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  1. Without Cas, it just wouldn't be the same. I couldn't take anyone out of the roster without messing up the entire story arc. He doesn't talk much but he does end up playing big role in the over-all story, and toward the conclusion. I could just make him a Monk who has some special Black Magic 'limit break' type of feature, but then there would be no magic at all. Magic isn't something you can 'learn' in this mythos, it's genetic. Only Black Mages can use back magic. Only White Mages can use white magic. It comes from the God who created each respective 'race'. The White Mage character is a Paladin, so he doesn't know any spells. That was another hiccup, having no white magic user in the story. It's heart breaking but I've come to the conclusion that it's not doable without butchering the story and characters.
  2. I love Galv's Invaders mini-game script. So I edited some custom PUP graphics using Avery's Iconset.


    Health - powerup0.png.c294b3d4e15e824c2e11b5fe1bac04cf.png

    Lasers - powerup1.png.393f66115b400a2ec0b5b0654320730c.png

    Laser Balls - powerup2.png.95fdce72149b215f71a19ae88b5235bd.png

    Nuke  - powerup3.png.6c90ec416872a6a9bc3d2de75475c95a.png / item_nuke.png.5586c464630c86820e8fa526caa2ffe6.png

    Enemy Spawn  Jammer - powerup999.png.a9ee4a724d73380173920ec13551a79b.png


    I find it makes the power-ups a bit less confusing during the heat of battle.


    All credit goes to Avery if you use 'em. ^_^ Her iconset is to live and die for.

    1. Loco Choco

      Loco Choco

      New High Score. 😎


  3. When you joined this site before, but have little to no recollection of it. ^_^


    @Rio Cortez


    And I know that's me, because Rio Cortez is the lead antagonist from Overworld.

  4. I have a somewhat unique problem, and it requires an explanation. Since 2011, I have been developing a Final Fantasy tribute story. This is my pride and joy as a storyteller, but it wasn’t created as an rpg. Since my late return to RM, I’ve begun to seriously consider adapting this to a non-commercial JRPG. This comes with a plethora of technical issues and hiccups that need to be reconciled. One of the major hiccups being Casius Magnus. Cas is a Black Mage from my verse. They don’t toss magic around in cheap, or use it as a weapon at the drop of a dime. It’s a power given to mortals by the Gods, and the Black Mage people recognize and respect this. It is a very rare, extreme occasion that any Black Mage casts a spell. (This is done so magic never becomes some cheap parlor trick.) After centuries of ancient warfare with Odinspawn, the Black Mage people migrated to the most savage, uninhabitable part of the world. Rather than depend on magic to solve their problems, they developed proficient martial arts used to disarm and counter foes. Now for my story, this worked just fine. Cas always shows a great deal of restraint so his OP nature never became a visible problem. If anything, he ended up being the guardian angel of the group. Now for JRPG format…this is a serious problem. The story and characters are so developed, it’s hard to just hack and slash at them, changing things to suit the needs of the format - I’d sooner not make the game if that’s what it comes to. I have thought about several solutions to this conundrum: Nurf his physical power (which essentially makes him like any other mage, and takes away from his people’s backstory and culture.) Nurf his Magic (same results just reversed) Adjust spell ‘learning curve’ Adjust Max MP curve Use his spells like a ‘limit break’ feature, only being accessible when his health reaches a certain %, or the HP of party members Or make the top shelf spells only available when his HP is at a certain % Needless to say, I can’t reconcile the nature of the character with the rpg format. I would have to toss everything about my Back Mages out the window and make them like any other we’ve seen before.
  5. Loco Choco

