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    Open spaces vs multiple authored paths

    Speaking as a player first and foremost, when it comes to world maps, it doesn't much matter. Try for a realistic aesthetic that has lots of area to travel (more than you're used to in basically any of the iconic JRPGs with world maps). Because using the standard scale for world maps, there's never much exploration, anyway. I actually dislike traditional world maps now. They are so redundant and awkward. I'd rather traverse a series of full wilderness maps to go from Town A to Town B. That provides actual exploration, visual stimulation. It fleshes out and gives character and texture to every area, and makes long distance travel seem like more of an adventure. But when it comes down to it, focus more on your aesthetic, always trying to balance a good, believable look, with playability in those environments. Either extreme will be just that, an extreme. It should depend on the area/geography in question, vs a "mapping style" felt consistently throughout the entire game. Mapping is very, very, very hard.
  2. That One NPC

    Creating a (Hopefully) Simple New Game Plus Feature

    Please, please, please perfect and flesh this out so it (if it doesn't already) can interact with switches and events so the player can utilize it in various ways aside from the obvious NG+ feature. Regardless, this is a godsend. When done properly (Legend of Mana) it opens up a whole new set of doors for developing your game that adds some delicious, appealing layers to hardcore RPG fans. LoM did it in a way where you don't get to the end and restart only to feel as if it's more of a chore to replay as this OP monster from the depths of hell. retracing your exact same steps in the exact same linear plot (Chrono Trigger), resulting in the feeling of an afterthought bonus round of sorts. Instead LoM built it's concept around the idea of cycles of death and rebirth. It also set up it's system and game world with a sandbox format that both encourages and rewards replays. LoM really nailed synergy across the board, but the replay dynamic was at the center of and was complimented by it all. Excellent job and please don't give up. Keep other good NG+ systems in mind and do your best to make it all it can be. I know people will thoroughly enjoy this. I plan to use it if the hiccups get resolved.
  3. That One NPC

    Let's Make an MMO

    Anyone also share the dream of making a good, quality 2D MMO that captures the essence of the classic JRPG, in a massively multiplayer setting, with modern features and logic? I am good with creating worlds, lore, plots, characters, Sprites, and icons edits. I am a workhorse looking for a project where multiple people can combine their talents and efforts to produce something truly noteworthy. This is an evolving thread and I will be adding ideas and concepts over time in addition to what others bring to it.
  4. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a deep love for super hero comics. I recently found and old mmo that's basically like DCEU, only with a way better character creation engine (I mean it is one of the best, most vast avatar editors I have ever found). I made one of my RPC from my Mythic Universe of heroes and villains. And I made a Champions Online Original.


    So recently I thought about making a Loose Leaf sprite version of them. I only made a single frame for each, but they came out nice. This little experiment surprised me, and has improved my confidence and boldness when tinkering with parts.


    Black Tempest





    Northwatch (CO Original)






    Finding a game I could play as Tempest (more or less) in was amazing, but now having a Loose Leaf version of his CO variant is just cute as hell. Even though BT is a ruthless boogeyman, that LL still castrates him just a bit. XD

  5. With this new/current Legend of Mana file, I am going for the Bejeweled City, the lost city of the Jumi, and the final location of the Jumi arc.


    It is one of the only things in the game I have never been able to do. I didn't even know it existed until last year (not a fan of looking things up online). I never finished the Jumi arc. Ever. I always said, "Next new game plus."

    This time I will finish that arc and unlock that city.


    1. Kayzee


      Jumi arc is best arc. :3


  6. I want to highly recommend that you play some LoM before the rerelease, simply to brush up and master the finer points. The smithing can feel so damn murky because of the way it's set up, but it actually does have a very structured system. Reading parts of guides such as this, by MMjarra:



    When you temper a second material onto the equipment you're tempering, a Mystic Card might be pushed onto the object. This card will be the one representing the magical effect of the first item you tempered in. For example, if you tempered a Wisp Silver first, and then follow with a Sulpher, a Wisp Card will appear as you temper the Sulpher. This is due to the fact that there is a hidden card slot on the equipment. This is present in all weapons and armor. Thus, you should look at your piece of equipment as if it had the following Mystic Card slots:

