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  1. That One NPC

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    Revisions made to Jack. Zander drafted.
  2. That One NPC

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    Jack is his name, and revenge is his game. I drafted a Loose Leaf for Jack based on the beautiful art by nass1c. I hope this is acceptable for what you're seeking. The one notable aspect he is missing is the spurs on his boots. I had held out to try that later, provided you feel you can use the style, or would like more samples of the title characters and some NPCS. I will work on the other characters, but Jack turned out so good imo, I wanted to share him to touch base with some progress.
  3. That One NPC

    Western character sets needed

    Well my price is free. And you can work me to death because it makes me a better pixel editor, and gives you a better product. I can give you some quick samples of what I can do with sprites. I need some time for the horse mounts. White Hat Rustler: Black Hat Sheriff: The white and black hat sprite were done literally just now, rather hastily to get you some samples out. First Nations Warrior: (This was not made as a First Nations warrior, just fits the aesthetic as an example) This was an older design for a D&D style fantasy world. It was a Sun Elf who I was modeling heavily after First Nations cultures. These were some sloppy, generic samples. Working with some direction on sprites for a game, I would take more time for attention to detail and customize each sprite fully. These are some generic samples of my work with Loose Leafs in the past.
  4. That One NPC

    Western character sets needed

    The great thing is, you can compile your own sprites in any image editing program. I use Paint.net to compile my own. It is possible to sprite an entire game with the asset folders, fully customizing each aspect of each sprites hair, clothing, skin, etc. LLs are free for commercial or non-commercial use. The head portion of and LL sprite is about the same size as a chibi, so a lot of hairs and head accessories can be ported to an LL sprite, provided their usage laws line up with your project. I'd be happy to throw together some specific examples this week of what can be done with the assets in the western American style. The one constant worry with the use of Loose Leaf's is that some non-humanoid sprites like animals end up falling out of scale. Cats? Dogs? Snakes, chickens, birds? All fine. Cows? Horses? lol. . . But it's not impossible, just needs some extra sprite assets. I can help you look for clean-to-use horses and cattle should you decide to use Loose Leafs.
  5. That One NPC

    Western character sets needed

    Loose Leaf sprites were a taller, more detailed sprite style similar to Macks but with a less bubbly, rounded aesthetic. But most importantly, they fit the scale of most RPT style Ace graphics better than chibis. There used to be a website one could visit and through a modular compiling interface on your browser, create you own custom sprites. This was so awesome that nearing the end of the website's lifespan, some brave soul ripped with library into a 3x4 modular design set. Here you can see one of my characters in both chibi and modular LL form, standing around various objects in the RTP style. The difference in height, quality, and particularly scale is downright sobering. Chibis have the height and scale of children against 90% of mapping assets. Loose Leafs seem to have been designed to correct scale logic for devs who want a more stern, organic character and sprite aesthetic.
  6. That One NPC

    Western character sets needed

    I recommend having busts of your designs commissioned first, then have someone sprite up the character sets to match the bust and face materials flawlessly. You may not be having busts done, but I'd still have the faces finished first. Dig around old ReStaffs and project-friendly resources for hats and other sprite apparel you can add to your generator library, or edit to suit your needs. I am decent with RPT edits, but not much beyond that, unless you are wiling to use Loose Leaf sprites. If LLs are on the table, contact me to see some example work at no cost or obligation (I love making LL sprites, and care little about credit, only people's projects).
  7. Samurai robe for Male LL sprites.



  8. That One NPC

    tileset Need A4 tiles for a home

    The A4 Tile by Kauzz should provide what you need. Visit Kauzz's bog here: https://kauzzresources.wordpress.com/galeria/ Scroll down and you'll see it. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
  9. That One NPC

    Let's Make an MMO

    The script package does a good job of making it easy. Luckily I have two tech-heads, one who went to school for stuff along the lines of what we'll need and is positive he can figure it out given enough time and independent research. Then I have my life-long buddy who has been working with code and computer systems with the Canadian Air Force for about 10 years, and can aid him if need be. Worst case, they both have other things that can contribute and we can find someone who can figure out the server side.
  10. That One NPC

    tileset Need A4 tiles for a home

    I live and die by Panda Maru's tile sets. Go here, read the ToS so you know that they are free for both commercial and non-commercial use, but you have to credit Maru, period. https://pandamaru.de/index.php/downloads/rpg-maker-vx-ace/rpg-maker-vx-ace-tilesets/ It may be lacking the A4 sheet you are looking for, but this collection is very, very good, and will make the rest of your home much better than what the RPT would. I will look for good free-to-use A tile set for you. Sometimes you think something is free to use but it's really an edit or rip of something that actually isn't.
  11. That One NPC

    ace Questions Regarding Resource Licenses

    I had heard of the ownership license loophole, but wasn't sure if it was true. All you ever get is the word of a software owner/user on forums or what have you. I had done some albeit light research but found nothing from the Enterbrain's mouth on it. Thanks for helping to clear this up for me.
  12. That One NPC

