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  1. When you return to a Legend of Mana file after a lengthy break, and forget to log two quests with your cactus. -_-


    Ready and unwilling to start over.

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    2. Kayzee


      I am pretty sure I have actually, and I can sorta see where you are coming from for sure. I just think whale it's design is pretty neat, it's implementation is very sloppy. Which is how I feel about the rest of the game so... I guess you are right! XD

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      You probably have, but I mean at length, to where you study and master each weapon style, skill and tech as it relates to fighting another human being rather than clearing npcs. The entire dynamic changes. Skills like counter strike now become extremely useful, whereas others like crouch become worthless. And Tech timing becomes even more paramount, because a human will evade 9 times out of 10 unless the timing is perfect.



      Charge techs and magic balanced out being able to dominate with your weapon, which made it easier for the general audience to play long enough to really get into the game.


      SoM was tragically basic, even for its era. LoM tried very hard to improve on that. We have to remember it's not a monster sim game, or a crafting game, they were just wonderful additions to the rpg, particularly for its era.


      I don't get the feeling that it was released in a rush at all. I get the feeling it was made to be much harder, with much better enemy behavior, but fear over actual player reception in the west led to certain things being changed to make it easier for the average american kid to mash their way through areas and play long enough to learn the ins and outs of the game, getting it right in new game plus.

    4. Kayzee


      Yeah, I am pretty sure I know exactly what you are talking about. Even outside of two player matches, LoM had so many really deep interesting ideas that were fun to play around with. I just don't think very many of those ideas were really fully realized. And yeah, I get the point of the timing and all, but it just seemed too clunky. I have been playing a lot of Dark Souls lately, and it's gameplay definitely is sort of like you are describing. You have rather slow animations and have to rely on timing a lot in Dark Souls too, but it feels vastly more playable. LoM's long animations just feel like they are there more to be dramatic then anything else, especially the animation that plays before you use a tech.


      Funny you talked about new game plus, cause to me that just proves my point. The extra difficulty modes even at their hardest don't really make the game any harder, because all they do is buff enemy stats. The combat still has the same problems, and enemies are still a joke, they just take longer to kill. If the combat was made to be harder and nerfed I would think the harder modes would fix a lot of the problems, but they don't. The game isn't bad because it was too easy, it was too easy because it was bad. Anyway, I doubt square at that time cared one bit about the reception in the west, and I don't think the Japanese version was any different.

  2. That One NPC

    My Thoughts On Endgame and the MCU [Spoilers]