    (----------) [Invisible Slot] <- Item Properties

    ---------- [ Visible Slot ] <- Card Properties

    ---------- [ Visible Slot ] <- Card Properties

    ---------- [ Visible Slot ] <- Card Properties


    Basically, the invisible slot represents the item that you are tempering at the present time. In essence, it's not a real Mystic Card, but you might want to find out what card it represents. To make a long story short, raw materials have properties, and Mystic Cards have properties, but these are not always the same. When you know that something is occupying the invisible slot, you take into account the properties of the raw material you're tempering. As soon as the raw item becomes a Mystic Card (and thus, moves in the first visible slot), you stop taking into account its properties (unless they're permanent, until manually dispelled), and you start taking into account the properties of the new card. For example, if you temper a Holy Water onto a weapon, you gain the power to push off Pixie cards. However, if you temper a Lilipods following that Holy Water, the Lilipods take the invisible slot, and the Holy Water becomes a Cleric card, which has properties that differ from the raw item that created it. In essence, you lose the ability to push off Pixie cards, but you affect the weapon's power, and other factors.


    really help with that lightbulb moment where you go, "Ohhh, and begin to understand what item is triggering pushes, and that there is an invisible slot that holds the last item tempered in. It's such a complex, beautiful system that, like many of Square's gems in that era, was majorly underappreciate due to westerners rooting their mentality in the initial frustration, leaning on the "broken mess" card.


    EDIT: Also for combat, I have some weapon recommendations.


    The Knuckles allow you to move around very quickly, but due to the core issues in the system, range can make hit boxes elusive.


    The Bow is great but requires a lot of tempering and good ability selections to help control the field (jumps and vaults, defensive lunge, etc). It can be very good because you feel the core issues much less and it helps you master aiming very, very quickly.


    The Spear is a very balanced weapon with beautiful range, speed, and area damage. Mobility is a bit nurfed but it's not too bad.


    These may be good to start a file.


    My advice is to spend your vigin New Game saving all food, raw materials, and secondary materials. Hoard it all. Hunt your eggs, gather the monsters you want and store them at lvl 1. Bring your default Rabbite around and feed it meats you loot in battle. You will sell it later for lots of money o don't worry if you ruin it's stats with odd meat and stuff. Rabbites aren't worth wasting any good food.


    On your 2nd (or 3rd/4th) NG+, when you have so much stockpiled resources that you can efficiently raise a good monster on a strict diet, forge an armor with a desired enchantment, build a good golem, buff a weapon's power, etc, begin doing all of this.


    YOu will waste a ton of resources if you pick away and prolong coming into your different assets at a sufficient pace, or even muck them up. LoM is all about the replay. That's why I don't mind the quest system and collecting them all for Lil Cactus. 


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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      You can totally make OP gear once you learn how to concoct/replicate recipes. But I generally don't do that right away, and love to experiment more than anything now.


      For several NG+s I don't do much by way of altering or training or assembling.


      I make a junk XP share ring like this for the sole purpose of rabite rearing:


    3. Kayzee


      Really the only pet I actually bothered much with was the succubus. Because It's a succubus. :P Getting her (and other demihuman pets) is a bit of a secret though. :3

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I like Captain Dayang. I like training up certain monsters like Dark Stalkers because their diet dictates stats and behavioral AI.

  7. Since late last year I have resolved to put well-done seasons in an RPG. I wanted to talk a bit about ideas surrounding the use of a year calendar, and seasons. Using a Year Calendar script, weather/climate script, and a tile switcher script, I plan to incorporate a few features. Calendar menu feature that displays major annual holidays and events, as well as allows the player to set dates and reminders, and doing time skip stuff where you take an entire season (or what's left of it) and do a generic action to 1) skip time, 2) gain loot, XP, and potentially other stuff. Examples would be adventuring, exploring, going to war, working as a local lawman, doing an apprenticeship with the Order of Magic. Or you can do seasonal actions. Examples are farming in the summer, hunting in the winter or fall, fishing in the spring, etc. These would skip chunks of time and provide me with options for rewards, risks (random stat drop risks depending on action, and proportionate to average rewards), etc. Seasonal changes on maps which aren't tropical or polar in nature. Using carefully edited tile sheets that all match, but change based on season, the maps will go from lush green to white-capped as the climate and weather patterns change. Seasonal holidays and quests/events. Each season will offer some unique buzz in the world from holidays stuff, seasonal quests & NPCS, etc. Resource changes will take place, meaning during the winter months, certain plants won't be able to be harvested, etc. Items will change in some stores to reflect what's going on, and prices may change, so that items found only in winter, will be worth more in the summer time, and vice versa. I have more ideas but these are the main ones. I'm interested in what people think of these, and what ideas you have seen or maybe have of your own.
  8. That One NPC

