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  1. That One NPC

    Weapons powering up throughout Story

    Of course you can use different formulas to place all of your factors solely on stats with that bit of weapon damage added in. But the industry norm for 20 years was the opposite. Because if gear doesn't change, and all you have to do is get levels to change your strength and therefor damage, it can become a monotonous grind situation pretty quickly. Equip management is a timeless aspect of rpgs that adds another dimension of play, albeit a very small one. It reinforces a certain awareness of your characters current limitations and progress, and the desire to improve it. It gives money more value and purpose, particularly in the old days. And it allows a good developer to populate their world with different minerals and materials, weapons and armor styles. Again if they are a good dev, they will use that gear wisely when fleshing out their cultures and regions. Too often in older games you just got weapons in whatever order. Bronze, Iron, Steel, Gold, etc. It's nice when you can flesh out cultures and races based on the weaponry, clothing and armor they wear. And I agreed with you on not having a list of 20 swords that get sequentially stronger. I like a more realistic setup where there a variety of weapons and armor from all over the world, each of them having their strengths and weaknesses. Attack, defense, speed, one handed or two handed, slashing, stabbing, blunt. Now you're getting into an interesting system with some strategy involved. Instead of just spamming the confirm button to kill monsters, you've got to know the enemy's weaknesses, and consider what weapon you want to use for each character. I think it relies on the slash/stab/blunt elements, or anything that elevates the nature of your weapon dynamics, and you've got to have a good selection of weapons if you're going to limit it. A lot of people who play rpgs are medieval weapon lovers. Like, a lot, lol. I love finding new weapons in games. You know how many successful games went out of their way to elevate the weapon system in their game to do the opposite of limit the selection? Think of games like Diablo, or any other game with random weapons. Half of the reason you grind in those games is to find new, better gear than what you've already got. Limiting gear in 2019, in any game is a risky move, but at least if you have larger, nice set, you can get away with it in certain games. I've been working to flesh out Avery's gear set to make sure I have a large array of consistent gear sets, for games where you can craft items.
  2. That One NPC

    Weapons powering up throughout Story

    I sort of agree with @Kayzee , but I think there needs to be more of a balance. Weapon and armor curves allow monsters to get progressively stronger as well, and they add a layer of evolution and change to keep things fresh and keep coming back to aspects of character management. Golden Age rpgs on the SNES and PS1 started using accessories to balance out the special effects as well. You have to be careful when balancing gear effects so as not to enable perk stacking. Lately I have really been playing around with ideas surrounding deeper social mechanics in rpgs. Things like Morrowind's npc relationship status. One idea I had was replacing the notion that every piece of jewelry you buy at any old shop does something magical to your body. Instead I thought what if jewelry served a more realistic function in an rpg with a highly social dynamic? What if it costs a ton of money,and wearing it improves your perceived social and economic status among npcs? What if wearing pricier items increased your odds of being jumped by bandits and thugs looking to rob you? What if npcs were unique in their beliefs, with some respecting wealth whilst others resent and distrust it? I like where this realm of thought is headed. I had been wanting to do an FF Tactics style rpg for quite some time, and this whole "better npcs = better play experience" idea helped flesh that Tactics concept out into something I can work with.
  3. That One NPC

    Why So Whitewashed?

    Well reality exists, and we can interact with it, that much I know for sure. I love all folk lore, but I don't believe in it. There was a time in mankind's development when we didn't understand the laws and forces of the universe, and instead looked to superstition about gods, spirits, and monsters. Think of it like a human child. When it's young it believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and from time to time, gets a bad feeling there's a monster under the bed. But as it gets older, it begins to understand the laws and limitations of the world we're bound to. Let's just say Fairies are real. Why just Fairies, though? Why that one mythical creature out of thousands, whilst the rest remain silly archaic stories? Why just one god being real out of hundreds? As a man of science, it's impossible for me to go down this road.
  4. That One NPC