    Weapons powering up throughout Story

    I find the allure of equipment management to be timeless, although not essential to an rpg experience. Unique aspects are always a bonus to make your game memorable to the player (speaking as a player before a developer). Part of what makes enemy drops, treasure chests, and item shops (that feeling of getting to a new town, and hunting down the gear shops) so great is the prospect of finding that rare weapon or accessory, buying a shiny new sword that may have special properties no other sword can offer. Some of my favorite rpgs have great gear for great characters, not just a stat bonus curve. I appreciate when a game can allow me to choose what gear I want to use in order to create desired strategies. Sacrificing some attack power for elemental damage, or an evasion boost, for example. And gear doesn't last forever. Unless every character happens to start off with a rare, master-quality weapon that is impervious to the wear and tear of combat, there may come a point in time when your archer says “This Elven longbow is probably superior to my simple oak hunting shortbow.” Now having said all of this, by no means am I trying to change your mind or create doubt , just saying for the sake of conversation. One thing you might consider is adding a secret weapon for every character. A type of legendary of master weapon that can be found and replace that weapon you’ve been staring at since the beginning of the game. I find it as unlikely that a warrior would maintain the same sword for duration of his quest across the world, slaying foe after foe, after foe, after foe. That’s one hell of a sword.
  6. Loco Choco

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I have my own theories as well. I think a lot of it ties into the industry standard created by Japan. It's just what's familiar and expected of RPGs, even anime. Ethnic characters are a rarity. It's really frustrating for me because the characters are the most important part of any RPG in my opinion. I would love to be able to create characters from all walks of life, all ethnic and cultural themes. But available resources make this very difficult. I don't feel good about having 17 out of 22 Caucasian characters in my project, but unless I use generated faces, I have no other choice. I'm just surprised Enterbrain hasn't done anything about this yet. The titles actually seem to be more whitewashed since 2k3.
  7. Something about this comes together for me. Brings me back to old NES RPGs, down to the straight forward layout of the town, and the weapon and armor shops being in the same building. I love it. I'm feeling these custom graphics. It all comes together to create a unique aesthetic, and with RM, that is priceless. I envy your skills, good sir. Mapping is something I practice a lot, but it's not my specialty. One thing I consider myself good at is Interior mapping. This is the home of 2 main characters from one of my projects called Overworld.
  8. Free Music Archive has been a treasure trove of non-commercial attribution music. The radio for Legacy Frontier is going to be so addictive I might have to add an mp3 player type item, as the car isn't easy to actually obtain.



    1. PhoenixSoul


      As for the music player item, I know of the perfect script.

      Ninjamida's Jukebox!


      Of course, this applies only if you're using VX Ace.

    2. Loco Choco

      Loco Choco

      I'm using a small collection of simple scripts that make an MP3 Radio Eventing system by MrLeft.

      it's neat because the player can hit a specified button and the radio menu pops up, allowing them to switch stations that you've configured.


      I'm making 4 stations with different genres of music.

  9. Loco Choco

    Why So Whitewashed?

