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  1. So many hot button issues on my mind lately. The type of shit it's just risky to bring up, because people are so easily offended today. It's almost become a social right to be triggered as fuck and champion your cause as loudly, and judgmentally as humanly possible.


    But what's got me beside myself this month is the movement to make Santa gender neutral with a new name. It's gone too far and not only that, but it's become trapped in a cycle of hypocrisy. I don't think the LGBTQ+ movement ever intended to start kinda feeling like a fascist regime, buuuut, here we are. It's amazing to me how fast the tone of the conversation could go from, "Equality for all, judgement for none!" to, "Get on board, or burn alive, bigot!"


    How about we make Santa Race neutral?

    How about Santa having multiple ethnicities depending on nation, region, or personal taste? Wouldn't it be easier to say Santa can touch his rosy snout, wink twice and look whatever way he wants to visit kids from all over the world, than to say what you know about Christmas lore no longer exists; Gender no longer exists?


    I was born several centuries too late.

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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Gender isn't part of my identity. My sexual preference isn't part of my identity. That's my biology, my dna, and my brain chemistry.


      My identity is an east coast Canadian. French-Lithuanian heritage with some Irish from my mom tossed in. I identify as a Canadian, an artist, a story teller, an athiest, a lover of history and science.


       I beleive if you are what you are and you wear it with confidence and as if it's not going to be a problematic anomaly, people will accept you. This isn't a new concept. Alternative gender and sexuality people existed and rose to the top for thousands of years. Not saying they had total liberty to walk around announcing their identity needlessly. I don't have to tell my employer or coworkers I'm a straight male athiest. 0 point whatsoever. There will always be socio-political hoops to jump through, sexuality/gender identity is just 1 that was generally a private thing no one cared to know as far back as 60 years ago.


      It's one of those things that is mainly due to religion. It's almost always rooted in that dogma of "it's a sin, it's wrong on a cosmic, karmic level" bullshit. No one really gives a fuck except people of faith, and most them today will at least be respectful. Times have changed. Most older christians now have an alt in the family. Like 3 in every 5 people under 25 are or claim some form of alt. It's a trending thing now. Having a vanilla sexuality is basic.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      And I only use alternate sexuality/identity because I feel it's more ecompassing, because sexuality and gender has really become an interconnected spectrum.


      I admit as an older school straight male, it has been hard for me to keep up with the last 10 years. I am afraid to even talk about sexuality or gender or identity because people lose it, the differences get ridiculously nonsensical, and you don't know if someone is a gender person, an identity person, both, like it's so complicated.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I look at identity as what one knows about theirself to be true.
      I mean, I could make a very long list of what I know about myself to be true...I won't, because it's not the point.

      I'm from a land where government rule is a foreign concept, or more rather, a contentious one, where a competitive economy only makes for more difficulty than necessary to live steadily...(on and on and on I could go with this...)
      I was raised by a single mother who knows not who helped her conceive, if she didn't self-conceive, and raised to discover myself through my own actions, choices and aspiration.
      I am also the heiress to the burden of the duties my mother will eventually hand down to me, as one of the Divine Twenty-Four, and I take this burden not lightly...