    Entertaining Races

    You are not alone. RM resources historically suffer from a lack of ethnic representation and diverse species. The default resources tend to have a cartoon'ish aesthetic that can easily appeal to a younger demographic, despite being used to create everything from horror to hentai games. This cartoony vibe doesn't help or thrill me, either. but Ace's RTP was actually decent for balancing the tone and aesthetic of the characters. I like worlds full of complex, vastly different characters. As a creative writer of RP, it helps with fleshing out every aspect of a setting. Like I get obsessive, and I know it can help me with making a great game where towns have culture, and character, and history that you can see and read. A game where you want to talk to npcs because they each contribute to the texture and identity of a given setting. I used to hate dealing with NPCs in most older rpgs because they are useless and boring. You get trivial little hints peppered everywhere, the rest used to make commentary about larger plot figures or as raw filler. I don't play that game. Everyone should have a purpose and story, or they aren't needed at all. Edit: This is the meaning behind my name. You ever get a point in a game where you need to find an npc you ran into a long time ago? But you can't recall where he or she is at, what he or she looks like, you only have the name from dialogue instruction. So you have to go to the specified town, door to door, body to body until you find, that one npc. This is because that game, despite how objectively amazing it may be, had boring npcs that didn't really matter. It's not because it was a bad game, bad anything, it was just a style used to save space and reduce clutter in the game world. Sadly it's still used today. NPCs are generally useless. I don't like that because I flesh my stuff out to make it memorable. it's all about player experience. I want you to remember Henry, his wife and his three kids from the farm outside of Crooked Valley, as soon as you see his name. I love entertaining, developed races, but it's a hard thing to do with RM unless you can sprite and draw face sets. Most of the time you find a cool looking non-humanoid and that's it. Either they all look exactly the same, or this character is the only member of it's species in the game. It's disheartening for the artistically challenged developer. One sometimes - I would argue often - thinks we'd be better off not using face sets for certain projects, because a crippling weight is lifted from it when you do. I have been working on different races for the loose leaf sprite materials, simply so that we can all sprite up more entertaining races for our games. Customized races so that we can sprite entire towns of creative races, and visualize some of that culture at the same time.
  5. That One NPC

    Why So Whitewashed?

    @PhoenixSoul White Christian influence has been slowly devouring the entire planet since the Roman Catholic Empire, and it still is today. Fairies don't really have a universal description or rule system of any kind. They've been heavily domesticated and reshaped by gross overuse in literature and pop culture. The old creatures of folk lore were in fact nefarious, mischievous entities, often spirits, not at all creatures of the mortal realm, and thus have no physical form. What people think of as a fairy today, is 150% fiction, with almost nothing of the old lore remaining intact.
  6. That One NPC

    Custom Loose Leaf Sprites

    I downloaded the Loose Leaf resources a while back. They come as a series of png files and are adjusted to 3x4 frames for easy importing to earlier Makers like Ace. I've gotten good at splicing together custom sprites using these files, and I expanded my library a little during that process. Since the site is down I've decided to take requests for custom sprites. This is primarily for miscellaneous requests, as many as you want, but I'm not looking to sprite a whole game down to the NPCs. I am participating in an upcoming project and I'm going to sprite the whole thing with loose leafs. So for now if you want to sprite your whole game custom, I can take some requests and give you a link to the resource pack so you can do the rest of your game. I have some samples of my recent works with the resources. I've come up with a form to fill out containing the basic information I can work from. Get as detailed as you want. If you want to tell me what color every clothing item should be, that works. I save pnd files so anything can be edited after first drafts, and I don't mind. I want your sprites to be perfect for you, as many drafts/redos as that takes. Template: (Which you want used, male or female) Size: (Tall or short. Tall is a regular LL sprite, short is the dwarf/young resize I made.) Outfit Description: Outfit Color Scheme: (If not specified in detail above, you can provide a general scheme you'd like) Hair Color: Eye Color: Extra: (Any extra details. Eye scars, missing arm, elvish, skin color etc.) You do not need to credit me. I am going to find out the exact nature of LL sprites in terms of who you need to credit. Mack is one of them.
  7. That One NPC

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I do feel like these genetic features are an interesting, important part of human culture. If you look at creatures with varying species, it's very endearing to see all the unique evolution chains that make varieties of the same life form. It's who we are on a cosmic level; how we evolved based on our lifestyles and environment. I feel like that is special, and important, more-so in ways than cultures that evolve and change at breakneck speeds. By no means am I trying to downplay history and culture, that's really what shapes that genetic code into real people, I'm just advocating for a more open mindset. Nowadays racial topics of virtually any kind have become so sensitive that a sort of "Race doesn't exist/matter/EVER get talked open openly because someone could get offended" mentality has developed. I think this is leading down the wrong road. I think we should strive for a world where it's okay to be unapologeticly different asf, not a world where we stuff any part of ourselves away to be more neutral and unified. I'm pretty sure mankind is doomed no matter what happens at any point in our run at existence, but I see a future where White Christian influence devours everything until we're all just automatons with stories of where our people came from and what they used to be like.
  8. What the actual fuck?




    With staff conducting themselves like this, the whole ghost town scene's starting to make perfect sense.


    I'm out like Epstein, folks. This shit is too dramatic, even for me.

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    2. Kayzee


      Trust me onesie, everyone loves our mighty bunny overload. Or at least I do! *gives kaz a big 'o snuggle* She's so cute!

