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  1. Samurai robe for Male LL sprites.



  2. That One NPC

    tileset Need A4 tiles for a home

    The A4 Tile by Kauzz should provide what you need. Visit Kauzz's bog here: https://kauzzresources.wordpress.com/galeria/ Scroll down and you'll see it. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
  3. That One NPC

    Let's Make an MMO

    The script package does a good job of making it easy. Luckily I have two tech-heads, one who went to school for stuff along the lines of what we'll need and is positive he can figure it out given enough time and independent research. Then I have my life-long buddy who has been working with code and computer systems with the Canadian Air Force for about 10 years, and can aid him if need be. Worst case, they both have other things that can contribute and we can find someone who can figure out the server side.
  4. That One NPC

    tileset Need A4 tiles for a home

    I live and die by Panda Maru's tile sets. Go here, read the ToS so you know that they are free for both commercial and non-commercial use, but you have to credit Maru, period. https://pandamaru.de/index.php/downloads/rpg-maker-vx-ace/rpg-maker-vx-ace-tilesets/ It may be lacking the A4 sheet you are looking for, but this collection is very, very good, and will make the rest of your home much better than what the RPT would. I will look for good free-to-use A tile set for you. Sometimes you think something is free to use but it's really an edit or rip of something that actually isn't.
  5. That One NPC

    ace Questions Regarding Resource Licenses

    I had heard of the ownership license loophole, but wasn't sure if it was true. All you ever get is the word of a software owner/user on forums or what have you. I had done some albeit light research but found nothing from the Enterbrain's mouth on it. Thanks for helping to clear this up for me.
  6. That One NPC

    The Communion With Bahamut

    So in the plot of the 8th and final story, to boil it down, Hades invokes his last right, having the armies of Gallik Baal'a declare war on the rest of the world whilst he awaits his prize, the FInal Reckoning. The people of Gallik Baal'a are the descendants of mortals of various races (Black Mages not included) who were directly manipulated by Hades. Long ago, when Hades forged his legendary 6 relics and bestowed them upon mortals, they swore a binding oath to him and his last right, the right to fight for his cause and existence. The prize he awaits, is his shot at the one who has kept him imprisoned for thousands of years; Bahamut. I had planned a scene where Kierkess Aventola and Seto meet for the Final Reckoning. Kierkess summons Hades, arrogantly and maliciously spiking Wedge's spear in the ground before him, but when Seto reluctantly summons Bahamut, something special happens. Seto actually shares a brief communion with Bahamut himself. The god takes the form of a Dragoon ancestor (I had always liked the idea of his appearance being based on Hironobu Sakaguchi) to make it easier for him to process and participate in the conversation. They talk about a few things, mainly about how Seto is unsure if Ana would want him to fight at all. Bahamut tells him Ana would want him to defend what they had built; her ideals. Seto tells him he is afraid of what will happen if Hades kills him, and Bahamut tells him that even if Hades put an end to his physical form, he would exist in spirit forever. He continues, telling him (more or less) that he mustn't be a slave to his fear of what ifs anymore. Seto had already received closure surrounding Ana when he met her in her Knights of Round form, but the Bahamut scene to me was essential to the history of his people going back to the first story. I felt like the conversation with Bahamut (the parts not mentioned here, when Seto asks him questions about what he is, what the 'summons' are, who his people are, etc), were very important and what he really needed at this point in his journey, as the Chief of Dragoon people, a husband and father. But now, as I sit here refining the plot outline, I'm wondering if I should keep that in, or take it out. Thoughts on this???
  7. So. Most of you know I have been workshopping ideas and concepts for an MMO using VXA-OS by Valentine90. One idea I have been playing with is a modern fantasy MMO set in the present day era of technology. Now, in order to do this and retain the right to profit from it, I would need to use the default overworld tiles from MV, as well as some other tiles and vehicle sprites from MV's RTP collection. I imagine in certain other cases, it might not be a major point of stress. I'm wondering if this could be problematic for an MMO with in-app purchases. So, can you actually, by law, use MV's RTP resources with another RM title such as Ace?
  8. That One NPC

    Greetings from WidgetKitty

    I mean...
  9. Problems with time travel in story telling? It never holds up to even elementary questioning, because it's physically impossible. Time doesn't actually exist. The observable phenomenon we have dubbed time is a side effect of the degree with which space has been curved by the mass of an object suspended in it, or gravity. Nothing more. That's what relativity really is, not how gravity modifies the setting of how time passes by each celestial object. Not some time-space fabric or energy storing the memory of the past and computing the possibilities of the future. The only thing that has ever, or will ever exist, anywhere in the universe, is the present.


