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  1. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a deep love for super hero comics. I recently found and old mmo that's basically like DCEU, only with a way better character creation engine (I mean it is one of the best, most vast avatar editors I have ever found). I made one of my RPC from my Mythic Universe of heroes and villains. And I made a Champions Online Original.


    So recently I thought about making a Loose Leaf sprite version of them. I only made a single frame for each, but they came out nice. This little experiment surprised me, and has improved my confidence and boldness when tinkering with parts.


    Black Tempest





    Northwatch (CO Original)






    Finding a game I could play as Tempest (more or less) in was amazing, but now having a Loose Leaf version of his CO variant is just cute as hell. Even though BT is a ruthless boogeyman, that LL still castrates him just a bit. XD

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