    3. Animebryan


      Your wall is not for me? If you're saying I'm not welcome here then why don't you build an actual wall to keep me out?

      And just to "Rustle Your Jimmies" even further, I'm following you now 🕵️‍♂️🙂

    4. Kayzee


      I kinda wonder if that meant I was welcome here... I was never told to go away like that. I have been interacting with onesie for a while though so I guess he was used to my shenanigans. Anyway if you are still paying attention enough to read this onesie, I really do hope if you are leaving you find a fun new place and make lotsa friends and I am gonna miss you!

  9. That One NPC

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Apparently folks are terrified to be offensive, so they white-wash everything. At times it gets really hard to defend white people and cover up their ignorance. With edits, though, it's an issue of the available resources. 98% of RM characters are white.
  10. We all know this guy.


    Ernest, Oscar, whatever his RTP name is, we all know him. I recently made a Loose Leaf version of him for one of my  characters. I like how it turned out. Loose Leaf allows you to really get in there and cook up alternate outfits and such. This is a bonus for me because I am all about characters.



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    2. Kayzee


      Like I said, the way Cloud acted in Advent Children did make a degree of sense given how he was in a kind of depressive funk over everything. I just don't think Advent Children really fleshed out Cloud's character that much. What disappoints me is that Cloud is never depicted as anything but a socially awkward quiet badboy. Yeah, he is a bit of an edgelord, but that's not all there is to him is all I am saying.


      Though thinking about it, I admit that a lot of the more fleshed out characterization Cloud gets is actually stuff that happened before he was messed up. Not that he ever wasn't socially awkward and quiet, but he was much more expressive and emotional. I mean, Cloud in Crisis Core is almost an entirely different person from what he became. He really seemed to be a cute kid who's whole world came crashing down on him. So yeah, it does makes sense he became a kind of 'edgelord'. He hides himself under a false badboy persona.


      I do think there are times where that cute kid pokes his head out in after he assumes his badboy persona though, especially some of the more wacky scenes where his badboy persona kinda breaks down. Like when Cloud crossdresses. You may think it was all just a silly joke, but I think it's actually an important aspect of Cloud's characterization. The whole wall market section really shows Cloud out of his element and as much as he tries to put on his badboy face, he has no idea how to deal with what is going on. It almost makes him seem kinda adorable if you ask me. A similar thing happens during the big date sequence. When he is forced to actually deal with interpersonal relationships he kinda has no idea what he is doing.


      I guess that's really the problem as I see it. Advent Children and most of the other cameos and expanded universe stuff take Cloud very seriously, but I think Cloud is actually the most true to himself during the awkward moments where he can't fall back on his badboy persona. When he is doing nothing but fighting and trying to accomplish a mission, he really isn't too interesting.


      TL;DR: Yes, I guess he is an edgelord, but he is a well written and interesting edgelord.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      "TL;DR: Yes, I guess he is an edgelord, but he is a well written and interesting edgelord."


      I have to completely disagree. Zack Fair is interesting. Cloud is just there. He's not a bad character, he's not a good character. He's just there, right in the middle. The story line he was placed at the center of was fascinating, one of the best in all of gaming history for so many reasons, and even the characters that surrounded him were mildly interesting (nothing like FF6's cast). Cloud has nothing going for him to find interesting other than the Zack parts.



    4. Kayzee


      Well I already said why I find Cloud interesting, so I guess there is nothing left to say.


      ...Except that you're wrong! :P

  11. That One NPC

    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    Experience has taught me that the vast majority of you will be too young or uninformed to understand, but I'm going to try anyway. The blatant shenanigans have gone on for far too long, and someone has to say something. I play a TPS MMO for 360 called Defiance. I don't play often anymore, but I maintain an account and a Leadership role within my respective clan. Earlier this month someone had the audacity to call me a "noob" because I don't have (or need) a supreme shield. After humiliating him not once, but twice through dueling, I proceeded to educate him in front of the entire North American server in Zone Chat. Noob is a term we frequently hear thrown around in cheap. And if you've ever taken or plan to take the time to call someone a noob, you're going to want to pay real close attention. The correct spelling is Newb. Newb as in newly registered, new to the way things work, new account, and so on. I mean after all, we'd never say, "What are you, noo?" Because that would make us look like a total foot sandwich, right? Noob, or the even rarer, more idiotic n00b, is what newbs say when they're trying to be cool. So what went wrong? An entire generation of newbs grew up, and noob became the norm... I mean, look, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America... It's just the age we live in, folks. Someone had to say something, because again, the shenanigans have gone on for far too long.
  12. That One NPC

    What are the current trending video games?

