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  1. So apparently they are "remastering" SaGa Frontier and Legend of Mana for the Nintendo Switch. What do you think about that?

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    2. Kayzee


      Oooh I just heard, but apparently Fuse's quest is gonna be in!


      Also even though Gen is definitely one of the most fleshed out secondary characters, I am not sure about a Gen quest. I think it's kinda neat the way Gen's story sorta weaves it's way through a bunch of other character's stories. I think it would be great to see Gen's storyline expanded on a bit, but to me it feels like something that would fit in an expanded version of Lute's quest (the final boss of Lute's quest was the one who destroyed Wakatu, though don't know if this was ever stated in-game).


      Also, apparently both the SaGa Frontier and Legend of Mana remasters are making use of AI upscaling (like this) for backgrounds. Maybe sprites and/or textures too in some cases. I thought it did, but wasn't sure. It's kinda interesting to see that technology used for remastering old games like that, though I imagine some might complain it's not redrawn or left as is. Looks mostly okay to me though.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      It's not that I think LoM's combat engine is perfect. I would take Star Ocean: 2nd Story's over it any day of the week. But I'd take LoM's ability, skill, gear and pet system over Star Ocean's generic combat tool dynamics.


      When you look at LoM you say okay clunky, sluggish system that requires patience and precise aim/timing sometimes. Of course it could be improved, depending on how they improve it, of course. You still want semi-tactical pace, it would just be nice if you didn't move like an inch worm around the environments, and if they cleaned up and expanded the combo layout for various weapons.


      When you look  at LoM , you have to think within the sphere of the Mana franchise. For the franchise, and time, it was amazing. Mostly because of:



      LoM's ability, skill, gear and pet system


    4. Kayzee


      I pretty much agree that LoM's ability, skill, gear and pet systems were great (well the gear forging might have been a bit too much trial and error for my taste but it was still interesting), I just felt the core combat just didn't actually do much to showcase any of the systems. I guess partly because enemies seemed like mindless punching bags that could be easily stunlocked into oblivion with well-timed basic attacks and partly because most big attacks had such long start up and cool down animations. Not to mention that pets and other party members would basically wander around and hardly do anything. Yeah I know you said once the two player mode was great, but I still just found most of the combat mindlessly boring. So yeah for the franchise, and time, it was amazing. That is in every way except for like the bulk of the actual gameplay.


      Still gonna buy the LoM remaster though, no matter how much it's probably going to disappoint me.



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