    Problems with these problems? I simply 😍LOVE😍 time travel in story telling. I mean it is so romantic, so adventurous, wonderous, mysterious. I can't leave it alone. I can't stop trying to make it work.


    Most recently it's forced me to take a long hard look at the nature of the Time Stream in my FF tribute lore, as well as the involvement of time travel and temporal mechanics within that canon.

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    2. Kayzee


      Well you said yourself, time travel "is so romantic, so adventurous, wonderous, mysterious". Obviously there is something about it you like even if it is nonsensical in any serious sense. Believe me I know exactly what you are talking about, but sometimes you just need to let a story be a story and tell you how something works and try and follow it as best as you can. I mean bad troupes and gimmicks may exist, but you can still have good stories written using them.


      Also, you seem awfully convinced about the "one timeline" thing. I am not so sure myself, but I also don't think it really matters.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      There's something about it we all like. My poison isn't so much the person from a boring, mundane present returns to a beloved historic era to mingle among the subjects of their scholastic obsession, but more the mysterious figure returns to present from future. I love a good bootstrap paradox. Ugh. I just peed a lil typing it out.


      And in terms of multiple timelines, I admit that when it comes the nature of our "universe" we know virtually nothing. Negative nothing. Most likely never will. We know nothing about what our universe is. Where it exists, how it exists, etc. So in that regard, there may be some sort of multiple timeline thing going on in multiple universes. However. to suggest that our universe is capable of producing multiple timelines depending on variations in occurrences and major catalyst events, suggests that time is more than a side effect of the relationship between mass and space, or what we know as gravity. Being in a stronger curvature makes time appear to move slower. Key word appear. It's all relative to the observer. A planet with 10X gravity with the exact same axis and orbit as Earth, would experience a calendar year at the exact same pace. Theoretically it wouldn't "feel" or "seem" any longer.


      Time was a way for humans to measure increments of motion around the sun. There is no force to create timelines, because there really is no timeline at all. There's just the universe, the energy and mass within. Energy, matter, motion.

    4. Kayzee


      Peed a lil? That's a interesting reaction...


      The whole multiple timeline thing has more to do with quantum wave functions and how they collapse or more like how they don't (like described in this video) but really it hardly could be thought of as "timelines", just multible "nows". The past and future still aren't meaningfully real. Though it could also be that quantum wave functions act as a pilot wave (as described in this video) which cuts out all the multible reality stuff, so yeah.


      Here is a thought: What if time travel was not possible, but it was possible to travel to a 'now' that just happened to resemble what the past might have been. I can imagine a story where someone tries to time travel but they realize at the end they can't actually, they just hop to a different universe that resembles the past or future.

  10. That One NPC

    Final Fantasy VIII (Tribute Series)

    The robed mage advanced in huge, leaping strides in either direction, shifting and torqueing his body from side to side with each massive step. He kept his arms tight to his sides, bent at the elbow, preparing to unleash a devastating series of attacks upon his foes. As he reached the line of men, the soldier before him prepared himself, sword gripped with both hands held in front of him. The mage twisted his body to the left, shifting his feet for a full body spin. He ceased the soldier's left and rear grip hand with his large, ashy right hand. Spinning flawlessly and with savage speed he came around, knocking him unconscious with a crushing left elbow that removed him from the fight in less than a second. He immediately followed through with a right open palm strike to the face of the soldier who had been standing behind him, completely unprepared. It bent the nose guard of his helmet into his facial structure, shattering his nose and incapacitating him instantly. As he finished the vicious strike, the man to his left had swung around the line toward his back. He caught the movement in his peripherals as he heard the soldier release a small battle cry of fear and desperation. His left hand shot out to grasp the right sword hand of his would-be assassin. The mage's body twisted sharply as he bent at the left knee, right knee dropping toward the ground. His right hand came down, fingers extended flush with his forearm, tightly grouped together. He drove the points into the inside sword arm elbow joint, causing him to scream in agony, hand still clutching the sword. His right elbow immediately shot up the length of the soldier's bicep as he pulled his wrist down, striking him hard along the lower jawline, knocking him out and shattering his jaw bone. As he collapsed the mage applied pressure to the tendons of his wrist, forcing his grip open enough for the sword to drop, allowing him to quickly snag it from mid-air. He ducked and rolled to his left, away from the line as another sword narrowly slipped past his skull. Regaining his footing instantly, he spun the sword around, gripping it backward held behind his arm as a soldier ran at him, sword ready for a two-handed thrust clean through the heart. As the blade was forced toward him, attacker planting into his left foot to give the mightiest possible heave of his weapon, tossing all his weight behind it. The mage spun on his right foot, twisting his body to allow the sword to pass by his back. As he swung around he threw a low kick to the left ankle, completely compromising the soldier's footing, clutching his fore grip sword hand in the same motion, prying a second sword free of it's former wielder. The soldier collapsed, rolling out of a swords range before stumbling to his feet and running back for the line of his men who had begun to advance in full. The young woman looked on in awe and hesitation. She was frozen with disbelief and amazement.
  11. Bit more progress on my RTP gun edits has been made.