    Why is RM so whitewashed? And I'm not just talking about the RTP... Over and above that, the community artists don't even create ethnic resources. I am well aware of the few ethnic facesets and sprite sheets, but how many even get emotion sets? None, because they seem to be extras for ethnic towns and cities... Like why? lol
  10. (Willing to release under different name, or no name, if a good team comes together) Greetings, RPGMaker Central, my fellow game developers, players and enthusiasts alike. I am Angry Choco, or Mike for short. I have been messing with RM titles since RPG Maker 95 for the Sony Playstation, but never released anything, even during my time on 2000 and 2k3. I took a long break from RM, but my passions for story telling has never left me. After just over a decade of creative writing on RP boards, I have returned to RM to hammer out several story concepts in JRPG format. The first of these concepts is Legacy Frontier. This game draws inspiration directly from - and pays homage directly to - Square's SaGa Frontier. I am sure more than a few of you are intimately familiar with this game. It's certainly no stranger to me, as I have spent (and still spend) hours playing this title. I want to be clear about the nature of Legacy Frontier. It takes place in a unique universe, on a unique world, with unique characters. By all rights, Legacy is a stand alone game that has nothing to do with any game from Square's SaGa franchise. It just has properties and elements which are reminiscent of SaGa Frontier. It is a tasteful love letter to one of the greatest rpgs to come out of the 90s. It was rough, messy, and imperfect, and yet somehow it got away with every last bit of it. The goal with this project is to recreate some of the aspects that make SaGa Frontier so timeless, in a different setting with new aspects and features to tell an original story with an original cast of characters. The cosmos is a vast and ever-expanding labyrinth of burning stars and spinning planets. This swirling orchestra of energy and matter plays home to innumerable variations of life. But the cosmos has a secret...she hides both wonders and horrors alike. . . 'Acosta' is a smuggler from the Angora star system who makes her living trading weapons, medical supplies, food, and technology between planets and star systems. She leads a lonely life on the razor's edge. We find her on a space station in the middle of a financial quarrel with a crew of fellow smugglers. Acosta has an outstanding debt and it's finally caught up to her. Betrayed and set up by her current employer, she makes a hasty escape. Her foes give chase and just as a deep space dogfight is about to ensue, Acosta's ship is sucked into an anomalous void of energy. When she reemerges from the void, her tiny ship is cutting through the atmosphere of Terra, a small planet with cultures ranging from late medieval, to post-industrial, to post-modern. As her ship careens toward the surface, so too does a meteor of unknown origin. Distance between them is created during descent, but they both land in Hedoras Region, a quiet, post-industrial area of the Karakus Nation. Terra is a world in turmoil. Her cultures and peoples are divided by war, politics, and resistance to the growing influence of technology, and the Karakan stink that always seems to follow it. Karakus has occupied and assimilated most of the continent, threatened only by the vastly superior technology of the Tanis Region. Primitive kingdoms such as Lagira struggle to maintain independence and identity in an ever-changing world that seeks to industrialize everything. Acosta crashes in a wooded area north-east of Mosberg, a small, cozy town tucked into a sleepy forest. The mysterious meteor crashes south-east of Hedoras City in a large forest. The impact blast shakes the region of Hedoras to the core, and leaves a massive crater in Hedoras Forest. Faris Hogerdy and Jean Deckland are acquaintances from around the streets of Mosberg. Faris is a well educated young man who is yet to find his path in life. On the morning of his 21st birthday, his mother has sandbagged him with an eviction notice. It's time he spread his wings and find that aforementioned path. Jean is a rough customer with a reputation for having a questionable past. To those who know him, he is merely a complicated man. Sierra Petrova is a Special Agent for the Karakus Intelligence Bureau. She has been assigned to investigate the incidents in Hedoras. She is a dedicated, loyal, no-nonsense Agent who is determined to figure out exactly what transpired in Hedoras. The paths of these four individuals will collide, forming an unlikely bond of friendship. They will embark on a journey to navigate the political and militaristic waters of Terra, and discover what secrets this mysterious meteor may hide. Genre: [JRPG] Hybrid (Fantasy/SciFi/Modern) Characters: 21 (22 if you wanna get technical ) Depth & Flow: So far, there are no plans to give certain characters individual quests. Instead, it is one massive quest with many optional side characters who expand player access as they are recruited. In true SaGa fashion, Legacy has a main quest line, and it will be beefy and long enough to satiate the average palette. In addition to that main quest line, there will be many sub, side, secret, and character quests. The world of Terra will be ripe with secrets, easter eggs, and optional content for the player to explore and discover. The 22nd character for example. Someone has a secret! Features: Large, diverse cast of obtainable characters that both challenge and reward the player. Skills and magic are learned by preforming skills and magic on enemies. Combo attacks pair skills and magic to deal major league damage. Characters have bonus features like item crafting, lock picking, and mini quests. Automobile vehicle that can travel overworld roads to quickly switch regions (vs the standard airport travel), as well as transition into cities and towns. Radio stations for vehicle. [Your ideas here!] Screenshots: All I really have right now are some drafts I did of a few key Karakan Regions. I was mainly giving some texture to the World of Terra, and testing some tile set combos. They are by no means final drafts or concepts I'm married to. I'm not even a mapper by trade. I am looking for just about every position on this one but there are a few which are in high demand. STORY WRITERS It's not that I won't be writing a lot of the story, but there are many characters, many side quests, etc. Some help is always a welcome dynamic. PROGRAMMERS Balancing the actors, classes, enemies, skills, items, and gear. I will make the templates and concepts for every last one of them, that's never an issue. EVENTERS Pretty straight forward. Eventers, you know who you are. MAPPERS I am looking for individuals accustomed to and skilled at parallax mapping. Interior, exterior, dungeon, and overworld maps. Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, and Steam Punk themes required. ANIMATORS I need some skilled animators to manage, even create skill animations for use with skills, magics, and even Eventing. This is huge because I suck at animating. In addition, Script Coders, Graphic Designers, and Composers are welcome too. Goes without saying I will need a fleet of game testers. Lord knows, I'll need testers. ^-^' You can find me on Discord: Loco Choco #6154 I've set up a server for the game developers. Thank you all so much for your time, I hope to hear from someone, at some point.
  11. Loco Choco