    The Communion With Bahamut

    So in the plot of the 8th and final story, to boil it down, Hades invokes his last right, having the armies of Gallik Baal'a declare war on the rest of the world whilst he awaits his prize, the FInal Reckoning. The people of Gallik Baal'a are the descendants of mortals of various races (Black Mages not included) who were directly manipulated by Hades. Long ago, when Hades forged his legendary 6 relics and bestowed them upon mortals, they swore a binding oath to him and his last right, the right to fight for his cause and existence. The prize he awaits, is his shot at the one who has kept him imprisoned for thousands of years; Bahamut. I had planned a scene where Kierkess Aventola and Seto meet for the Final Reckoning. Kierkess summons Hades, arrogantly and maliciously spiking Wedge's spear in the ground before him, but when Seto reluctantly summons Bahamut, something special happens. Seto actually shares a brief communion with Bahamut himself. The god takes the form of a Dragoon ancestor (I had always liked the idea of his appearance being based on Hironobu Sakaguchi) to make it easier for him to process and participate in the conversation. They talk about a few things, mainly about how Seto is unsure if Ana would want him to fight at all. Bahamut tells him Ana would want him to defend what they had built; her ideals. Seto tells him he is afraid of what will happen if Hades kills him, and Bahamut tells him that even if Hades put an end to his physical form, he would exist in spirit forever. He continues, telling him (more or less) that he mustn't be a slave to his fear of what ifs anymore. Seto had already received closure surrounding Ana when he met her in her Knights of Round form, but the Bahamut scene to me was essential to the history of his people going back to the first story. I felt like the conversation with Bahamut (the parts not mentioned here, when Seto asks him questions about what he is, what the 'summons' are, who his people are, etc), were very important and what he really needed at this point in his journey, as the Chief of Dragoon people, a husband and father. But now, as I sit here refining the plot outline, I'm wondering if I should keep that in, or take it out. Thoughts on this???
  13. So. Most of you know I have been workshopping ideas and concepts for an MMO using VXA-OS by Valentine90. One idea I have been playing with is a modern fantasy MMO set in the present day era of technology. Now, in order to do this and retain the right to profit from it, I would need to use the default overworld tiles from MV, as well as some other tiles and vehicle sprites from MV's RTP collection. I imagine in certain other cases, it might not be a major point of stress. I'm wondering if this could be problematic for an MMO with in-app purchases. So, can you actually, by law, use MV's RTP resources with another RM title such as Ace?
  14. That One NPC

    Greetings from WidgetKitty

    I mean...
  15. Problems with time travel in story telling? It never holds up to even elementary questioning, because it's physically impossible. Time doesn't actually exist. The observable phenomenon we have dubbed time is a side effect of the degree with which space has been curved by the mass of an object suspended in it, or gravity. Nothing more. That's what relativity really is, not how gravity modifies the setting of how time passes by each celestial object. Not some time-space fabric or energy storing the memory of the past and computing the possibilities of the future. The only thing that has ever, or will ever exist, anywhere in the universe, is the present.


    Problems with these problems? I simply 😍LOVE😍 time travel in story telling. I mean it is so romantic, so adventurous, wonderous, mysterious. I can't leave it alone. I can't stop trying to make it work.


    Most recently it's forced me to take a long hard look at the nature of the Time Stream in my FF tribute lore, as well as the involvement of time travel and temporal mechanics within that canon.

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    2. Kayzee


      Well you said yourself, time travel "is so romantic, so adventurous, wonderous, mysterious". Obviously there is something about it you like even if it is nonsensical in any serious sense. Believe me I know exactly what you are talking about, but sometimes you just need to let a story be a story and tell you how something works and try and follow it as best as you can. I mean bad troupes and gimmicks may exist, but you can still have good stories written using them.


      Also, you seem awfully convinced about the "one timeline" thing. I am not so sure myself, but I also don't think it really matters.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      There's something about it we all like. My poison isn't so much the person from a boring, mundane present returns to a beloved historic era to mingle among the subjects of their scholastic obsession, but more the mysterious figure returns to present from future. I love a good bootstrap paradox. Ugh. I just peed a lil typing it out.


      And in terms of multiple timelines, I admit that when it comes the nature of our "universe" we know virtually nothing. Negative nothing. Most likely never will. We know nothing about what our universe is. Where it exists, how it exists, etc. So in that regard, there may be some sort of multiple timeline thing going on in multiple universes. However. to suggest that our universe is capable of producing multiple timelines depending on variations in occurrences and major catalyst events, suggests that time is more than a side effect of the relationship between mass and space, or what we know as gravity. Being in a stronger curvature makes time appear to move slower. Key word appear. It's all relative to the observer. A planet with 10X gravity with the exact same axis and orbit as Earth, would experience a calendar year at the exact same pace. Theoretically it wouldn't "feel" or "seem" any longer.


      Time was a way for humans to measure increments of motion around the sun. There is no force to create timelines, because there really is no timeline at all. There's just the universe, the energy and mass within. Energy, matter, motion.

    4. Kayzee


      Peed a lil? That's a interesting reaction...


      The whole multiple timeline thing has more to do with quantum wave functions and how they collapse or more like how they don't (like described in this video) but really it hardly could be thought of as "timelines", just multible "nows". The past and future still aren't meaningfully real. Though it could also be that quantum wave functions act as a pilot wave (as described in this video) which cuts out all the multible reality stuff, so yeah.


      Here is a thought: What if time travel was not possible, but it was possible to travel to a 'now' that just happened to resemble what the past might have been. I can imagine a story where someone tries to time travel but they realize at the end they can't actually, they just hop to a different universe that resembles the past or future.

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