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  1. I'm super interested in making an MMO.


    It's really the only thing I want to do. It's the future of casual gaming, they end up creating their own societies and ethos among the player base, and they can generate a ton of money over an extended period of time.


    I have many ideas and I'm going to start drafting an outline for a game.

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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      As stated in the OP, I was thinking about putting together an outline. I could have been more direct in stating that plan would then be to put a team together.


      The assumption that I think I can, or plan to do it all by my lonesome, was just that; an assumption.

    3. Kayzee


      Hmmm? I don't remember anyone saying anything about you trying to do it on your own though. Anyway, honestly if you ask me, I don't even think doing it yourself would actually be that much more difficult then putting a team together. In some ways putting a team together is actually harder even! Teams seem to me to make everything much more complicated. You do seem like you probobly have a bit more experience leading people then most though.

    4. freakytapir


      I did not mean to come across overly negative and might have been well advised to choose my words more carefully,

      but I meant what I said, prototyping is important. 

      It tells you quickly what works and what doesn't, allowing for quicker refinement of ideas.

      When I asked if you have a working prototype, what was on my mind, was this Video.
      Fail Faster (It's not as negative as it sounds)


      I laud your ambition, and I wish you the best with it, but there's a side of me going "It's not going to work." But then the other side says "But I'd love to see him try."


      My apologies if I seemed bitter and came across as intentionally demotivating. Text tends to remove a lot of contextual information.


      I wish you good luck with getting a team together, and I would actually be interested in that outline, and to see how it goes.