part for me when it came to my ideas. Genre: fantasy, RPG strategy, adventure Plot: The division of 'dark' and 'light' have kept the world in a continues separation among the races and tribes spread across the lands. Many have grown to accept this difference while those that think differently are considered heretic to the goddess. You play a young man from a rather normal life who comes in contact with a fragment housing the soul of a long forgotten deity. Unlock the truth behind the past and gain more power to unite the world under one rule. The story follows along that mystery of the past and the individual stories behind each race as the main character seeks to bring about change and unite them under one rule. In doing so he has to solve the issues each have (racism, lack of resources, slavery, etc.) to ensure a better world. Or at least one he believes is better. Gameplay: The gameplay itself is so far split in two. There is the traditional four character party for when you are exploring the regions at your own accord. But in bigger scales events the battles are with the characters having forces instead. The health bar equaling how many units they lead. Apart from the battle system, there is also a system to increase the loyalty and boost the characters you have at your aide. Not to mention the one thing any ruler character needs, to be able to build and grow your kingdom. Still working on the systems themselves, but those are the details i am aiming for. Characters: So far the characters are being worked on. Apart from the main character, I'm planning to have 1-2 characters for each of the races thay number 15 so far. As mentioned before, each one has loyalty events to help deepen the bond with the protagonist while the females can have a deeper sort of bond if you know what I mean. Plus, being a ruler with the soul of a deity, it will come with some perks for those harem route fans. Positions: Artist: When it comes to artwork, I'm seeking two categories. First are the characters. Now the main detail to mention is that there are a variety of races. So someone that isn't restricted to only human design would be best. Another detail is that since this will be a mature game, they should be alright with the characters in partial nude at most. Granted that isn't the focus of the game so it won' take most of the artwork. Secondly is artist for visuals. For the main menu, backgrounds in citizens, etc. So this will be focused on scenery and visuals. Sprites: While I have been going through already existing sprites for this, there will be some details that will need sprites made specifically for this game. So someone able to make those sprites for battles, characters, and maps. Sound: Like the artwork, there are two details to this as well. The actual soundtrack to the game for bgm and scenes is one. Some able to give that musical sound to a moment. The other is sound effects. While most are already in the program, there are some sounds in mind I want to make for it. Writing: While I do have the story idea in my head, someone else to assis with this is very much appreciated. I always believed an extra head in creativity is a good thing.
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