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  1. ūüé§Who wears short shorts?ūüé∂




    Also some male materials





    Shield based on RTP Icon.


  2. 5 minutes into development on my Triad game, the scripts broke again...........

    Afraid I'm done with RM this time.

  3. Doing Emelia's quest again on OG SaGa.

    With the new remaster in circulation and with Emelia being  popular character from the franchise who appears in other games, I want to clarify what her costumes do, as there is a timeless and notorious amount of confusing surrounding with is going on. Squaresoft does nothing for no reason at all.

    Her costumes change her base internal learning rates because on her own she is not very good.

    Dancer makes her learning charts match Annie's.

    Pink Tiger makes her chart match Liza's.

    The confusion comes in with the Bunny and Commando.

    Bunny gives her a base talent in magic, which on every other outfit, she has 0 in.

    Commando in Gun Tech, which on every other outfit, she has 0 in.


    Have fun, and do your Amelia right. ;)

    1. Kayzee


      I've been playing a lot of Romancing SaGa 3 lately myself. :3

  4. 665211133_ThanosMCU.png.b406e716a823a1c7bc6034e587385306.png


    Quick exercise I did. Someone might wanna make use of it as an easter egg or something.


    -Shrug- Credit Mack, though.

  5. Back to spriting in the American West theme. Luckily I've been binging Young Riders on Roku app, so I'm primed to do characters in this genre.

  6. Every time a monster has killed one of your characters in a vintage JRPG, it was reborn in an alternate dimension as a recurring, less funny Ultros-type mini-boss.

    Skeletor saying something then running away: MemeTemplatesOfficial


    1. Kayzee


      So basically Shadow of Mordor's "Nemesis System".

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Ummm. Yes?


      This actually came from a game world idea I shared over the weekend. A world based on the premise of a JRPG (heavily leaning into it), classifying beings by role with Heroes at one end, Bosses at the other, and monsters & NPCs everywhere in between.

      But I had the idea that if something happens to fatally wound a hero, it ascends on antagonist side. So an NPC would become a monster, a monster a boss. a Boss. . .A Final Boss. O.O

    3. Kayzee


      Sounds neat!

  7. Samurai robe for Male LL sprites.



  8. Problems with time travel in story telling? It never holds up to even elementary questioning, because it's physically impossible. Time doesn't actually exist. The observable phenomenon we have dubbed time is a side effect of the degree with which space has been curved by the mass of an object suspended in it, or gravity. Nothing more. That's what relativity really is, not how gravity modifies the setting of how time passes by each celestial object. Not some time-space fabric or energy storing the memory of the past and computing the possibilities of the future. The only thing that has ever, or will ever exist, anywhere in the universe, is the present.


    Problems with these problems? I simply ūüėćLOVEūüėć time travel in story telling. I mean it is so romantic, so adventurous,¬†wonderous, mysterious. I can't leave it alone. I can't stop trying to make it work.


    Most recently it's forced me to take a long hard look at the nature of the Time Stream in my FF tribute lore, as well as the involvement of time travel and temporal mechanics within that canon.

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    2. Kayzee


      Well you said yourself, time travel "is so romantic, so adventurous, wonderous, mysterious". Obviously there is something about it you like even if it is nonsensical in any serious sense. Believe me I know exactly what you are talking about, but sometimes you just need to let a story be a story and tell you how something works and try and follow it as best as you can. I mean bad troupes and gimmicks may exist, but you can still have good stories written using them.


      Also, you seem awfully convinced about the "one timeline" thing. I am not so sure myself, but I also don't think it really matters.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      There's something about it we all like. My poison isn't so much the person from a boring, mundane present returns to a beloved historic era to mingle among the subjects of their scholastic obsession, but more the mysterious figure returns to present from future. I love a good bootstrap paradox. Ugh. I just peed a lil typing it out.


      And in terms of multiple timelines, I admit that when it comes the nature of our "universe" we know virtually nothing. Negative nothing. Most likely never will. We know nothing about what our universe is. Where it exists, how it exists, etc. So in that regard, there may be some sort of multiple timeline thing going on in multiple universes. However. to suggest that our universe is capable of producing multiple timelines depending on variations in occurrences and major catalyst events, suggests that time is more than a side effect of the relationship between mass and space, or what we know as gravity. Being in a stronger curvature makes time appear to move slower. Key word appear. It's all relative to the observer. A planet with 10X gravity with the exact same axis and orbit as Earth, would experience a calendar year at the exact same pace. Theoretically it wouldn't "feel" or "seem" any longer.