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    It just needs a script package plugin or edit to allow for the use of a controller. There's too many gosh darn buttons and hotkeys for a keyboard. Everyone will have different comfort settings, but using a keyboard to play games gives me carpal tunnel. Falcao's system is otherwise a masterpiece of Ace scripting.
  9. This is a very skimpy, poorly written and organized summary of the plot to the first set of stories. Part of the challenge was figuring out how to fit all of this into game format without breaking it up into a few titles (YUCK! -.-'). I'm dropping it here because no one looks at my blog, and I'm overly nervous and antsy about getting content off of that older site and over here for safe keeping. I don't even trust my own google docs to not lose data anymore. It's all about redundancy. I will edit these soon, and try not to let it spoil anything for you if you find it interesting. You don't have to read all the way to end yet. Note: Final Fantasy I Zenobia is a massive, technologically advanced desert metropolis. An empire seeking to conquer and erase the old world. Using their far superior technology they sweep the vast continent committing genocide, establishing new Zenobian cities atop the ruins and corpses. The desert city is divided in two. The core of the city is awe inspiring. Buildings that tower into the sky. Wealth and luxury for every man and woman. Highly advanced technology engrained into daily life. Outside the core, beyond the walls and defenses, the people of the slums suffer in poverty and oppression, living in crudely built structures under horrible conditions. Anastasia Maria Grace is a resident of the slums. She is an everyday twenty-three year old girl who believes so strongly in the ideals of equality, freedom, and world peace that she is willing to stand against an entity so powerful that any hope of a world free of it has been lost. She and three of her friends (Jin, Willow, Kato) plan an attack on Zenobia Prime HQ, a technology corporation owned by Prince Sarovoc Ducrinus and the sole provider of energy to the entire city. The plan fails and Ana's friends are killed by the faulty explosive timers. She is rescued by a mysterious outsider who calls himself Edge. He parts ways to protect her (as he is being hunted by Zenobian troops), instructing her to meet him at Odessa Inn. With her best friends dead she goes to the only place she can think of. Stryker is ex-Zenobian Special Forces, the owner/operator of*"Rebel Radio", and mentor to Jin. He volunteers to escort her to Odessa. Leaving Zenobia for the very first time, Ana accidentally embarks on an epic journey that takes her across the world to crusade against the Zenobian Empire. She meets Juakeem Mohinder, a bedouin warrior and chocobo breeder, and his war bird Shae'elle. He gives her a young, unremarkable chocobo named Boko who is determined to become a worthy war bird. The group meets Edge and Commander Bastian Fairheart at Odessa Inn. The Inn is a front for a rebel base located beneath the ground. The base is compromised by Zenobian forces and Bastian leads the group out of the desert and into the wilderness. Along their journey they meet Casius Magnus, a nomadic Black Mage who saved Ana from capture back on the road to Odessa. They also meet Lillian Nobunaga, a Swordstress, traveling warrior and the last of her ancient race. When they reach the coast, they meet Cideon Armstrong, Captain of the Free Airship Valiant and his nephews Biggs and Wedge. Cid reluctantly grants them sanctuary aboard his ship. Ana inspires Cid to stop hiding underwater instead of living and fighting While helping rebel forces defend a city from Zenobian assault, the group has an encounter with Marrick Cross, a White Mage and exiled Paladin of Whiteguard. They also square off with the Agents of the Chimera Initiative. Victor Chimera, ex-Zenobian Special Forces, ex-Imperial Operative, and war hero. Leo and Lyra Stratta, lethal killing machines trained by the legendary brute Hogo Marks. Tallis "Tank" Cortez, heavy weapons and demolition expert. Callixta "Raven" Ravana, deadly sniper and ace pilot. Marrick attempts to commandeer the Valiant, but is thwarted by the crew. The Zenobian attack fails. Bastian (through his belief in Ana's ability to inspire otherwise defeated men) suggests that she be taken to Tessafe's Mirror of Fate. A standing mirror with decorative silver framework said to have belonged to Queen Tessafe of Whiteguard. This mystical, enchanted mirror shows any who gaze into it an image of importance. What it shows you varies, and it's not always easy to understand. One by one the group enters the temple to behold the mirror's message. (In order, identifying what they saw, and whether it was shown or later revealed) Biggs (shown): A man in a white mask (Leo Stratta and the man who kills him. He did not encounter Leo at the previous battle, so he does not recognize him) Wedge (revealed): A knight clad in black armour holding a bloody sword (Kierkess Aventola, and the man who kills him in VIII) Seto (shown): A Dragon's eye opening (the awakening of Bahamut) Lilly (revealed): A flaming bird (Phoenix) Bastian (revealed): A soaring white dove (symbolizing Ana, freedom, and hope) Stryker (revealed): Ana Casius (revealed): Ana Ana (revealed): It shows her key fragments of future events taking place within the stories. Final Fantasy II Prince Sarovoc Ducrinus assassinates his own brother in order to take the throne as Emperor of Zenobia. Ana emerges from the temple after hours of the group waiting. The journey continues as Ana drags Cid across the globe, spreading her message and ideals. The Valiant visits the eastern plains of Turra where Zenobia is burning villages and temples to the ground as they expand into the territory. They meet Banion Warbear, a warrior Monk and hero of Turra. Together they drive Zenobia from the lands of