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    I can make it to the login screen but without a server you can't even run offline tests (that I'm aware of). When it comes to servers and such I am all but useless. With everything in Portuguese, it hasn't been easy to figure anything out. I translated some of the config script, but all the raw info you need is in the Portuguese manual.
  12. Loco Choco

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    This may be my new favorite RM thing. I love the sense of community, competition, and cooperation the MMO genre of rpgs provides, and the prospect of creating one has had me foaming at the mouth for over a year now. I have to test compatibility with a few other scripts. Primarily Hime's Instance Items, Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting, Dark Sky's House Decorating System.
  13. Loco Choco

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    I managed to take this down sprite and create a down for one of my project characters. It's good enough for me to use, although far from perfect. If you can find pre-existing downs that are close enough to be rigged, I am willing to try. The better I get at McGyvering downs the happier I will be. @TobiObito4ever That last down was pretty bad so I tackled the RTP version of the head I borrowed. This time it turned out decent, or it just looks good by comparison now. My first attempt at this was worse than the McGyver job. Just form looking at the example soldier down you provided, it doesn't look like it would be too difficult.
  14. Loco Choco

    Using TP as a third vital meter...

    It seems potentially detrimental to the flow and core enjoyment of battle, if it's a turn based or active JRPG. I love strategy as much as the next person, but if characters run out of endurance too fast, forcing a rest period, it could be a hindrance to play. Personally, I like the idea of a status meter. Over and above just having status effects like poison, you could make the TP meter represent a character's overall health and well being. Keep fighting, walking on certain terrains, their status meter will drop. You could create new status effects just for this, like infection, fever, other diseases and perhaps enchantments. Characters can eat actual food to restore the meter, as well as rest properly. This would add a layer of caring for your party and characters over and above driving HP potions into them between battles. It could also give a crafting feature like cooking a real purpose in supplying TP restores, whilst keeping any potions for HP & MP you may have planned. I'm seeing it even as a way to potentially characterize, now. You could tune each character's resistances to diseases and medical conditions, based on their species, ethnicity, geography, etc. The more I think about this ^ the more I want to use it myself. This could allow you to really define the concept of Hit Point vs Health Points, making HP represent Armour durability and wound severity. Perhaps it's even possible to make it so that, when HP hits 0, you don't die, you just go critical, and all further attacks come out of your TP until death. I would put in a secret accessory equip: (Avery) The IV Bag. Casts regen on your TP meter, so you never have to stop trashing ass until all your allies have gone comatose. I think your endurance idea can work too. Only tweak I might suggest is giving a tiny restore at the end of, or start of each battle. Only a few points, but just enough to prevent the feature from making battle seem complicated and undesirable.
  15. Loco Choco

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    It is my favorite RM thing ever. https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/falcao-pearl-abs-liquid-v1/