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  1. I just want everyone to know that I'm okay now. My mind and attitude sort of went to shit for a week or so there, but I'm doing okay now.


    As agonizing as it is, I have shelved my rpg ambitions for the time being. I came to the harsh realization that I'm a nobody in the game development world. No one knows who I am, what my styles and values are as an artist. I have no credentials here, and as such, no one will invest in my ideas, even if they might sound decent. Add to that the fact that everyone usually has their own active agenda, well there's little work for a story guy at present.


    Having accepted this (with great difficulty), I have returned to what I know best (even though games were my first love).


    Role playing allows me to tell a different sort of story, that's framed in an entirely different context. In many ways, that's a herculean task by comparison, but it comes naturally to me. And I'm content to go back to the play-by-post grind, but I can't help but lament for projects like Overworld,  that will probably never connect with kids the way vintage rpgs connected with me, and ultimately saved my life.


    Again, it's agonizing, but I've accepted it. I've actually begun exploring the idea of turning game concepts like Overworld into RPs, although it doesn't transfer that well. ^_^ My creative style is so particular, it's nearly impossible to port my stores from one medium to another.


    So for now, I bid thee a fond farewell. You may seem me kicking around, as I can't resist messing with the Loose Leaf generator parts.



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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      That's an RM ideology, and a huge part of the reason why nothing notable really comes out of RM engines.


      You can't make a game alone. If that were the case, the companies would save oodles of dough and stick to small, focused teams who shared a clear vision together. But that is just not the case, period. It's actually less efficient to have one human being trying to do everything. It's a probability cluster fuck to think about. One person can only do so much, even when they are a jack of all trades type of dev. Having to do and juggle everything, increases the odd of slip-ups happening, and quality slipping.


      It's like I've explained before, I'm not here to have fun and make it a hobby. I'd go back to RP if I just wanted to waste time. I can't do it all alone. I cannot balance a game like a professional, not even going to try, because that's 5 years of my spare time that is never coming back. lol.



      This is why RM failed, because everyone wants to be the next super-star solo dev, who made that awesome game all by themselves. I get the appeal, I really do, but at some point you've got to grow up and consider a more professional approach, or just throw in the towel.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      You see the problem, @Kayzee, is that I can't neatly package my plot ideas in a few paragraphs.


      I could sit down and make a plot so generic, so one dimensional and gimmicky in nature, that it could be perfectly pitched in those few paragraphs, and get the sort of response to form a team that happen everyday (on other RM websites). But that's not what I do. I do stories with layers wrapped within layers. Stories with highly developed lore and settings, and characters, both playable and NPC that are equally as developed. Because I've been doing RP since '06... This is just what I do, and I'm good at it. My nickname in certain circles in the Plot Doctor, because I can steer a failing plot out of any storm.


      I can't sum up my stories to get people interested without dropping a spoil bomb and forcing you to sit through 10 paragraphs of plot synopsis. I'm a disciple of Sqauresoft, honey. ^_^ I don't do hokey one dimensional shit.


      Do you really think Sqaure-Enix spends months promoting a game concept, finding hundreds of people who are passionate about it? Hell-to-the-no, that's silly. They offer people a pay cheque and something called a Credit. They put their passion into it, because they are passionate about games and their work... That's the difference between RM scrubs who only care about themselves, and professionals.


      I might think your game is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of or played, but  I would write for it, and put my everything into every word, working with you within my boundaries, to help make it better. Because Credits, doing stuff is how you build a name in the industry.


      You can take 7 years to work on your swan song project in the basement, but it will likely lead to frequenting a derelict board with a handful of your buddies from the glory days... 



      The RM community has done just about everything wrong, so I'm a bit hesitant to take advice from it as scripture, no offense.

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I think of all the people slumming around here under rain clouds lamenting and whining about their projects. If you all got together to do something - any-freaking-thing - you'd have accomplished something. It might even do your website some good.


      But you won't. I already know you won't, because it's been 7 years.

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