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  1. I know I jump and leap around a lot in terms of project interest, but I mainly get an idea, and foster it a bit before it dissipates into the brain fog. Lightly investigate how viable it is with Ace, then shelf it.
    Last year I toyed with the concept of doing an E-Sport prototype (Non-MMO, hopefully 2P at best, somehow, someway) with Ace. The last few days I made some breakthroughs and want to forge ahead more.
    I'm still floating multiple concepts for a system, but I'm starting with inspiration from FFX's Blitz Ball. Turn based system whereby players can move within stat-defined limitations and preform actions. I'm using inspiration from the FF Tactics-style script to theory craft the actual engine. It may seem slow and dry for an actual E-Sport game in your mind's eye, and I agree, but I'm still theory crafting and floating multiple ideas.
    I also thought about about somehow jerry rigging one of the MMO engines to make the E-SPort game have more depth than windows and game fields/arenas. But mainly to create a live action E-sport where players have skills and stats to build up like strife jukes, dodge spins, stiff arms, tackles, passes, shot, steals, etc. That's more mainstreamy, but high end as well.
    1. PhoenixSoul


      There's a VX game called World's Dawn and in it, there's a mini game called LockBall, that might serve as some form of visual functional aid. It's kinda fun in its' own way.

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Inspired by the bit of work I had been doing on those racing sprites, I began working on player models.




      the visor and mic was for captains and alternates. Was thinking about putting a visor on all helmets. I was going to add a C & A patch for Captains and alts, as well as jersey number paper doll layers.


      I want to flesh out a league of teams, and develop a league system that generates random players for pick-up, development and drafting.


      I am also thinking about player created teams. 

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Another quick update. I made a simple star logo, doing them (team insignias) myself might be viable.




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