      Time was a way for humans to measure increments of motion around the sun. There is no force to create timelines, because there really is no timeline at all. There's just the universe, the energy and mass within. Energy, matter, motion.

    4. Kayzee


      Peed a lil? That's a interesting reaction...


      The whole multiple timeline thing has more to do with quantum wave functions and how they collapse or more like how they don't (like described in this video) but really it hardly could be thought of as "timelines", just multible "nows". The past and future still aren't meaningfully real. Though it could also be that quantum wave functions act as a pilot wave (as described in this video) which cuts out all the multible reality stuff, so yeah.


      Here is a thought: What if time travel was not possible, but it was possible to travel to a 'now' that just happened to resemble what the past might have been. I can imagine a story where someone tries to time travel but they realize at the end they can't actually, they just hop to a different universe that resembles the past or future.

  9. Bit more progress on my RTP gun edits has been made.



  10. What can I say?¬†‚ėļÔłŹ



    I mean, did you really think I'd leave Knights of the Round out of my summon pantheon?



  11. Angry Choco's lesson of the day?



    Never mess with a Dragoon Princess!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      (is immediately brought back to the Save the Dragon from the Princess quest in DragonFable lolz)

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I had an idea for a quest like that before, a comical twist on the timeless classic.


      It began with the heroes entering a town, and hearing rumors of the young princess having gone missing. When they speak to the King they find that a cryptic letter arrived begging for help, explaining that they are in the cave. Everyone assumes the dragon must have the princess captive, but when the heroes arrive, they find that the dragon actually wrote the letter, begging the King to take his daughter back. The entire time she has been redecorating his cave, playing dress up and having tea parties, ruling the roost, as it were. She's a very, very powerful magic user due to her mother's blood, and therefor maintains the upper hand. The heroes would have to somehow help her understand that her new "friend" is suffering because of her bossy, authoritarian ways and extended stay.


      I really, really liked that quest idea, and thought about  ways of doing a boss battle with her where the player has to get more creative and come up with a work-around for actually hurting her. I also thought about maybe in the end her somehow getting a dragon egg she brings home.

    3. Kayzee


      Sometime let me tell the story of a humble bard who became renowned though out the land as the Dragon Layer...

  12. giphy.gif


    I found it!


    An old storage dump for drafted scenes from my 8th FF story.


  13. So an MMO is a massive undertaking requiring a lot of stuff that I just cannot do alone. Even with a bit of IT and coding/business support (which I have), it's still a behemoth task.


    Meantime I'm doing the Zelda-like I have been wanting to do for some time. I'm going to use a very limited amount of graphical resources and scripts, and try to make something of a showcase game for practice and the beginning of a portfolio for recruiting help with an MMO.

  14. So many things to sort out and decide on for an MMO.


    Does the world really need yet another cracker jack box Medieval Fantasy MMO? Whether it's a good VXA MMO or not? I'm just not so sure anymore, and I've always wanted to do a zombie mmo. The main obstacle right now is starting from square one on resources to make sure everything in the VXO folders is 100% cleared for commercial use.


    Based on the resources I'm able to gather, I'll be able to decide what the best course of action is. Sometimes I want artistic skill more than I want coding skill. 

    1. Kayzee


      Personally I have no idea how a VX Ace MMO is supposed to work without hella security issues, but whatever.

  15. Problems presented by the Dawnguard DLC?
    Vampies killing Belathor on one of his evening strolls around Whiterun... RIP, you clumsy old fool.
  16. I know I jump and leap around a lot in terms of project interest, but I mainly get an idea, and foster it a bit before it dissipates into the brain fog. Lightly investigate how viable it is with Ace, then shelf it.
    Last year I toyed with the concept of doing an E-Sport prototype (Non-MMO, hopefully 2P at best, somehow, someway) with Ace. The last few days I made some breakthroughs and want to forge ahead more.
    I'm still floating multiple concepts for a system, but I'm starting with inspiration from FFX's Blitz Ball. Turn based system whereby players can move within stat-defined limitations and preform actions. I'm using inspiration from the FF Tactics-style script to theory craft the actual engine. It may seem slow and dry for an actual E-Sport game in your mind's eye, and I agree, but I'm still theory crafting and floating multiple ideas.
    I also thought about about somehow jerry rigging one of the MMO engines to make the E-SPort game have more depth than windows and game fields/arenas. But mainly to create a live action E-sport where players have skills and stats to build up like strife jukes, dodge spins, stiff arms, tackles, passes, shot, steals, etc. That's more mainstreamy, but high end as well.
    1. PhoenixSoul


      There's a VX game called World's Dawn and in it, there's a mini game called LockBall, that might serve as some form of visual functional aid. It's kinda fun in its' own way.

