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  1. Sick to death of scurrying around like an adolescent rodent, frantically searching for some crumb of sustenance with this RM thing.


    I have a ton of game ideas, and I work on them all, because an idea neglected is an idea wasted. You've got to flesh out an idea, even if you don't throw everything behind it until it's done.


    I have vaults full of ideas and stories from my role playing days, not counting the things I've created for RM. But there is one story that stands tall above the others.


    Around eight years ago I went back to my roots as a story teller. I came up with a tribute to Squaresoft and Final Fantasy. An epic, emotional odyssey that embodies my love and admiration for that brand of story telling and world creation that defined the greatest decade of the genre.


    It's now or never, because this RM is a black hole that devours people's time giving nothing back to show for it. And I'm so over it.

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, I get that. Honestly half reason I was a bit confused and asked what onesy was looking for was I wasn't sure what he meant by 'sustenance' and thought he might be talking about the RM community not giving him enough help and/or that he was looking for something in particular.


      It sure isn't easy to make a good game, that's for sure. Even if you are able to handle most of the work it can get incredibly frustrating just trying to get everything to fit together in a way that's not a total mess. I don't think it's a problem with RM in particular though. It doesn't help at all when you have all these big ideas you want to express. People often give the advice not to make your project too ambitious


      Honestly in my case my biggest problem is really mostly just getting myself to do anything at all. I feel like if I bang my head on that wall for long enough I will eventually get something done, but it's so easy for me to completely space out and end up doing nothing or working on some random unrelated thing. There are days where I am am full of energy and tackle my game head on and start coding like a manic, but they are few and far between.

      Thing is though, I have more or less worked on the same project since I started messing around with VX Ace in 2012 or so. That doesn't mean it was the only time I have attempted to make some kind of game. Oh nonono... I have lots of failed projects before this. Nearly all my life I have attempted to make games/mods with many different engines and/or programing languages and never really got far. Honestly I think my current project might be the furthest I have ever gotten on a game project.


      Up until a year or two ago I didn't really have a real solid idea for what my VX Ace project should be. I mean, I had lots of little random game ideas, but none of them were really ones I thought I could realistically actually do and most of them were more vague outlines at best. I would mostly just mess around with making random scripts and trying out whatever gameplay system I could whip up. I was happy with that for a while, just messing around.


      Now I have a much more solid idea of what I want to do... gameplay-wise at least. Story-wise I still only have a pretty vague outline aside form the beginning and maybe the ending, but at least I have a handful of characters (including myself) and a general direction. Still my tone is all over the place right now and the actual 'plot' I have is pretty silly. Some of the writing is inconsistent too (mostly because I am still kinda undecided about some plot points). I will probobly have to rewrite half of what I have finished sometime.


      Oh well. Hopefully one day one of us will finish something. :3

    3. Animebryan


      The problem with RPG Maker is that it has numerous flaws that the developers are too lazy to fix or add whole new ideas into the editor. It relies too much on external scripts & plugins for features that should be built in, simply due to oversight on eventing options & conditional checks. Also, think about how hard it is to develop a meaningful game all by yourself. Game developing companies actually have an entire staff of at least 100 or more people working on a single game, splitting the various tasks of game development to different specialists, and all the money that keeps them going & helps pay for any resources & external tools needed to get the job done.


      Most people who pick up RPG Maker have high standards for their own games but don't realize the amount of time, money & effort that goes into a decent game. In fact, most people who use RM end up burning out before making a single game, hence why there are so few quality games already made.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Animebryan I too have high standards; I do not want to be seen as one of the many asset flippers.

      However, I do agree that RM is flawed, but MV has likely the most flaws (not counting the console ports).