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  1. If Elizabeth Warren doesn't win the next US Presidential election I'm taking the last shred of hope for Americans, and I'm flushing it straight down the toilet. Anyone but Trump, really. If Donald gets another four, it will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt your government and media have manipulated you beyond repair. And that you've become a self-centered society that cares about nothing but your own reality bubbles.


    Seriously, it's not funny or cute or sad anymore, it has become problematic. To more than America and the ethnic countries it routinely steamrolls.


    The American people have been so warped and abused by their own systems that they have no idea what's going on anymore. Reality is subjective in America today.


    The government has done such a good job of dividing people based on political affiliation (this is the #1 problem in America) race, wealth, home state, etc, that America will never bounce back at this point. It's built in at a cultural and moral level. Republican vs Democrat. Despite the fact that their agendas have always been the same. They distract you with shit like immigrarion and abortion, because they know it turns you all into a pack of wild animals who argue with each other instead of elected officials. Instead of rallying together to make change. Hard to rally together when you're just a collection of states forced to live under one Union.


    I look at Hong Kong and it's like, "What the actual fuck happened to the Americas?" (Canada too)


    Just disgusted with humanity right now. I think an international migration might be in my future. So many better places to live right now.



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    2. PixeLockeT


      @Animebryan Right? I just don't vote really, cause I like no one beyond a percentage to want to give a vote. I've also never voted in my life for same reasons. And yeah lying about heritage is gross (I'm a large chunk Native - Cherokee - from both sides of my family btw! It makes up most of my blood. XD)

    3. Animebryan


      Same here. I have Cherokee from my Grandmother's bloodline, but never could round enough proof to receive benefits. I also don't vote because that just gives the douchebags the power to ruin our cities, states & country. Voting is totally overrated, just like social media & outrage/SJW/PC culture. It annoys me when I go to my local Walmart & see those petitioners outside the entrance & asking "Sir/Ma'am, are you a registered voter?" I don't understand why it matters whether you vote or not to sign a petition for some cause, but its annoying to be excluded simply because I don't believe in voting for criminals in suits who are ruining our way of life.

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      That's the issue in American politics. Even when you know every politician has or will lie cheat and steal, you condemn a candidate with the best, most logical and daring plans for change and policy that has ever emerged in our lifetimes.


      This is why Trump got in. Because making any little mistake excludes any woman from being taken seriously. So much so, they'll vote for an underqualified, emotionally unstable, racist  manchild(who also colluded with Russia ;) ).


      That last shred of hope is dangling over the toilet bowl.


      Voting matters because Trump won by a rabbithair. Because when 1 million people like you don't vote for who you think could bring the policies to your family and fellow coubtrymen for the betterment of your future, that person might not win. So instead of voting in a woman who wants to start charging the billion dollar corporations in order to start fixing your country, the guy who ran on a platform of racial hate will win again...



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