  12. That One NPC

    Final Fantasy VIII (Tribute Series)

    The young lady stood her ground. Her entire body was ready for her next attacker. Her heart pounded with fear and adrenaline, but her mind remained calm, focused, and her spirit, ever brave and vigilant. She would not waver, even if she died here today. A slender, unstable looking fellow forced his way to the front of the group. He was wild and filthy, grime and blood smearing his pale, boney face. He had long, greasy black hair that dangled at shoulder length in wavy, curly locks around his face. He flashed a rotten, yellow and brown smile that was both disturbing and disgusting. He held a very old, dirty spear in his right hand. It was long, thick, and the tassel had been soaked with blood that was now dried, crusty and rotten. Everything about this individual was unsettling; like something from one of her childhood nightmares. He giggled, a slight hunch to his posture as he made his way toward her through the empty street. Behind him, to her right, another soldier held a bow with a full quiver peeking over his right shoulder. She saw him quickly draw an arrow from it and load the draw string, pulling back as he took aim directly for her. Things were spiraling downward by the moment. Spears were hard to deal with when in the right hands, and arrows were even worse. The slender nightmare continued toward her, taking short, quick steps to either side, trying to toy with her. He held his spear casually at his hip, still in his right hand. This time she didn't think they were going to let her get away with incapacitating another one of their men. The archer would take her down the moment she dealt with this unsavory creep. Still she stood her ground. The disgusting, spear-wielding creep drew his right hand back for a savage thrust of his spear. These people seemed to favor brute force with little to no skill or calculation driving the act itself. The spearhead whistled toward her with surprising speed, but reaction speed was somewhat of a strength of hers. Her right hand shot into action, crossing to her left side, grasping the shaft just below the dirty spearhead, beginning to turn her body with a small hopping step of her right foot. Her right hand helped guide the spear past her body as she torqued her hips around, back toward to her attacker. Her left foot rose, hooking wide into a quick, hard heel kick that landed with so much force against his cheek that it stung her heel badly. The creep collapsed unconscious as her body swung back around and her left foot found ground again. Now came the tricky part. The archer had already fired upon her as she expected. She'd never caught an arrow before, but there's a first time for everything, right? I mean, how hard could it be? It took a mere microsecond for the reality to sink in for her. She could catch a spear, sword or the hand holding it, but she didn't stand a chance at catching a speeding, razor sharp arrow. Before she could flinch, or even raise a hand, something amazing happened. Almost as if riding a ray of light from the sky itself, a large figure wearing heavy white robes landed before her, placing itself between her and the arrow. It landed in a hunched, kneeling posture, kicking up dust in all directions. The impact was so strong it forced her footing backward, stumbling to her back in the street. A tall, massive man slowly rose holding the now harmless arrow in his right hand. The flesh of his hand, and the back of his bald head was dark and ashy. It was a Black Mage. He snapped the arrow in half with ease, dropping it into the dust beneath his feet. The young lady rose to her feet hastily, once again taking her low kokutsu-dachi stance, but hesitant, cautious of both the soldiers, and this mystery mage, despite his seeming to have protected her. This day had gone horribly wrong for the young woman, who was only looking for her uncle to deliver a message. What the hell had she gotten herself into?
  13. What can I say? ☺️



    I mean, did you really think I'd leave Knights of the Round out of my summon pantheon?