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Inspired by the bit of work I had been doing on those racing sprites, I began working on player models.




      the visor and mic was for captains and alternates. Was thinking about putting a visor on all helmets. I was going to add a C & A patch for Captains and alts, as well as jersey number paper doll layers.


      I want to flesh out a league of teams, and develop a league system that generates random players for pick-up, development and drafting.


      I am also thinking about player created teams. 

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Another quick update. I made a simple star logo, doing them (team insignias) myself might be viable.




  17. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a deep love for super hero comics. I recently found and old mmo that's basically like DCEU, only with a way better character creation engine (I mean it is one of the best, most vast avatar editors I have ever found). I made one of my RPC from my Mythic Universe of heroes and villains. And I made a Champions Online Original.


    So recently I thought about making a Loose Leaf sprite version of them. I only made a single frame for each, but they came out nice. This little experiment surprised me, and has improved my confidence and boldness when tinkering with parts.


    Black Tempest





    Northwatch (CO Original)






    Finding a game I could play as Tempest (more or less) in was amazing, but now having a Loose Leaf version of his CO variant is just cute as hell. Even though BT is a ruthless boogeyman, that LL still castrates him just a bit. XD

  18. With this new/current Legend of Mana file, I am going for the Bejeweled City, the lost city of the Jumi, and the final location of the Jumi arc.


    It is one of the only things in the game I have never been able to do. I didn't even know it existed until last year (not a fan of looking things up online). I never finished the Jumi arc. Ever. I always said, "Next new game plus."

    This time I will finish that arc and unlock that city.


    1. Kayzee


      Jumi arc is best arc. :3


  19. I want to highly recommend that you play some LoM before the rerelease, simply to brush up and master the finer points. The smithing can feel so damn murky because of the way it's set up, but it actually does have a very structured system. Reading parts of guides such as this, by MMjarra:



    When you temper a second material onto the equipment you're tempering, a Mystic Card might be pushed onto the object. This card will be the one representing the magical effect of the first item you tempered in. For example, if you tempered a Wisp Silver first, and then follow with a Sulpher, a Wisp Card will appear as you temper the Sulpher. This is due to the fact that there is a hidden card slot on the equipment. This is present in all weapons and armor. Thus, you should look at your piece of equipment as if it had the following Mystic Card slots:

    (----------) [Invisible Slot] <- Item Properties

    ---------- [ Visible Slot ] <- Card Properties

    ---------- [ Visible Slot ] <- Card Properties

    ---------- [ Visible Slot ] <- Card Properties


    Basically, the invisible slot represents the item that you are tempering at the present time. In essence, it's not a real Mystic Card, but you might want to find out what card it represents. To make a long story short, raw materials have properties, and Mystic Cards have properties, but these are not always the same. When you know that something is occupying the invisible slot, you take into account the properties of the raw material you're tempering. As soon as the raw item becomes a Mystic Card (and thus, moves in the first visible slot), you stop taking into account its properties (unless they're permanent, until manually dispelled), and you start taking into account the properties of the new card. For example, if you temper a Holy Water onto a weapon, you gain the power to push off Pixie cards. However, if you temper a Lilipods following that Holy Water, the Lilipods take the invisible slot, and the Holy Water becomes a Cleric card, which has properties that differ from the raw item that created it. In essence, you lose the ability to push off Pixie cards, but you affect the weapon's power, and other factors.


    really help with that lightbulb moment where you go, "Ohhh, and begin to understand what item is triggering pushes, and that there is an invisible slot that holds the last item tempered in. It's such a complex, beautiful system that, like many of Square's gems in that era, was majorly underappreciate due to westerners rooting their mentality in the initial frustration, leaning on the "broken mess" card.


    EDIT: Also for combat, I have some weapon recommendations.


    The Knuckles allow you to move around very quickly, but due to the core issues in the system, range can make hit boxes elusive.


    The Bow is great but requires a lot of tempering and good ability selections to help control the field (jumps and vaults, defensive lunge, etc). It can be very good because you feel the core issues much less and it helps you master aiming very, very quickly.


    The Spear is a very balanced weapon with beautiful range, speed, and area damage. Mobility is a bit nurfed but it's not too bad.


    These may be good to start a file.


    My advice is to spend your vigin New Game saving all food, raw materials, and secondary materials. Hoard it all. Hunt your eggs, gather the monsters you want and store them at lvl 1. Bring your default Rabbite around and feed it meats you loot in battle. You will sell it later for lots of money o don't worry if you ruin it's stats with odd meat and stuff. Rabbites aren't worth wasting any good food.


