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  1. Could you send pictures of your event pages? We won't know how to make it simpler if we don't know what you have now!
  2. So first of all, converting doesn't work like that. Just changing the file name extension will not change the file itself. For example, if you change a notepad document (.txt) to a music file (.mp3), it wouldn't work. Same goes for m4a and mp3. Even though they are both audio files, they are not the exact same. You may want to covert them using an online converter or a downloaded one and then use them. Also, send a picture of the error message. For me, the audio sometimes works without the need for an m4a file and just the .ogg file. When I converted my VXA game to MV I had a certain issue with the music/SFX. If mine was the same as yours right now, I know the fix. Tell me if converting the files properly works!
  3. You can get some baseball looking dudes in this link (although called golfers, they have baseball looking caps): https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hiddenones-mv-resource-warehouse.47255/ As for trains, there is a paid resource for all you could want for trains (I think, not sure cause I haven't bought it yet) here: https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/full-train-set-engines-cars-freight-more.1399/ Sorry if I'm late and you don't need it anymore, I just joined the forums pretty recently.
  4. There is actually a simpler way, with no need for plugins. just make a common event like the one below, just changing the amount along with the variables random generator depending on your needs. Then make a skill and assign the common event to it as an effect, shown in picture 2. Picture 2 Tell me if it works for you!
  5. Hello! If it is possible, could anyone edit the script of YEP_ButtonCommonEvents so that whenever a switch is turned ON in game, the key bind is set? I would need this as I am making an item that makes common events play (through the script), but the item is given mid-game. I could just set it so that the common event only plays when a certain switch is ON, but I also have YEP_KeyboardConfig, and that shows the mapped key anyway. This causes the player to be able to see the item on the config screen, but not actually be able to use it. If you guys can't do it, just guide me in the right direction and I will attempt it myself. All help is appreciated. Thank you!
  6. IbroAnw

    Face for a Muslim Sheikh

    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone will be able to make either a faceset or just one face for this character. Resource Type: Overworld Character Sprite (Chibi) Maker Format: VX Ace Description: I want to create just a faceset and then, if possible, the same dude but with different skin colours and cloth colours. I would like it to be made for the man in the white, the Muslim Shiekh, x x o x x x x x I found this image online by searching "muslim sprite rpg", clicking on the first one, then clicking on the suggestion under it. Th link leads https://vxresource.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/o-mai-gaad-its-an-update/vx_chara03_g/, and so I give credit to aweryn who submitted it there. All help is appreciated, thank you! P.S. This is my first forum post so it probably is a bit bad.
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