Turra. Banion agrees to travel with Ana in order to learn more about his enemy. Stryker confronts Edge about using the name Edge Widowmaker telling him he knew the man and he was older than Stryker is. Edge reveals his true identity to be Seto Bobaloo Sobral. He assumed the name and persona after witnessing the ex-Zeno soldier die in a gunfight in the slums of Zenobia. Marrick across springs himself from the Valiant's holding cells, determined to commandeer the ship and kill it's charming Captain. When he is clearly outgunned and outnumbered, he surrenders. As he is being escorted to cells, he levels with Cid about why he wants his ship so much. He has a tip about a Zenobian plan to take the city of Kiratoma, one of the largest rebel holds in the world. He is trying to reach the city before it falls. Cid locks him up and heads for Kiratoma. When this plan is confirmed, Marrick is released under a close watch. The men of Kiratoma are defeated, tired, scared and pissed off. They see no point in fighting an impossible battle. Command struggles to keep morale at a reasonable level. The majority of the soldiers are pushing for a surrender. Stryker dresses Ana in full combat gear, as if she were actually going to fight. He marches a terrified Ana past hundreds of soldiers. The point is a strong one: If you cowards won't fight, the women and children will, because someone has to defend this city. His plan works, and only a few hundred of thousands refuse to fight. With the help of the heroes, Kiratoma is barely defended for the moment and Marrick has become an ally of the group. Zenobian forces muster again as reinforcements arrive on both sides. The second battle is brutal and rebel forces have no choice but to retreat or die. But not before Stryker shoots Leo in the shoulder with a pistol, dropping him instantly. The group escapes to The Valiant, but Casius has chosen to stay behind and fight the pursuing troops. Ana and Seto strongly protest leaving him but Cid makes a tough call, assuring them he can handle himself. Using his native martial art combined with fire and ice magic, he begins to fend off the soldiers, casting reflect to neutralize their bullets. But more and more soldiers pile into the clearing... Final Fantasy III The group has taken on refugees from the Kiratoma Army and must take them to Andora, the Rebel Capitol. Cid and Stryker confront Marrick about his White Mage heritage, the reason he wanted to defend Kiratoma being that it's dense, harsh territory was the last defense between Zenobian lines and Whiteguard territory. Marrick is honest about his being born a Paladin of Whiteguard, devoting his life to the crown and being exiled by the Arch Mage for falling in love with his granddaughter. Stryker confesses to Cid and Marrick that he used to be Special Forces, army before that. Devoted his life to helping slaughter the people he's trying to help now. Cid accepts them both as them men they are today. Andora brings a new hope. Several outlying pro-Andora Nations have mustered their armies and are preparing to attack a Zenobian fortress alongside Andorans. They capture the fortress. During the battle a mysterious man (Havyian Solaris) saves Seto's life, disappearing afterward. Casius arrives during the battle (he was told to go to Andora as the group was leaving). But Sarovoc Ducrinus approaches from above with Callixta in a helicopter. He takes careful aim with Raven's long range rifle. Seto sees the chopper and moves to reach Ana, yelling her name. A mysterious man (Simeon Ortega) grapples his torso, holding him back. Sarovoc pulls the trigger and a high powered round rips through Ana's chest killing her instantly. The rebel heroine and domestic terrorist is dead... The group looks on helplessly and in horror. Seto rushes to her side. As this intense, profound emotional maelstrom ignites within Seto, a void of energy forms high above him. A massive sapphire dragon emerges head-first, rotating as it comes forth before extending his wings. Bahamut! Callixta and Sarovoc hightail it out of there, narrowly dodging Tri Flare attacks from the forgotten Deity. He looms in the sky, circling around and around as Seto holds Ana's body in his arms. The group captures the mysterious man. By now Ana has travelled across the world, meeting and inspiring hundreds of thousands of lives. She taught people that strength isn't determined by one's skill with a blade, but by the quality of their character. She also started a world-wide feminine movement, inspiring millions of women and girls to be what they want to be, not what's expected of them. Final Fantasy IV A moving funeral is held for Ana at the Mana Tree (a place the group visited together, and where Ana made everyone promise to keep fighting, always, no matter what happens) where she wanted to be buried when she died. Hundreds of rebel vessels and thousands of pilgrims attend the emotional ceremony. Distant, emotionally void and still covered in Ana's blood, Seto heads home. The group reluctantly follows him deep into the wilderness (after bringing him aboard The Valiant when he collapsed in the wilderness). When they arrive, they are met by Henato Junior, eldest brother of Seto. His father (Henato Senior) tells him that the essence of Bahamut resides in the sapphire pendant around his neck. When he ran away at fifteen, he missed out of his right of passage as a Dragoon prince when he would have been told this and taught how to command him. Henato Senior tells the group that there are other forces in the world similar to Bahamut. Seto makes it clear to his family that his guests are no longer welcome and the group is forced to leave. Meanwhile, the arrival of Bahamut has Sarovoc researching this phenomena, and Leo is healed up from his wound. Without Ana, the group falls apart. Casius returns to his travels. Banion returns to his people, Bastian has long since left, Juakeem and Shae'elle have returned to