    For what it was, it was entertaining, well made. No punches were held on the production end. But the important thing to keep in mind is how the MCU came to be. Marvel didn't sell themselves because they were doing great. They declared bankruptcy in 1996 when the bottum fell out from beneath comic sales. Truth is, Marvel started licensing early films like Blade and Dare Devil, to reach the people who would otherwise never read a comic book. Disney could care less about comic fans, they're still reading comics. They want to get to everyone else. And they succeeded by creating films that are unvirsally safe and marketable. The MCU's idea of character developmemt was almost non-existant until Infinity War. Marvel won't even let you soak in the deep scenes, because a side character like Draxx or Okoye wedge a joke right the middle of it. (Gotta keep people laughing and feeling good from open to close ) This sort of compromise in artistic content for the sake of safe sales just rubs me in all the wrong places. But Disney has a way of making anything seem amazing. They have a mystical power of some kind. I love you 3000? I don't ever want to hear another Martha crack from someone who knows diddly squat about Batman's character.
  3. Two completely useless side characters walk into Vormir... All jokes aside, this was a cluster-fuck of epic proportions no different than its predecessor. My main beef is that they rushed Thanos, whilst bringing in a ton of new characters that served 0 actual purpose due to his hasty arrival. After eleven years most of the senior cast are ready to move on, but it serves as further evidence that a comic universe cannot be turned into a film universe without a healthy dose of compromise every step of the way. As a huge fan of comics growing up, Disney and the MCU have done nothing but let me down. And even with all the hype and the novelty of the ensemble cast, both Infinity War and Endgame managed to let me down. Thanos was a great villain. I mean he won. He defeated them and accomplished his goal, which is arguably not so heinous. The culling was actually for the good of everyone. Every planet. Thanos himself gained nothing, but instead sacrificed everything to see a prolonged future. One where everything wasn't destroyed by overpopulation and the problems it creates. Titan stood not as a relic from his backstory, but as a cautionary warning to us. That's what is so captivating and truly great about Thanos as a villain. Wash away the morality and human emotion, and Thanos isn't so cut and dry. It was actually that Marvel cosplay group that couldn't own their failures, and once again raised hell to reset the universe back on a course of premature destruction. That leads me into the weak pot. Not much actually came together when you consider the scope of the MCU at present. Newer characters like Captain Marvel, Spiderman and Black Panther did virtually nothing. It was just another Tony Stork movie with way too many cameos. I didn't like the direction they steered it in. All of a sudden it's some kind of soap opera. They find Thanos in a cabin and kill him within like 30 minutes. Then Thanos in another timeline starts plotting to destroy the universe and rebuild. This is why they should have stuck to comics instead of dicking around with it - but it's Disney and they won't so. It blows my mind how they can finally make Black Widow useful after all these films by killing her off before her origin film drops. Now everyone will go to see it and cry through the entire movie, and no one will even make a mental note of how Disney legit operates you like puppets with this crap, lol. I respect Warner because they let it be DC Comics, and tried to keep things half-way civil at the same time. I'm not paying to see Joss Whedon's fan fiction, I want MARVEL, lol. Something like 7 X-Men movies was agonizing enough before I started watching Avengers "just to say I did". I regret having done so both as a fan of story telling, and Marvel comics. I can't say enough about how the six women of the MCU got the short end of the stick for the last 11 years. In that way, I guess it's sort of like golden era comics. Which reminds me of Widow. Two useless supporting roles walk into Vormir. You immediately think to yourself, who plays Lord Elrond again? I shouldn't joke, this is a very serious scene. (It's Hugo Weaving, and seeing he and Cate Blanchett work has been the highlight of this franchise thus far) You immediately think to yourself, who is it going to be? Which severely under developed sidekick is going to take one for the team? And as they have a random fight to settle it, I find myself having a difficult time deciding who to even root for. Hawkeye has done nothing. His only real development is having a family, which kinda makes you think it should be Widow because she's just a cardboard assassin. But then I think about the fact that the women of the MCU have got almost nothing so far. The only one who isn't a loyal follower of a male character is Gamorra. So by the end I just want Hawkeye to shut up and toss her over the edge already. Widow is an OG character, she deserves something before curtain. Hate how they tried so hard to create a plot where everyone did something to help, but it was literally all Tony, all day. For those who don't actually know your comics, having a Marvel verse centered around Tony Stark is awkward and broken, lol. When Captain America is always there, it's even worse. When Captain America is played by a goofy, baby-faced millennial, it's next to impossible to take seriously as a legit adaptation. But I'm having faith that one day the industry will turn around and it will be based on art and story rather than data and psychology. I'm just glad this lag of the nightmare has subsided.
  4. For years I've been thinking Megan Markle is Brittany Snow grown up with a tan.




    Shows how much of a jackass I can be at times.

    1. Kayzee


      Don't even know who those two people are! :3

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Brittany Snow is an Actress, and Megan Markle is a former actress and now married to one of the Brittish Princes. I had no idea who Markle was prior to her joining the royal family. She made a lot of TV movies.

    3. Kayzee


      Well point is, I don't think you are a jackass for mixing up two random people I have never heard of and could kinda care less about. ...Does that make me sort of a jackass? I don't think so... I am probobly a jackass for many other reasons though. Hehehe...

  5. That One NPC

    Encumbrance: Free-Form Forum

    I think there are ways to get around things like this without making a decision at the core of it. One hero can only carry so much. But if an attribute like Strength gives you more carry weight as it increases, it's not really so bad long-term. Alternatively - and here's what I personally prefer in terms of actual solutions - you could have something like wagons the player can rent or buy. This gets a bit complicated, but they would act like chests to hold loot. Perhaps the player can have the wagon follow them, or have it sit in a desired location until it is retrieved. Maybe they can sustain damage so the player must be wise about hauling them into every battle situation. Perhaps the player can't dash while hauling a wagon. You could have different quality wagons, each having its own respective carry limit. Things like this are semi-unique, engaging, and compliment something like a carry limit. Think of follower mules in Skyrim, without the headache of AIs, as it's just a wagon holding items. I would laso have some form of player stash spot for items. I have no idea how your game is structured, if it's even possible, but a lot of hardcore gamers are horders, lol. And Carry limits mess with a horders mind if we have no stash spots.
  6. That One NPC