    On your 2nd (or 3rd/4th) NG+, when you have so much stockpiled resources that you can efficiently raise a good monster on a strict diet, forge an armor with a desired enchantment, build a good golem, buff a weapon's power, etc, begin doing all of this.


    YOu will waste a ton of resources if you pick away and prolong coming into your different assets at a sufficient pace, or even muck them up. LoM is all about the replay. That's why I don't mind the quest system and collecting them all for Lil Cactus. 


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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      You can totally make OP gear once you learn how to concoct/replicate recipes. But I generally don't do that right away, and love to experiment more than anything now.


      For several NG+s I don't do much by way of altering or training or assembling.


      I make a junk XP share ring like this for the sole purpose of rabite rearing:


    3. Kayzee


      Really the only pet I actually bothered much with was the succubus. Because It's a succubus. :P Getting her (and other demihuman pets) is a bit of a secret though. :3

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I like Captain Dayang. I like training up certain monsters like Dark Stalkers because their diet dictates stats and behavioral AI.

  20. Stat growth icons, using the stats I plan to implement for Legacy Frontier.




    I've resolved to give each combat discipline it's own primary damage modifier stat. Hand to hand has Strength, magic has Arcane, melee weapons have Technique, and I am deciding on one for firearms. The main contenders right now are Aim, Accuracy, Focus and Dexterity. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I'm going for a more realistic stat layout based on SaGa's stats.


      TP would fit with something like Dexterity, Stamina, Recovery, anything that relates to actual agility, coordination, cardio, etc.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Ah, yeah...I gotta play that series more in depth at some point...

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      It is soooooo good. Like once you've been playing it for something like 20+ years like me, it feels small, depending on who's quest you're doing, but it's just so endearing. So refreshing with so many flavors and characters, secrets and the best part is, they set up the stat and skill/magic system to be semi unique in terms of player choices and the path with which you unlock different abilities through actions in combat and minimum stat requirements. So you might focus Red on martial arts entirely one file, and the next time you play him, focus instead on swordplay once you've learned some f his good H2H Alkaiser exclusives. ANd with no lvls, only action-based stat growth, it's so much different because you're not at all looking for that next lvl, never checking "XP", and it takes longer to "cap out", opening up a much different character growth experience that it's hard for me to explain. It's liberating in a way to not have lvls and xp enter the frame at all. It lends itself to the player getting into every other aspect of the game so much more, enabling one to enjoy a longer pace to the short (technically speaking) quests.

  21. I started doing a sheet of RTP edits. I started with some more modern looking firearms based off the default pistol.





    What do you think so far?


    1. Rikifive


      Looks great!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I actually don't see a lot of resemblance past the first edit. Looks great to be honest.

  22. I have 15 scenes from the first episode of Fae drafted in script form. I stopped working on it due to writer's block and life distraction/compilations. Last year I began adapting that script to a novella sort of writing project. I'm caught up here and need to start converting scenes to posts again.


    I'm thinking about posting the characters today before I get started on that.

  23. To clarify, I don't like, hate Deadpool. I just value him for what he is, vs the old paper back fanboys, and of course, the new Ryan Reynolds sycophants. -.-


    But yeah, D Poolie is awesome, for what he is. And what he is, are moments like this:


    Image result for Deadpool Sins of the Past


    You know what I mean? XD


    And my thing on DP is, when you really sit down and think about how hard it is to make a character like this work alongside the stiff, morose peers of his Universe and genre, it's actually comedic genius.

    1. Kayzee


      Really I don't read comics at all (or watch movies for that matter), so I couldn't say really. I just think there is something kinda fascinating about characters like Deadpool beyond the joke factor. In any case from what I have seen I probably would prefer Squirrel Girl. :P

  24. "You mustn't give your heart to a wild thing. The more you do, the stronger they get, until they're strong enough to run into the woods or fly into a tree. And then to a higher tree and then to the sky."

    ‚ÄĒ¬†Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), Breakfast At Tiffany's



    Truer words have seldom been spoken.

    1. Kayzee


      There would be some that would give their heart willingly even so. :3

  25. I've taken my first stabby-stabby at custom preset buildings. This is a special one because it's heavily based on the video rental store from my home town.


    This is where I first rented Earthbound, Xnogears, FF6, FF7 Suikoden 1 & 2, and so many more. And not only games, but movies as well, as I am a cinephile first and foremost.




    This is for a special project I am working on using characters loosely based on myself and my best friend, who used to rent games with me here at least three times a week.


    This project will provide me with some generalized experience in making a complete game with Ace, and showcase some of talents with regards to plot, characters, and development of them both.

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