the Zenobian desert. Having nowhere to go, Marrick and Lilly remain with Cid, Stryker, Biggs, and Wedge. There is a lot of personal struggle and grieving. Characters swapping memories and stories. *Simeon Ortega**is interrogated extensively but he reveals nothing. Only that the other mystery man is the real bad guy, despite what it all may look like. They decide to gut up and get back to fighting the Empire. They plan an attack on a Zenobian outpost with some rebel forces. The plan fails and as a sniper, Stryker reluctantly escapes after watching the team captured through the crosshairs of his empty rifle. Marrick unloads both pistols three times before throwing them down and surrendering. The Valiant is ceased and it's crew jailed along with the group. Final Fantasy V Lyra Stratta and a company of Special Forces soldiers close in on a frosty stone altar. Lyra closes her eyes, touching the cold surface slowly. She comes out of the remote temple eager to test her new prize. She summons Shiva, the beautiful Goddess of ice, and in a fit of rage and grief, she kills everyone but Lyra using Diamond Dust. (This stems back to the Great War when the Gods were still free) Cid, Biggs, Wedge, Lilly, and Marrick are in a Zenobian prison. Stryker travels far and wide searching for Casius. He gets him up to speed, and they head directly for Sobral territory. They manage to be taken prisoner and Seto speaks to them. Stryker tells him the gang is locked up and Seto begins preparing for the journey. He talks to his father, and brothers Henato and Sedato. He tells them everything. That an entity so evil that they would destroy everything to rebuild in their own image threatens the lives of every free man the world over, and he must leave again to fight it. His father is moved to tears, telling Seto he is proud of him. Seto is the runt, he always lived in the shadow of Henato, a hero of the tribe, and Sedato, now a hero to. Henato Sr. loves all of his sons, but he recognized that Seto is special from birth, that's why he has Bahamut. Even though Neo and ZERO are more powerful, Bahamut is the father of all Gods, the one true God. It's been the duty and destiny of his kin to protect the world and long have they neglected it. They free their friends (and a lot of rebel soldiers and Andoran civilians) with the help of local rebel factions. Casius goes 0 to 100 particularly quick and with considerable force. He leaves a trail of victims through the prison. He finds Boko, who has been chained and beaten but he is freed after Casius kills his tormentors. The Valiant is located and taken back. The Time Mage Elder Kirin visits Seto aboard The Valiant. He tells him he must release Ortega immediately, speaks to him about the Gods, and tips him off about the location of Ifrit. The gang arrives at the cave and Leo has been perched like a predator staking for prey. He squares off with Wedge (two spear enthusiasts). Casius has hung back to make sure Wedge is alright, and he can see that Leo is toying with him like a cat with a mouse pinned to the floor. He interferes, disarming Leo, breaking his nose, left wrist, and right arm at the elbow before throwing him over a cliff into water below. The group retrieves Ifrit and Phoenix successfully. Meanwhile Members of the Chimera Initiative recover Siren and Leviathan. While searching for the resting place of Titan, the group encounters a behemoth and together they kill the beast in an intense battle. Everyone survives but Casius is worn out and beat up. (Titan and Golem are retrieved) Seto heads for Gallik Baal'a, a small continent to the far north (a place Ana made him promise not to go before she died) to search a legendary cursed shrine. Stryker has Cid head for Juakeem and Shae'elle, and Banion afterward. Stryker brings the rest of the group together again. Final Fantasy VI Seto searches an ancient ruin with a torch, coming upon an ebony skull in a pool of water. He recovers Diablos and Doomtrain. The gang encounter the Chimera Initiative in an ancient temple compound and fight there way out with Sylph and Typhoon. The gang reunites with Seto. Elder Kirin summons him by teleporting him to Mount Ramuh in front of the members of his high council. The oldest and most powerful of Time Mages; thousands of years old. His back is to them with Kirin before him. He cannot see or hear them, but he can feel their eyes on him, their presence and judgement. It brings him to tears, dropping to his knees. Kirin tells him the recently acquired deities are dangerous and must be returned to Gallik Baal'a immediately. He takes him to a secluded area of the wilderness, comforting him, but telling him that the Time Stream was broken by a curious young Time Mage after reading a book from the library of world culture and history. He stole a very specific ring and used it to travel back in time in an attempt to change the course of events. He saved Seto's life, hoping he would save Ana's. A man was sent to capture him and return him to his own place the Time Stream. During the process, he stopped Seto from potentially altering the natural course of events. He gives him eight enchanted rings that cast protect on their wearer. He asks him what he thinks the Mirror showed Ana. Why she changed from that moment forward. Seto begins to put all the little clues together. Kirin says simply, "Keep fighting," and tells him to find The Tomb of Alexander. Seto is returned to the group and he emotionally reveals to the group that the Mirror showed Ana the future, even after her death. They gather to deal with the summons; who will be charged with what deities. Leo has uncovered Cerberus and unleashes it on a village of fisherman. Tybin and Sabin Marks are hired by Sarovoc to deal with Cid and his band of misfit strays. Sabin Marks shoots The Valiant out of the sky. Leo unleashes Cerberus and engages himself. His hellhound devours crew members as they evacuate the grounded