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    My boy Leo turned 13 in creation years (I made him when I was a kid and still use him today). He will eternally be 23 otherwise though lol.

    Showing off some of my game fanart. I have a LOT of Yume Nikki pieces since it's my favourite RPG maker game. Will throw in some others as well. This one's my favourite of my Yume Nikkis so far. Mischief Makers! Kirby Bloodborne stuff I have way too many pieces that I like. I'll post some more another time.

    Just some more examples of art. I'll probably be updating this thread now and then with newer stuff.
  4. BluMiu Art

    This needs more replies~

    Well, I’ve never posted anything before, so HELLO, my name is Ruedefaux, and I am an illustrator that works primarily in narrative illustration and character illustration, mostly my own. I try to work in and practice as many styles as I can to expand my knowledge, so there’s a few different things I can do. I mostly like working in digital painting as my main style of choice, but sometimes I like doing a more cartoony look when I want to kick back and relax. I’ve also been working on my skill in pixel art as of late and would like to maybe go somewhere with that sometime too. ALSO on the side I like to make music under the title “Lolistomp”. I mostly draw inspiration from rave genres (gabber, industrial, jumpstyle being the primary) and classic video games—so I have some 8bit themes in there as well. I make a lot of theme songs for my own characters as it helps me with illustration ideation. I have a website where I host all of these things, so if you’d like to take a look at my work as a whole, you can go into the gallery tab and pick one of the categories. http://ruedefaux.com I also take commissions, so if anyone’s interested, feel free to contact me: http://ruedefaux.com/commission-info Some of my links: https://www.deviantart.com/ruedefaux https://www.artstation.com/ruedefaux https://instagram.com/ruedefaux/ https://twitter.com/Ruedefaux https://www.facebook.com/ruedefaux/ https://soundcloud.com/lolistomp Some examples of my work: Thank you for looking~