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  1. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    See, you literally cannot resist. Of course water has no color, nor do you have control over your smart-ass tendencies. And honestly, I do the same? If you bothered to pay attention instead of looking for ways to disagree, you'd realize my approach is different than yours. You write novels to support your case and discredit others, usually dropping 1 line at the end like, "But hey! That's just my two cents!" I will generally offer my opinion, and then touch on their side of it as well. You just love to sound smarter and wiser than everyone else, and it just gets old.
  2. That One NPC

    Custom Loose Leaf Sprites

    New muscular template for male sprites. The athletic female template will be ready soon.
  3. That One NPC

    Holders Animated Battlers

    Have some free time today, so I'm going to draft up some ideas for hero battlers. @Holder I came up with a few concepts that will expand the variety of characters and fighting styles your collection already has to offer. Rather than describe a specific outfit or character style, I'll provide some reference images that will hopefully give you both an idea of what I had in mind, and some generalized inspiration. Concept 1 Gender: Female Fighting Style: Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon: Staff Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2 Concept 2 Gender: Male Fighting Style: Ninjutsu Weapon: Kunai (three per hand), or Kusarigama Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2 Concept 3 Gender: Male Fighting Style: Sword & Shield Weapon: Scimitar, Shield Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2 Concept 4 Gender: Female Fighting Style: Arcane Martial Arts (The exact form was sort of inspired by Zafira from the Tekken franchise. A more practical mage who doesn't just cower in the back row shooting fireballs, but can actually defend themselves at close range.) Weapon: None Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2
  4. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    It's that you come in purely to disagree more times than not. You write paragraph after paragraph, maticulously breaking down why we are wrong, and you are right. I say, "The sky was so blue today. It was wonderful!" And you come along. "Well if we're talking about the sky, it's actually an azure variant of cyan. And if we're going to get right down to it, the sky has no color, it's a reflection of the Earth's surface, which happens to be mostly made up of water. In 1869, John Tyndall made this discovery, and it's been common knowledge ever since." Sometimes you've got to pick your battles, is all. It's usually good to come into a thread by adressing the author and content of the OP, not argue and fuss with another participant.
  5. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    @PhoenixSoul If I'm made to feel as though I have to explain myself, you better believe I will. I'm not letting anyone dictate my narrative. Either understand what I'm saying, or don't speak to it at all.
  6. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    You dedicated a paragraph to pointing out how FF shouldn't be the standard we have to strive toward, elaborating by throwing out some of my favorite games to sort of nudge me along toward your point. :P It seemed you literally wanted to point out that FF shouldn't be the golden standard. The point of this thread was the cost of a project, meaning money may be invested in the project. All I was saying was, if you plan to spend money, come up with the best idea you can, and try to hit that mainstream appeal. Of course, it's entirely kasian's choice. As it is yours, and mine. I was just trying to give some friendly advice, and encourage everyone to treat their ideas as if they are special. People today often associate mainstream appeal with negativity, lack of quality, or being generic, uninspired, uninteresting crap. It's just as unfair to discredit mainstream stuff as if it's somehow creatively inferior, as it is to not give indie stuff a chance because it's not mainstream. I don't see streams, I see quality. As a developer who wants my art to reach as many people as possible, I do care about "success" as it's traditionally measured. It's fine if a only a few people play my game, but I would much rather thousands play it because the story was good enough, because it was fun enough. I want people to say, "You have to try this game, it has a really good story." To me this is about more than making fun stuff for people to play. It's about giving back a bit of what my rpgs gave to me. Not only inspiration and entertainment. but a bit of education and wisdom. It's about telling stories that will impact people in a real way; the way my rpgs impacted me growing up. An rpg is not a game like Street Fighter or Mario is a game. An rpg is a playable story. That's what it comes down to.
  7. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    Perhaps read my post again, it wasn't about being like FF. He used FF as an example so I did too. You can't take things like that so litetally, how little do you really think of me? No seriously... The point of this thread was about game cost, so kasian is most likely planning to spend money. How a game is made, the energy that goes into the process of development and creation can be felt by the (right) player. Make no mistake. If you force yourself to work, rushing and settling for enough, that shows. All I'm saying is, give some serious thought to how you invest time amd money.
  8. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    I get what you're saying, I really do, but toss that out the window. Love what you're doing, beleive in what you're doing, and swing for those fences. If you just try to make some fun game with a good story, that's what it will be. Some fun game with a good enough story. If you don't look at a game concept and think to yourself, "this is something special and people are going to love it," I don't recommend investing money in it. How you feel about this game, how invested YOU are in it, will bleed through every last aspect of the game, and that energy is what fuels your players. You have to sell your concepts as the next Final Fantasy.
  9. Don't try and confuse me with details about what posted where, I said one argument post there and I meant it! But if you think that means I am done, you got another thing coming! Prepare yourself fellow nerd! For I... DISAGREE WITH YOU!