vessel and Biggs engages Leo having Titan occupy Cerberus. Leo kills Biggs, mutilating and disgracing his corpse, kicking it around. Using wind magic from Sylph and Typhoon and his Qiang training, Wedge clashes with Leo in a heated duel. The heroes gain control and drive off the Initiative and the Marks brothers. Reinforcements arrive and the ship is fixed up. Biggs is buried next to Ana at the Mana Tree. The group heads for The Tomb of Alexander. But Seto rushes ahead of the party while they take twenty to prepare. While entering the musty stairwell he is ambushed by Sarovoc and shot three times in the torso. Priestess Talla has had a vision of Sarovoc obtaining Alexander & Crusader, and through it, Seto's death. She rushes by chocobo to his aid, reviving him before it's too late. Zenobia invades Whiteguard with force. Sarovoc marches into the High Temple and cuts Talla's throat when she tells him that Seto will come for him. Marrick betrays the gang, snatching Seto's pendant and Bahamut along with it. He's cut a deal with Sarovoc to spare his people. Final Fantasy VII Marrick serves Sarovoc in attempting to use Bahamut to create a weapon capable of protecting Zenobia from the Gods by killing them. The pendant remains useless to them and Sarovoc grows angry with Marrick. Kirin once again visits Seto aboard the Valiant. He tells him of one who may be able to defeat Alexander. Odin and Gilgamesh become the group's next move. He also gives him Shoat, an odd Lesser Diety giving him access to low level Time Magic. At High Rock Plateau, the group retrieves Odin & Gilgamesh and Lilly squares off with Leo, telling Cid to go and meet her at a nearby rebel base. She kills Leo in a fierce, intense battle. As he lays bleeding out, she hesitantly removes his mask revealing a baby faced young man. A single tear rolls down his cheek and she realizes they were not so different. The last of their kind, victims of Zenobia. Seto forces Cid to go back for Lilly. When Lyra finds out Leo was killed, she goes on a war path. She hunts the heroes down at a rebel base, and Zenobians hit it hard. Lyra faces off with Lilly in a blind rage, shooting her in the stomach before using her scimitar to have fun with her. Lilly digs deep and kills Lyra, freeing her from her torment, and putting an end to the Shinjan race. Sarovoc uses Alexander to influence the people of Whiteguard, claiming to be a child of the Gods and their chosen ruler. He aims to ensure the easy allegiance of Whiteguard to Zenobia and the Ducrinus name forever. Marrick discovers this and tries to kill Sarovoc. He fails and Sarovoc kills him. A movement begins to muster forces from around the world to attack the city of Zenobia. Banion gathers warrior monks by the hundreds. Juakeem summons his brethren and their war birds. Bastian and the resistance amass the largest rebel force ever assembled. Men and women from all corners of the world answer the call. Casius Magnus returns to The Veldt and does his best to sway the council, but they send him away, refusing to involve themselves. Word spreads and a group of several hundred follow Casius, becoming exiles to fight the Empire. The forces muster around Zenobia. Casius leads a preemptive strike with a savage blitz. He summons Doomtrain, which runs through Zenobia repeatedly, leaving devastation and rusted railroad tracks in its wake. He summons a flurry of meteors that ravage the core of the metropolis. Ifrit scorches hundreds of men, cooking them alive as Casius and his warriors unleash upon the masses. Casius casts himself dry, his reflect spell falling as hundreds of bullets rip through him... The organized forces stand in anticipation, watching the show from afar. Sarovoc is enraged by the devastation and unleashes his summons upon the opposing masses. The heroes respond and the rebel forces charge the Zenobian lines. A titanic duel of Gods is unfolding in the sand around, sky above, and in the streets of Zenobia as an epic, bloody conflict plays out in the sands outside the city. Seto rides Boko into the battle alongside Juakeem and Shae'elle. Sarovoc releases Alexander upon the rebel soldiers. He obliterates masses of men before Seto sends Gilgamesh to keep him busy. An epic fight ensues between the two. Seto finds Sarovoc and squares off with him. He kills him, ending the fight between Alexander and Gilgamesh before either would claim victory. Far away in the wilderness of the Sobral territory, Henato Jr seeks advice from his father. He tells him that he holds a terrible responsibility. Fighting back tears, he tells him he will never know how sorry he is that it had to be him, but only he can summon Bahamut ZERO. Henato Jr is torn. He understands that Zenobia must be defeated, but he also understands the weight of what it will mean. As Sarovoc lays dying, the cloudy sky rips open as a massive onyx dragon penetrates the atmosphere. It hits the core of Zenobia with a Tetra Flare roughly equivalent to a 50 megaton nuclear warhead.Zenobia is levelled, only portions of the outermost slums left intact. Seto pulls his pendant from around Sarovoc's neck in the foggy aftermath. Zenobians lay down their arms as word of the unholy event spreads and soldiers return to behold the ruins of their Capitol. Advanced weapons of any kind are outlawed and destroyed all over Zenobia's reach and rebel holds and cultures. Universal peace is an ideal adopted by the major nations and enforced harshly. New Zenobia is established out of the ruins, and a new government and ideology based on Ana's beliefs is adopted. Stryker is pivotal in the rebuilding of Zenobia, and afterward travels the world spreading Ana's messages as he writes a book titled The Epic of Anastasia chronicling her journey and the resulting revolution and defeat of the Empire. He becomes an ambassador of peace, equality, and New Zenobia. Casius and Marrick are buried with Ana and Biggs at the Mana Tree...
  10. That One NPC