    Need Shatter Kill effect for Frozen State

    Again, I suggested expanding the method so it's not so simplistic and easy. It would be a better feature if it actually increased physical defense, forcing the player to have some shatter method at the ready. It could alternatively be used to just put an enemy on ice for several turns - quite literally. If you have very difficult, intense combat in your game, this would compliment it even more. If it's more of an auto-pilot masher, rando physicals would probably suffice and avoid becoming a logic punchline.
  7. Megaman does this to force a more methodical, tactical approach, vs jumping and mashing everything in one big blur of monotonous action, as the classic Megaman titles ended up being outside of boss fights. I know that makes it sound bad but it's sadly true for the first generation of games. This creates a system where the player can't spam the Z-saber to curtain, but instead has to prioritize vitality based on the situation at hand, and with consideration for the entire level. You have to pick your Z-saber attacks wisely. In terms of fighting games, this does sort of apply. Virtua Fighter stands out as an example. It's literally all about your actor's current state - and that includes when preforming moves. It'sso sensitive that the entire game is based on what players call 'frame rate'. The franchise defines it as advantage. Some moves have low advantage, some have average, some have high. The idea is low advantage moves have poor recovery, and delay your ability to block counters. But it also interferes with hit calculation. I can throw a leg sweep, nd you can counter with a crouching punch. Even if my heel makes contact with your ankle, I do not score a hit if your move has higher advantage. Goh is one of the worst offenders when it comes to advantage. But VF is a broken model, and the sales support that. With games like Tekken you don't notice this stuff nearly as much as with others.
  8. That One NPC

    Need Shatter Kill effect for Frozen State

    I considered something similar for Overworld. I wanted the top teir ice spells to have a chance at freezing enemies. I also wanted Vega to be able to invent a freeze gun that blasts enemies with a powerful cooling agent similar to liquid nitrogen. The gun had a 100% freeze ratio, but 'shattering' was not left in the hands of chance. I mean if I punch a block of ice, it won't shatter. If I hack it with a sword, it might chip, but not explode. However, if a mage used an Earth spell to drop a boulder on it, or Vega used some form of explosive, it would logically shatter. I would suggest considering defined methods and limitations for shatter-kills, so it's never as easy as mashing attack on a frozen enemy. I also suggest complimenting this by playing with the other magics. I like when fire can burn targets, taking sequencial damage away, similar to the classic poison. Earth spells and some physical attacks could also cause bleeding status effect. Water spells can cause soaked status, amplifying any electric damage. I love having fun with battle systems. Nothing worse than a basic system when you have to use it thousands of times. This seems like it should be possible via eventing.
  9. Listen to me... You are all travelers, stars that wander freely across time and space. And you have all assembled at this point in time, at this point in space. Together you will all be victorious. Together you will all shape destiny. 54 stars have been created and I have been working on the exact teams for the battle sequences. Player's Battalion WIP, WIP, Matulu 'Green Nation' Battalion Tarik, Rebekah, Gavin 'Green Nation' Reservists Grace, Lupa, Lupo Rebel Leadership Helen, Ivan, Doc Neilson Lancaster Family Diana, Dawn, Hope Elvish Battalion Thessius, Larissa, Lindell Barakat Family Sivante, Sivana, Sivash 'Yellow' Nation' Battalion Wendel, Cloe, Horace 'Cyan Nation' Battalion Vera, Victoria, Mason Kobold Battalion Tajiro, Tijaro, Tajeet Goblin Battalion Gakumba, Garuta, Goruga Reinhardt's Battalion Reinhardt, Flint, Skylar The Lost Elves Navara, Vallio, Vennonia The Machinists Annette, Perry, Edith Master Spellcasters Shani, Zufar, Gladis Martial Artists Lee Fang, Yvonne, Rae'Oku Thief/Rogue/Con Team Jon, Leetus, Jacques Misc Stars Niki Tia Lilly Edward Omadika Non-Playable, Non-Star Characters Edgar Omadika, Edna Omakida, Lucretius Omadika Agamedes is a WIP concept.
  10. It's been a while since I've been around with any sort of updates, and I'm about to make up for that. I've been working on more faces for Destiny Star Saga. I created a concept for the lead male's father. I made some concepts for the 'cyan nation'. 'Yellow nation' characters. Goblins and kobolds, anyone? A few loose concepts. Some imperial soldiers who will join your army after being defeated. I've planned a rather large scene for their surrender and hope to do a lot with them within the plot. Made a concept for Emperor Omadika and his family. The son will actually join your cause.
  11. I made 36 character concepts, and I'm now certain it is possible to make a large scale cast using the face generator. L.L. sprites are flexible enough to get the job done for almost any face, so I think I'm going to begin developing the setting and plot so I can get busy fleshing out and finalizing character concepts. A new concept I've put some development into. One of the last living Blood Elves. Her species were wiped out as a result of their uncontrollable blood lust and appetite for violence. It always lead to war, and they destroyed themselves fighting humans, other elves, and each other. 300 years ago, human kingdoms launched a campaign to destroy the last of their decaying empire, and a culling of the species began, turning into a genocide over time. Nevara was raised among Elves and taught to control her temperament, but she was never able to adjust to the lifestyle of a 'normal' Elf. She constantly rebelled or lost control and got into trouble. As a young woman, she ran away to separate herself from other people in order to protect them.
  12. Hell. Yes. This is why I love Loose Leaf sprites.