    Haha! What now my FF8 loving friend? Someone on the internet has disagreed with something you said!


    Edit: Darn it me, why are we so lewd sometimes? Edit that out this instant!


    ... Okay Fine! >_< *grumble grumble* Darn common sense, making me censor my jokes in a public forum.

  10. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    This isn't an introduction thread... It's an inquiry to the community in the Recruitment section. Any activity is good activity? Again, pretty much every last thing about materia is fundamentally flawed and broken. The only plus it has is total control over character abilities, which again, is also one of its major flaws.
  11. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    Nonsense, there's nothing else to do or talk about. Materia was a really bad evolution of the job system. It was nonsensical, disjointed, awkward at the very best of times, and quickly becomes a quest to master every materia on every character, because you've got to something with them, and they keep cloning themselves, so why not put virtually everything on everyone?? And that was the main issue. With materia, any classing, job or ability customization lost all meaning, period (with some personal exceptions bound to pop up). It was not a good idea, nor was it executed well. The GF system fixed this and actually did it properly. GFs developed a bond with characters, and nothing was taught directly to the character. You could customize you actual GFs abilities, and you could put some strategy into how you distributed and used them, without being able to just say, "Everything for everyone, because it's inevitable! Muahahahaha!!!!" I much rather being presented with limited options I can use to build unique character classes that don't become a redundancy. Say what you want about the Junction system they threw in, but GFs were materia done properly.
  12. That One NPC

    Holders Animated Battlers

    Love that. With so many color options you could give each character their own color when turned into frogs.
  13. I'm super interested in making an MMO.


    It's really the only thing I want to do. It's the future of casual gaming, they end up creating their own societies and ethos among the player base, and they can generate a ton of money over an extended period of time.


    I have many ideas and I'm going to start drafting an outline for a game.

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    2. Kayzee


      @freakytapir You aren't completely wrong, but putting it that way is bound to discourage him. That can't be your plan right? Unless... Oh... Ohhh! You sneaky little... I get it now!


      @That One NPC, would it be fair to say that making an MMO someday is a dream of yours perhaps? Tapir must be hungry!




    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      As stated in the OP, I was thinking about putting together an outline. I could have been more direct in stating that plan would then be to put a team together.


      The assumption that I think I can, or plan to do it all by my lonesome, was just that; an assumption.

    4. Kayzee


      Hmmm? I don't remember anyone saying anything about you trying to do it on your own though. Anyway, honestly if you ask me, I don't even think doing it yourself would actually be that much more difficult then putting a team together. In some ways putting a team together is actually harder even! Teams seem to me to make everything much more complicated. You do seem like you probobly have a bit more experience leading people then most though.

  14. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    Yeah, 7's was a complete failure. I hate materia, period. Oh and yeah, parts of 8's story fall apart, but I loved aspects of the overall plot. The concepts to do with time, the gardens, and it was a really good coming of age FF...as good as you can do FF with a coming of age story...lol. But the raw gameplay picked up the slack and carried it. Sandbox job system based from your summons. Just golden.
  15. Got the leg sections done on a sprinting template for LL sprites. I need to modify the arms a bit, which is the trickiest part. The front and reverse frames seems okay for a striding motion, but the sides look too relaxed.


    I don't even need to test run it to tell they'll look stiff from the side.


    Making outfits will be a bit tricky, I wish the arms didn't need so much editing because that would make it so much easier to do them. The feet rotate 90 degree counter clockwise pretty quickly and easily. Sprinting capability is something I have wanted for loose leafs. The higher level of detail makes it seem weird when they start power walking around maps.


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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Yeah that's of course the point. Walking sheet for walking, running for running. Many games have had dashing sprites, golden era FF sort of invented it, but Suikoden 2 was the one that made me want to do it the most.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee "Press B to walk at double speed! Press L/R to walk at triple speed! Press B + L/R to walk at mega speed!" lolz (but it's walking with higher speed scrolling and that's all)

      It would be cool to have an easily made script for allowing more than three frames of animation; I know I'd use this if it were compatible with the Composite Character script (as far as I know there is no way to do this).

    4. Kayzee


      Well honestly it shouldn't really be that difficult to make a script that does that, though the exact details of the layout might make it a pain. Also, the Composite Character would work fine with it provided the graphics for it are in the same layout, since that script mostly draws bitmaps directly on to other bitmaps, it doesn't really care about how the bitmap is used.