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    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    I can make it to the login screen but without a server you can't even run offline tests (that I'm aware of). When it comes to servers and such I am all but useless. With everything in Portuguese, it hasn't been easy to figure anything out. I translated some of the config script, but all the raw info you need is in the Portuguese manual.
  2. Angry Choco

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    This may be my new favorite RM thing. I love the sense of community, competition, and cooperation the MMO genre of rpgs provides, and the prospect of creating one has had me foaming at the mouth for over a year now. I have to test compatibility with a few other scripts. Primarily Hime's Instance Items, Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting, Dark Sky's House Decorating System.
  3. Angry Choco

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    I managed to take this down sprite and create a down for one of my project characters. It's good enough for me to use, although far from perfect. If you can find pre-existing downs that are close enough to be rigged, I am willing to try. The better I get at McGyvering downs the happier I will be. @TobiObito4ever That last down was pretty bad so I tackled the RTP version of the head I borrowed. This time it turned out decent, or it just looks good by comparison now. My first attempt at this was worse than the McGyver job. Just form looking at the example soldier down you provided, it doesn't look like it would be too difficult.
  4. Angry Choco

    Using TP as a third vital meter...

    It seems potentially detrimental to the flow and core enjoyment of battle, if it's a turn based or active JRPG. I love strategy as much as the next person, but if characters run out of endurance too fast, forcing a rest period, it could be a hindrance to play. Personally, I like the idea of a status meter. Over and above just having status effects like poison, you could make the TP meter represent a character's overall health and well being. Keep fighting, walking on certain terrains, their status meter will drop. You could create new status effects just for this, like infection, fever, other diseases and perhaps enchantments. Characters can eat actual food to restore the meter, as well as rest properly. This would add a layer of caring for your party and characters over and above driving HP potions into them between battles. It could also give a crafting feature like cooking a real purpose in supplying TP restores, whilst keeping any potions for HP & MP you may have planned. I'm seeing it even as a way to potentially characterize, now. You could tune each character's resistances to diseases and medical conditions, based on their species, ethnicity, geography, etc. The more I think about this ^ the more I want to use it myself. This could allow you to really define the concept of Hit Point vs Health Points, making HP represent Armour durability and wound severity. Perhaps it's even possible to make it so that, when HP hits 0, you don't die, you just go critical, and all further attacks come out of your TP until death. I would put in a secret accessory equip: (Avery) The IV Bag. Casts regen on your TP meter, so you never have to stop trashing ass until all your allies have gone comatose. I think your endurance idea can work too. Only tweak I might suggest is giving a tiny restore at the end of, or start of each battle. Only a few points, but just enough to prevent the feature from making battle seem complicated and undesirable.
  5. Angry Choco

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    It is my favorite RM thing ever. https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/falcao-pearl-abs-liquid-v1/
  6. Angry Choco

    [VX - Facesets] Faceset Request

    This is a hail mary. A shot in the dark. Whilst I'm fairly certain the Rm art community has seen livelier days, I find myself in need a custom face sheet. I cannot pay anyone, as I'm a rookie dev who has only 'played' the titles, never released anything, no real budget, I'm working off non-commerical resources here. All I can offer is exposure through credit. For most games I would improvise. Find a face that gets the job done for the character I need, then find or generate a matching body. But this is no ordinary game, this is something that's been highly developed for some time now and I've been entertaining the idea of turning it into a JRPG. I have a Final Fantasy Tribute story I've been working on for some time. For even a non-commercial RM release I may have to retool the FF trademarks like Bahamut out, but it's a non issue in the grand scheme. I have done some light sprite editing on 4 of the main male characters, and I am still working on the first female sheet. I am looking for a face sheet for these sprites. I don't much care about style, because text boxes will have no facesets, in classic FF style. Hell, as long as they are matching, you can generate them as long as it isn't using the VX Ace generator. But if you have a nice library of generator parts, feel free to give it a try. You do not have to worry about doing a face for both versions if you do not want to. it would be nice but I'm hat-in-hand here. From Top Left to Bottom Right: Seto, Stryker (Hans), Casius, Cid. SETO BAHAMEIR Description: A nomadic swordsman who wears a strange insignia on his exotic cape. Age: 25 Expression: Neutral, intense sapphire eyes that are stern yet boyish. STRYKER (HANS VENECHENKO) Description: Former Zenobian Special Ops, current owner/operator of Rebel Radio, and the most wanted man in all the Empire. Age: 38 Expression: Dead serious, stern brow and hardened, cautious brown eyes. (Brows aren't so bushy) CASIUS MAGNUS Description: A warrior black mage of The Veldts of Stormsail Coast. Exiled for choosing exploration of the outside world over his own tribes, Cas roams the world, seeking an unknown calling. Age: 237 (Doesn't appear that old) Expression: Complete neutrality. Strong, hairless brow with solid white eyes and ashy grey skin. Notes: Black mages are very tall, muscular individuals on average. They purge emotions in order to master focus in battle, training, the practice of magic, and their personal lives. Their presence, even when peaceful, can be terrifying to those unaccustomed to them. CID FAIRWIND Description: Decorated Zenobian Airship Captain and war hero - turned rebel supporter. Cid is uncle to brothers and fellow weekend rebels, Biggs and Wedge Fairwind. Age: 62 Expression: Closed lip smile, paternal eyes that reflect the authority and confidence of a veteran airship captain. There are more characters that would require a face, I'm just tossing a line out to see if anyone bites. I hope someone feels up to the task. This has been a Hail Mary. Thanks for your time.
  7. Angry Choco

