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  1. Sick to death of scurrying around like an adolescent rodent, frantically searching for some crumb of sustenance with this RM thing.


    I have a ton of game ideas, and I work on them all, because an idea neglected is an idea wasted. You've got to flesh out an idea, even if you don't throw everything behind it until it's done.


    I have vaults full of ideas and stories from my role playing days, not counting the things I've created for RM. But there is one story that stands tall above the others.


    Around eight years ago I went back to my roots as a story teller. I came up with a tribute to Squaresoft and Final Fantasy. An epic, emotional odyssey that embodies my love and admiration for that brand of story telling and world creation that defined the greatest decade of the genre.


    It's now or never, because this RM is a black hole that devours people's time giving nothing back to show for it. And I'm so over it.

    1. Kayzee


      Eh? What exactly are you looking for?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I know the feeling, trust me.

      I have a catalogue massive, of game projects in various stages of completion.

      Some are simply test projects, others are game ideas I lost inspiration for, one or two are those I outsourced aid on and got back a BIG DAMN MESS that I never figured out how to continue with, and then there's one that I am still working on, but I have no idea if it'll ever see any level of playability.

      Of course, for me, RM is a safe place. I can express myself however I wish, and all I ever have to deal with is the occasional interpreter hissy fit, lolz

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