  14. That One NPC

    Final Fantasy VIII (Tribute Series)

    Stryker sat in a simple tavern on the outskirts of Kiratoma. He responsibly sipped his ale while engaging in conversation with local members of a Ranger party charged with monitoring activity in the Kiratoma region. "No, it was twenty-seven Zeno troops, and he killed them all with his bare hands," Stryker corrected one of the older men. "Yeah. Cas was one hell of a man." One of the men in the far corner of the room spoke up abruptly, the ale strangling his voice and composure. "Weren't no man! Goddamn dark-skins ain't no more than animals!" Stryker leered down the bar at the drunken bigot with a fiery malice burning in the cores of his hazel eyes. As he prepared to stand up, he felt a hand gently place itself upon his own. He looked back at the bar tender who shook his head subtly. Stryker released a slow, heavy sigh. He was about to speak again when a young boy burst into the tavern in a panicked state. "Mr. Stryker, sir. A strange man appeared out by the creek! He's wearin' an awful lot'a armor, sir. I thought you'd wanna know," the boy said frantically. "Where is he now?" Stryker asked intently, unsure of what to make of it. "Still at the creek, sir. Suzy's teachin' him to play Triple Triad!" Stryker leaped from his bar stool and the Rangers followed hastily. ***** Little Suzy sat in a patch of wild grass under a tall tree by the creek. She wore a soft pink dress and her brown hair was tied into pigtails. She giggled as she played a hand of Triple Triad with a mysterious man wearing heavy, decorative silver and blue armor. His legs were crossed as he examined the game with both confusion and curiosity. He seemed to radiate a soft white light from his form. He did not speak, only fumble with the cards before him on the simple wooden board with nine card slots. Stryker approached with a troop of Rangers and concerned citizens. "Suzy!" He called out calmly but with a sense of urgency. "Come here now. Your parents are worried about you. They want you to come on home." "Come, Suzy." Her brother said nervously, standing behind Stryker. The mysterious man raised his head a bit, giving a slight turn of his chin. One of the rangers raised his bow, drawing the string back as he aimed carefully. Stryker moved quickly, extending his left hand to lower the bow by force. "What the hell are you doing?" Styrker asked quietly, shoving the young man back, yanking the bow out of his hand, tossing it on the ground. "Get him outta here, now!" He returned his focus to the glowing man. He was fearful and curious at the same time. He had seen things... but nothing quite like this. Suzy gathered her cards and board, smiling at the strange warrior who remained calm and silent. "I have to go home now, mister." She stood up, hugging her Triad board as she hurried to her father. The warrior stood up slowly, turning around to face the group. He was tall, large, and the flesh of his face was pale; inhuman. While he had human qualities, he lacked certain others. Stryker turned around, facing Suzy, kneeling down to her level. "Did he speak to you?" he asked her. She hid behind her father's pant leg, nodding shyly. "What did he say?" "He doesn't like fighting. But his duty..." She got confused, couldn't remember it all. Stryker nodded. "You did good, sweet heart." He stood up, facing the mysterious warrior once again. He hesitantly stepped forward. "Who are you?" He asked curiously. "Where did you come from?" No response. An older man stepped forward, a deep expression of thought and perplexity upon his face. He was a scholar. Had lived through the Zenobian wars. He was a very smart man who had extensive knowledge of history and lore. "I think...he's been called to arms." Stryker observed him with uncertainty and a sense of fear. "Yeah...but by who? And why?"
  15. Angry Choco's lesson of the day?



    Never mess with a Dragoon Princess!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      (is immediately brought back to the Save the Dragon from the Princess quest in DragonFable lolz)

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I had an idea for a quest like that before, a comical twist on the timeless classic.


      It began with the heroes entering a town, and hearing rumors of the young princess having gone missing. When they speak to the King they find that a cryptic letter arrived begging for help, explaining that they are in the cave. Everyone assumes the dragon must have the princess captive, but when the heroes arrive, they find that the dragon actually wrote the letter, begging the King to take his daughter back. The entire time she has been redecorating his cave, playing dress up and having tea parties, ruling the roost, as it were. She's a very, very powerful magic user due to her mother's blood, and therefor maintains the upper hand. The heroes would have to somehow help her understand that her new "friend" is suffering because of her bossy, authoritarian ways and extended stay.


      I really, really liked that quest idea, and thought about  ways of doing a boss battle with her where the player has to get more creative and come up with a work-around for actually hurting her. I also thought about maybe in the end her somehow getting a dragon egg she brings home.

    3. Kayzee


      Sometime let me tell the story of a humble bard who became renowned though out the land as the Dragon Layer...

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