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  1. So many hot button issues on my mind lately. The type of shit it's just risky to bring up, because people are so easily offended today. It's almost become a social right to be triggered as fuck and champion your cause as loudly, and judgmentally as humanly possible.


    But what's got me beside myself this month is the movement to make Santa gender neutral with a new name. It's gone too far and not only that, but it's become trapped in a cycle of hypocrisy. I don't think the LGBTQ+ movement ever intended to start kinda feeling like a fascist regime, buuuut, here we are. It's amazing to me how fast the tone of the conversation could go from, "Equality for all, judgement for none!" to, "Get on board, or burn alive, bigot!"


    How about we make Santa Race neutral?

    How about Santa having multiple ethnicities depending on nation, region, or personal taste? Wouldn't it be easier to say Santa can touch his rosy snout, wink twice and look whatever way he wants to visit kids from all over the world, than to say what you know about Christmas lore no longer exists; Gender no longer exists?


    I was born several centuries too late.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      To be clear, there is no 'movement', only a group of people that are still pissed off at the massive societal misconduct whose burden is placed upon our shoulders for no valid reason, reasons given are milktoast and garbage, and don't make any logical, reasonable sense, unless you're out of your mind.
      People are angry, and have reason to be, though the sources of their distress are less and less clear because of the aforementioned garbage burden causing people to lose the ability more and more, to think clearly, rationally and most importantly, for themselves.

      Santa Claus being gender neutral? It was commercialism that first gave Santa Claus a definitive gender in the first place, and Bernays admitted this back in the 1980's, gleefully to boot. I could go very deep into this, but such would be best discussed elsewhere.

      Bernays is one of the moguls who helped push for alphamale, masculine dominance, inadvertently pushing the white supremacist dominance as well. Santa Claus was never depicted with a definitive skin tone or gender until commercialism said to do so.

      Gender always has been an unproven concept, but the Church and State wanted their narrative pushed forward, with or without validation. They got what they wanted, for a while. That era of time, of societal misconduct, has come to its' definitive end.

      I am a non-binary femme, attracted to femininity. That's not going to change, and no one has a say in the matter, not even 'legal documentation'. Self-identity is all that matters, all that has ever mattered, and all that will ever matter. Someone once said: "You only have one thing, you. Your name, your identity, your path."
      (I forget who said that and it's likely not verbatim)

      Of course, most people I talk with about this, don't give me the time of day and go back to watching lamestream media garbage... bleah...

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