    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    Experience has taught me that the vast majority of you will be too young or uninformed to understand, but I'm going to try anyway. The blatant shenanigans have gone on for far too long, and someone has to say something. I play a TPS MMO for 360 called Defiance. I don't play often anymore, but I maintain an account and a Leadership role within my respective clan. Earlier this month someone had the audacity to call me a "noob" because I don't have (or need) a supreme shield. After humiliating him not once, but twice through dueling, I proceeded to educate him in front of the entire North American server in Zone Chat. Noob is a term we frequently hear thrown around in cheap. And if you've ever taken or plan to take the time to call someone a noob, you're going to want to pay real close attention. The correct spelling is Newb. Newb as in newly registered, new to the way things work, new account, and so on. I mean after all, we'd never say, "What are you, noo?" Because that would make us look like a total foot sandwich, right? Noob, or the even rarer, more idiotic n00b, is what newbs say when they're trying to be cool. So what went wrong? An entire generation of newbs grew up, and noob became the norm... I mean, look, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America... It's just the age we live in, folks. Someone had to say something, because again, the shenanigans have gone on for far too long.
  11. Stat growth icons, using the stats I plan to implement for Legacy Frontier.




    I've resolved to give each combat discipline it's own primary damage modifier stat. Hand to hand has Strength, magic has Arcane, melee weapons have Technique, and I am deciding on one for firearms. The main contenders right now are Aim, Accuracy, Focus and Dexterity. 