    Sprites playing musical instruments

    My editing skills leave much to be desired, but customizing sprites is something I've been getting into lately. I haven't been able to do a full band yet, but Therapie has a nice band set with instruments you can swap to new bodies fairly easily, so I can work on more. I hope this helps. The flute and arms holding it were ripped from a Candacis sprite sheet, so credit her. Crediting me isn't necessary. It provided some experience. Didn't know if I could even make this look passable.
  8. Angry Choco

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    1) Encountered this very same problem. My scripting knowledge is for the birds, but from what I was able to gather they are not compatible, because A: they both overwrite the same default party scene, and B: when you stack up a party, let's say you have 8 characters present in the entire party, with your config set to a 4 member party, when you access the Formation grid, the other 4 inactive characters appear on the formation grid. They seem incompatible, and I gave up my efforts to run both. Having said all that, my scripting knowledge is terrible.
  9. Angry Choco

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    This is such a huge issue. I've often thought about jerry rigging generator parts for downs since discovering Falcao's Pearl system.
  10. Angry Choco

    Large Triad Deck

    I'd like to share a large, powerful Triad deck I created for a longer game with a serious triad aspect. This is a strong deck, and it may require some tweaking. I wanted a very challenging Triad experience for my players. I plan to reconcile this deck strength by removing the card shop option. Boosters and dueling are the only ways to acquire cards in my game. I'm also modifying my Booster config to make T4 cards very rare, and T5 cards more or less unicorn cards. I'll also use the large card selection and smooth progression curve to balance opponent hands, whilst still making it actually difficult (unlike FF8 or 9). I love Triad so much, but I've always found it too easy to think 3 moves ahead. Closed Hand is the only time I have trouble. I can give you a template pdn, and even the battler portraits upon request, if you'd like to tinker with the card values. Samples: Giant Raven (Tier 1) Succubox (Tier 2) Baby Dragon (Tier 3) Dragon (Tier 4) Abyssal Raider (Tier 5) Card Back Icons The compressed folder is attached and contains all 85 cards separated by rarity tier folders, the Card Settings script, the Card Back, 4 icons for Card Back, and 2 text documents listing credits and optional Card Set info. Non-commercial usages. Credits: Battler Portraits - CLOSET Card Graphics - Kas, Enterbrain (card back) Card Numbers - From Raizen's Demo assets EDIT: Updated! All errors in Card Settings config fixed. 4th icon added. Triad_Cards.zip
  11. Angry Choco

    Help Balancing Large Triad Deck

    I recently discovered Adon237's CLOSET Triad Deck and I immediately fell in love with it. I only wished it had more cards for the project I had in mind. I wanted a full triad experience with a nice progress curve, many different opponent hands, and a deep element of card collection. It was stated that we could make our own cards to add to the deck, so I thought I would retool a larger deck using CLOSET battlers. This deck currently has 65 cards across 5 rarity tiers. I have chosen the cards, and assigned default values to them. The pdn is loaded up with portraits, frames, backgrounds, and the numbers. Before I commit to these templates, I would really like to know it's a decently balanced deck. If there's one thing I don't have, it's a mind for math and numbers. I'm a story guy, haha. 'XD I'm looking for one or two people to help me look over things and balance the deck out. There are a few elements I've added in that might be a bit unique for Triad decks. I put a minimum/maximum value on each rarity tier starting out to help balance the progression of tiers. I added in 6 themed card sets that make for functional hands and promote lingering on certain tier opponents to collect every card. The card values also reflect the attributes of the given portrait - in most cases - and within reason. This may hurt the overall balance of the deck, but that's why I'm recruiting some help. Fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. The Deck template is stored in a standard Google Doc for editing. If you agree to participate and help out I can add you to the Doc for editing. You will be credited in any project the deck is used for, and if I can get the green light, I will be sharing the deck for public, non-commercial use, so you'll be credited even further, provided that is possible. And of course you'll be given a copy of the deck in exchange for your labors, as this is a ton of cards. 'XD This is something I won't be giving myself any form of credit for. Adon237's Triad Deck Edit Template (Google Docs) Thanks for your time.