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  1. We all know this guy.


    Ernest, Oscar, whatever his RTP name is, we all know him. I recently made a Loose Leaf version of him for one of my  characters. I like how it turned out. Loose Leaf allows you to really get in there and cook up alternate outfits and such. This is a bonus for me because I am all about characters.



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    2. Kayzee


      Like I said, the way Cloud acted in Advent Children did make a degree of sense given how he was in a kind of depressive funk over everything. I just don't think Advent Children really fleshed out Cloud's character that much. What disappoints me is that Cloud is never depicted as anything but a socially awkward quiet badboy. Yeah, he is a bit of an edgelord, but that's not all there is to him is all I am saying.


      Though thinking about it, I admit that a lot of the more fleshed out characterization Cloud gets is actually stuff that happened before he was messed up. Not that he ever wasn't socially awkward and quiet, but he was much more expressive and emotional. I mean, Cloud in Crisis Core is almost an entirely different person from what he became. He really seemed to be a cute kid who's whole world came crashing down on him. So yeah, it does makes sense he became a kind of 'edgelord'. He hides himself under a false badboy persona.


      I do think there are times where that cute kid pokes his head out in after he assumes his badboy persona though, especially some of the more wacky scenes where his badboy persona kinda breaks down. Like when Cloud crossdresses. You may think it was all just a silly joke, but I think it's actually an important aspect of Cloud's characterization. The whole wall market section really shows Cloud out of his element and as much as he tries to put on his badboy face, he has no idea how to deal with what is going on. It almost makes him seem kinda adorable if you ask me. A similar thing happens during the big date sequence. When he is forced to actually deal with interpersonal relationships he kinda has no idea what he is doing.


      I guess that's really the problem as I see it. Advent Children and most of the other cameos and expanded universe stuff take Cloud very seriously, but I think Cloud is actually the most true to himself during the awkward moments where he can't fall back on his badboy persona. When he is doing nothing but fighting and trying to accomplish a mission, he really isn't too interesting.


      TL;DR: Yes, I guess he is an edgelord, but he is a well written and interesting edgelord.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      "TL;DR: Yes, I guess he is an edgelord, but he is a well written and interesting edgelord."


      I have to completely disagree. Zack Fair is interesting. Cloud is just there. He's not a bad character, he's not a good character. He's just there, right in the middle. The story line he was placed at the center of was fascinating, one of the best in all of gaming history for so many reasons, and even the characters that surrounded him were mildly interesting (nothing like FF6's cast). Cloud has nothing going for him to find interesting other than the Zack parts.



    4. Kayzee


      Well I already said why I find Cloud interesting, so I guess there is nothing left to say.


      ...Except that you're wrong! :P