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  1. I have almost no artistic capability, so when it comes to graphic and resource editing, I have become a hardcore tinkerer. I will draft something. Look it over after the fact and spot imperfections or areas that I feel can be improved. Then I will go back and modify it. Sometimes I am wrong and disasters ensue. Sometimes I can actually ratchet up my work to make it more usable for the average dev.


    I have made my Triad Icon edit set even better. I wanted to give more options, and more booster designs to work with, as well as add card icons for the default resources in Raizen's script. In my opinion they look more like card packs now, as well.




    Enjoy, and don't credit me.


    -The triad card materials are from Raizen's script bundle, the booster base is the card from the RTP sheet.


    -My card back materials are Kas & Enterbrain.


    I just did the edits.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I saw the edits you made to Avery's icons, and you completed the otherwise empty armament set.

      That is capability in some capacity to me, even if it is just editing and matching up with what's already there.

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