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  1. Doing Emelia's quest again on OG SaGa.

    With the new remaster in circulation and with Emelia being  popular character from the franchise who appears in other games, I want to clarify what her costumes do, as there is a timeless and notorious amount of confusing surrounding with is going on. Squaresoft does nothing for no reason at all.

    Her costumes change her base internal learning rates because on her own she is not very good.

    Dancer makes her learning charts match Annie's.

    Pink Tiger makes her chart match Liza's.

    The confusion comes in with the Bunny and Commando.

    Bunny gives her a base talent in magic, which on every other outfit, she has 0 in.

    Commando in Gun Tech, which on every other outfit, she has 0 in.


    Have fun, and do your Amelia right. ;)

    1. Kayzee


      I've been playing a lot of Romancing SaGa 3 lately myself. :3

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