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  1. Been working on a muscular template for Loose Leaf sprites so characters with visibly larger builds can be sprited. It's all about characterization to me.


    I'm looking for brutally honest opinions on my progress so far. I'm not 100% certain of it (mainly the shoulder areas), so I want the opinions of other developers.



    1. Holder


      You should throw up a topic for your progress on this.


      I honestly don't think it's the shoulders. It's the jaw of the head that's cutting into it. Not much can be done about that apart from tweaking it here and there. 

      Really good work!


      Try some darker shading on the jeans, to give it more of a  crush shape.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Given my artistic expertise falls farther into the feminine, my ability to critique this will be less than stellar, however, I will second Holder on the jaw portion; makes him look a bit 'squashed'. 😕 

    3. Kayzee


      Hmmm.... Where can I see the normal male Loose Leaf template anyway? I think I would to look at it again  to be sure, but I seem to remember it already being a bit beefy? Not quite as swole as yours I think, but I am not sure how pronounced the difference really is.

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