    One hyphenated word can sum up your question to absolute perfection: E-Sports. E-Sports Seriously, E-Sports are taking over gaming. Not that you have to be an official competitor, but the games featured by E-Sports are trending in general. Highly competitive, multiplayer games that are often team-based. You might be thinking football or soccer, but games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Star Craft 2, etc. As the E-Sports world takes over like an unstoppable virus and the audiences get larger, and larger, and larger, these games are getting more exposure and players than ever before. In terms of actual trends, E-Sports games are it right now. Starcraft, Starcraft 2, any E-Sports games that have an offline mode. I don't think any offline games are actually trending right now, so Bryan's link may be your best options.
  13. That One NPC

    Help Coming up with Tiered Spell Names

    For what my two cents is worth as a player, these systems are tragically outdated. They make your spell names very bland and unexciting, making your elemental magic system seem very basic and lacking creativity. It also robs each spell of any real identity and character, outside of the animations, of course. I always love when spells evolve and change over time, because you anticipate the next spell so much more. I like spell trees that have individual spells with defining characteristics which are obvious within the name. Rather than calling the super Earth spell OmniEarth, or OmniRock (so fucking cringey) isn't it cooler and more distinguished to call it Meteor, or Comet? I also try to take advantage of individual spells by making them very unique in their nature and applications. One thing I always hated about FF style spells, for example, is that they are all the same, just costing more or less MP, dealing more or less damage. So when you get Fire 2, or Fira, Fire becomes essentially useless. But what if Fire 1 was Fireball instead? Now we can break it down on a conceptual level. It's a projectile of fire shot forth quickly by the caster. Maybe it has a lower hit% than most other fire spells, but when it lands, it has an area damage radius, burning nearby enemies in addition to the intended target. What if Fire 2 is Flare, which ignites the target in flames directly, having 0 chance of evasion, and applying the Burn status. By giving your spells that much more character, you can have a lot more fun with them, and leave each spell with a given purpose or strategy until the very end of your game. Most of you are thinking, "I can do that and use any spell name," but you might be thinking more as a dev than a player. We don't want to memorize the effects of every prefix, for every element, when you could have put just a tiny bit more thought into your spell trees. Having said all that, allow me to attempt to assist you as requested. Here are some suggested spell names for the classic elements. They may be basic or even obvious, but they will work well with various prefixes. Fire: Flare Ice: Frost Thunder: Spark, Jolt Earth: Geo Water: Wave Wind: Gale Here are some prefixes using Frost as the given example. When using this system, I would go with logic and familiarity, vs nonsensical gibberish. It will feel natural and flow much easier for the player. You'll never have someone saying to themselves or Steam friends, "Wtf is a RaFlare?" You just want people to beat and enjoy your game. Frost DyFrost TriFrost TetraFrost PentaFrost AllFrost OmegaFrost NegaFrost (The idea for this was a spell that applies damage to enemies who would normally be immune to the element, or heal from it.) OmniFrost Hope these helped give you some inspiration, at the very least.
  14. Wouldn't you think that anyone willing to sign up for an Area 51 march, would by now that Skinwalker Ranch is the new Tinfoil Graceland??


    According to the theories, Area 51 was decomissioned as an ET research site due to global exposure, and everything moved to Skinwalker Ranch, where they say the ETs have their own floors for research...


    Just proves how dumb people are.

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    2. Kayzee


      Sigh... Have you... actually been paying attention at all to what I have been saying? Am I just that bad at getting my actual point across? Okay, fine, you win! This one planet being the only planet with life is astronomically unlikely! I am a dumb dumb who doesn't know what she is talking about! Your entire worldview is completely 100% justified beyond even a tiny  shred of doubt! No possible future discovery can possibly invalidate your beliefs! No alternative explanation could possibly have any validity to it!


      I'm tired.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I stopped reading your novels days ago, honey.


      All you want to do is argue with the odds. I checked out on Wednesday.

    4. Kayzee


      Ugh... That not what I... *flails around* Oh whatever, I tried.

  15. That One NPC

    Race Swapping In Film

    Hard to imagine when you admit to having not read them much, but they grew a lot in the last 30-40 years. Around the 80s and 90s less kids were reading so the direction for many series and character became very mature, dark even. This resulted in a lot good story lines that draw you in, and provided a lot of great character development. DC was always decidedly darker but even they started taking more risks and telling deeper stories. You'll find much of the same styles and themes as you will any form of fantasy, scifi, or fiction, just with vastly more developed characters, which has been the selling point for decades now. I'm on a new a20 phone and for some reason Ifind the keyboard so difficult, so please excuse any glaring errors.