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  1. That One NPC

    Too much info

    You went off on an unrelated tirade, and I'm sick of it. Someone has to say something every now and then. I take the opinions of malcontent contrarians with a grain of salt, but at least try to make sense when you do this type of thing.
  2. That One NPC

    Too much info

    This is your problem. Build-up or not, it's an issue of whether or not you can find it anywhere in you to care. To take that Proper Noun Crumb and let your imagination run with it. Don't blame the developers and invent ridiculous syndromes to dance around the issue.
  3. That One NPC

    Too much info

    Even though you didn't really understand the OP, let me see if I understand you correctly. When game devs develop an entire world with geography, culture, and history, then boil that down to avoid clutter and endless dialogue, you hate it because places and people still have names? Hmmm. Interesting. Now allow me to explain what you missed. Doomboxx is not saying that in his game, you will spend hours reading about plant types, diseases, drugs, sicknesses and deities. That would be rather silly. I'm sure there may be places to inform you about all of these things, because they are features of play.... Plants to harvest, diseases you can contract and drugs to treat and heal. Elder Scrolls, anyone? Oodles of additional content you can choose to enjoy, or bitch about online. Tons of deities that virtually don't matter. This is not an alien concept, if you just pay attention and use common sense instead of finding something to crusade against.
  4. That One NPC

    Too much info

    Detail is great. Depends on the gamer type, but there's a large niche for highly detailed rpgs. I love them. Just be sure things are balanced.
  5. That One NPC

    OTHER Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (RMXP)

    Hey, man, I'm not trying to hate or bring you down on it. Was just answering honestly. I just feel like it would be more distinguished in it's own right if it had its own name that still identified it as a Phantasy fan game. I named my SaGa Frontier tribute game Legacy Frontier. I named my Suikoden concept Destiny Star Saga. Something as small as a name can take your game from, 'That one Phantasy Star fanmake of the same name" to, "_______, that game by those indie developers that's basically a new Phantasy Star!"
  6. That One NPC

    OTHER Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (RMXP)

    It's a protected IP of Sega. And not ours to call our own. Furthermore a simple name change would have better protected it from the wrath of legalities fan games are vulnerable to. It also would have given your game that little bit of identity of its own, allowing it to stand out and brand itself, because it's really not a Phantasy Star game, with all due respect.
  7. That One NPC

    OTHER Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (RMXP)

    I really wish you had changed the name out of respect, but it looks Phantastic! Great job.
  8. That One NPC

    Display image in Status screen

    When you said full body I thought you meant the head-to-toe sprite.
  9. Netflix's new series based on Bram Stoker's Dracula starts off a little slow, but it is so good.

  10. That One NPC

    What are your RPG Maker Goals for 2020?

    Organize my Final Fantasy/Squaresoft Tribute series to be turned into an rpg of a different name. Recruit a small team to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. Convert that concept into a working JRPG. Begin development.
  11. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Yeah, RM isn't the sort of thing I'd be comfortable with having tied up under Steam's control. It's the sort of program you want to have total access to and control over.
  12. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Steam. Now I get it. What you need is the hard pc version.
  13. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    I'm so confused. I've never needed a connection to design or test games with RM.
  14. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    What do you mean by offline builds?
  15. That One NPC


    The Andoran Concordat During the climax of the Great War, several Time Mages interfered in order to bring the conflict to a close. The death of Icen had drawn a line in the sand. It had gone too far. The world leaders from every nation involved in the war were abruptly teleported to High Rock Plateau in the country of Andora. It was here that the Andoran Concordat was forged. Over a period of three days, the Time Mages endured tireless debates as they convinced the leaders of each nation that this war could not, and would not be allowed to continue. In the end, it took threat of further force to subdue the bloodlust of the Odinkin Empire. Each nation signed the concordat, agreeing to an new era of peace. Borders were negotiated, and the conflict smoldered out over the following decades. Zenobia In the era following the Andoran Concordat, the Odinkin Empire once again fell back into internal conflict. Over the next two mortal eras, their Empire evolved and shifted like the sands their new Empire sits upon today. According to legend, the Zenobian Desert was once a sea of lush, windswept green plains and dense, fertile forests. But somehow, somewhere along the line, it became an arid, destitute ocean of unforgiving dunes. Despite these harsh conditions, the ancient city of Zenobia has managed to not only flourish, but excel. Zenobia is a massive, technologically advanced, desert metropolis. An empire seeking to conquer and erase the old world. Using their far superior technology, they sweep the vast continent committing genocide, and establish new Zenobian cities atop the ruins and corpses. They have been crushing their fellow Odinkin nations, one after another, solidifying a new, glorious Empire of Odinspawn. The desert city is divided in two. The core of the city is awe inspiring. Buildings that tower into the sky. Wealth and luxury for every man and woman. Highly advanced technology ingrained into daily life. Outside the core, beyond the walls and defenses, the people of the slums suffer in poverty and oppression, living in crudely built structures under terrible conditions. They do not hold official citizenship, and are afforded none of the basic services such as fire prevention, law enforcement, or adequate medical care. Zenobia is ruled by the Ducrinus royal family. They have governed over Zenobian lands for centuries, and have become synonymous with Zenobian culture and politics. Hector Ducrinus is the aging, stricken Emperor. Disease has confined him to his bed chambers, and he clings to life support as his oldest son, Lucius, keeps the Empire running. Sarovoc, the youngest, is the President of Zenobia Prime, a technological and energy powerhouse that controls and supplies all of Zenobia's energy. Sarovoc Ducrinus (I've already been informed that it rings similarly to Sephiroth. It was not the intention, and I hadn't realized until I was informed. It's a name I've been using for characters in games for some time. My go-to warrior or mage build name. Zenobia is inspired by Midgar. I've never denied that. Final Fantasy VII is a big part of what this story pays homage to, but it retains an identity of its own.) Sarovoc is a cold, calculated and cruel man. A product of Hector's signature brand of upbringing, and the brutal training of Hogo Marks, Hector's specialist instructor. He loathes both his father, and brother for their cruelty toward him. He desires the throne more than anything, and there is nothing he will not do to sit upon it as rightful Emperor of Zenobia. His first move is to remove his father from the board, unplugging his life support. He attempts to frame his brother, and leaks information surrounding the incident to the Zenobian press. This creates enough of a disturbance to allow Sarovoc to assassinate Lucius, blaming a rogue sycophant looking to avenge Hector. Sarovoc becomes the Emperor Zenobia.