    I was worried about Loose Leaf hair parts not being enough to sprite generated faces, but a lot of chibi bangs can be used. They aren't perfect, but they work. 

  13. I got a few sprites done this evening. I like how this is unfolding. One of my favorite things about Suikoden is the massive variety of characters and being able to create something similar is turning out to be rewarding, and I'm just getting started. Going to be among the lot of lead protags, and will probably have playable siblings. He will be your first 'tank' class character. Dialogue: -Freedom is my payment, and I owe that freedom to you. I love this concept. He was an imperial soldier before he renounced fighting to return home and marry his sweet heart. Shortly after they came for him, to arrest him for desertion. In a frenzy, the worked up mob of soldiers light the house ablaze. Unbeknownst to the soldiers, his terrified wife had been hiding inside and burnt to death. Rushing home at the sight of the smoke, he was sent into a rage and killed more than half of the men who had come to arrest him. During the grief that followed he was arrested without incident and has remained in a small, dark cell ever since. The party frees him in order to help defend the surrounding lands. I pictured the scene when the heroes say his name aloud in the king's throne chamber, and a nearby servant physically withdraws in horror, backing into a pedestal, sending some manner of pottery crashing to the ground. Classic. A few new face concepts. Also my cleanest looking elf concept so far. I may redo the other three.
  14. I worked on a few new concepts last night, a few of them having more development than others. I got a new set of generator parts the other night as well, so I have many more mouth and eye options to choose from. I updated the lead protag's protector role. I really like this character, and plan to make her among the best out of the 'tank' class characters. Dialogue: -I'm just an old gal, but I've been through the wringer with this war. -Take me out. You'll see.
  15. That One NPC

    Seeking Co(s) & Team: Any Given Day

    Thanks for the interest. We would for sure need a larger team for this. Since posting this thread, I further developed aspects of game play for this concept. It will take a large effort and some skill to make this happen. Not only would we need some coders for back-up on the script end, but we'd also need graphics people. I decided vehicles are an absolute must, although something the player gains access to later in the game. I also want random enemy group generation. So rather than the same set of enemies on every map, there are random zombies generated. This will create a setting where the player must always be on their toes, and move diligently, vs mastering the lay of the land. On 'any given day' your favorite looting route through a city could be over-run by 25 zombies. I basically took the concept and adapted it into the game I've been waiting on from the professional studios. Open world zombie apoc meets GTA-style free roam, Fallout-style RPG elements, blended with heavy crafting and building aspects. Always keeping a camp of sorts for travel, crafting items, modding weapons, modding vehicles, building a shelter, etc. It would be a huge undertaking, but it would be a very entertaining game. Your very own Z-apoc universe to forge your own story within.