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  1. I designed some character concepts for my bound-like. I want to make the two main protagonists of an ethnic background. I'm adamant about that.


    What do you think of them?









    The 2nd male will likely be East Indian, middle eastern, or Asian.


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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I myself am using MV's angled faces from the character generator in tandem with Looseleaf sprite bits (I have found a way to resize the MV sprite hair so it fits with the hair from the faces), but the same issue remains with the skin tone options, though there are more with the MV generator (including fae/elven/beast beings).

      It's still a struggle...

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC


      (I have found a way to resize the MV sprite hair so it fits with the hair from the faces)



      Nice. LLs are honestly the way to go. Most people worry about aspect scaling, but after you create a map with some common varying items you'd expect that scaling to impact, you find they actually look normal, and the chibis now look like children. An LL looks as though it can reach the cupboards on the wall.. Or the freezer of the refrigerator. The chibi looks like a 12 year old with an unusually large cranium.


      I want to perfect my LL sprint* sheet, then use the perfected male model to make a female version. I want to put them in more games I've been afraid to. And they are so rich in quality they look silly when you dash. It's like they are power walking in a fit of eccentric rage. XD That's why I settled on making a sprint sheet. It was my one considerable beef with the models. Otherwise they are amazing, just for a truly unique'ish look to your sprites, NPCs, etc. You can actually hand-pick outfits, highly customize parts. I love it.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      The one thing I've wanted to do is make eight-directional sprites, but DAMN IS THAT HARD.
      Props to TsukiHime and others whom have done it. //rant Of course, going that route also means having to use customized movement scripts, and most of those have requirements that break other scripts I use...ugh, what a mess, lolz /rant

      I've taken the chest of the femme LL and flattened it, for the 'andro' model, but that's about all I've done.

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