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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I'm going for a more realistic stat layout based on SaGa's stats.


      TP would fit with something like Dexterity, Stamina, Recovery, anything that relates to actual agility, coordination, cardio, etc.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Ah, yeah...I gotta play that series more in depth at some point...

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      It is soooooo good. Like once you've been playing it for something like 20+ years like me, it feels small, depending on who's quest you're doing, but it's just so endearing. So refreshing with so many flavors and characters, secrets and the best part is, they set up the stat and skill/magic system to be semi unique in terms of player choices and the path with which you unlock different abilities through actions in combat and minimum stat requirements. So you might focus Red on martial arts entirely one file, and the next time you play him, focus instead on swordplay once you've learned some f his good H2H Alkaiser exclusives. ANd with no lvls, only action-based stat growth, it's so much different because you're not at all looking for that next lvl, never checking "XP", and it takes longer to "cap out", opening up a much different character growth experience that it's hard for me to explain. It's liberating in a way to not have lvls and xp enter the frame at all. It lends itself to the player getting into every other aspect of the game so much more, enabling one to enjoy a longer pace to the short (technically speaking) quests.

  12. That One NPC

    FAE: [Characters]

    CHARACTERS ~ Feltman Family Name: Miles Feltman Age: 72 (1948) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Order Gift: Faedar. Miles possesses the ability to detect whether or not any individual is Fae, human or hybrid. Parents: Agnes Feltmen, Montgomery Feltman Siblings: Chester Feltman Occupation: Mayor, White River Valley Motives: Protect White River Valley Name: Norma Feltman Age: 70 (1950) Gender: Female Species: Fae-Human Hybrid House: Chaos Gift: Memory Manipulation. Norma possesses the ability to influence the memory and beliefs of individuals using the power of her speech. Parents: Edna O'Brien, Cecil O'Brien Siblings: N/A Occupation: Retired Librarian Motives: Find Miles, bring him home ~ Ross Family Name: June Ross Age: 45 (1975) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Order Gift: Empath. June possesses the ability to detect the active emotions of Fae and humans alike. Parents: Katie Lokey, Mitchel Lokey Siblings: N/A Occupation: Real estate Agent Motives: Settle in White River Valley, protect her family Name: Phillip Ross Age: 42 (1978) Gender: Male Species: Human House: N/A Gift: N/A Parents: Rodger Ross, Mary Ross Siblings: Jordan Ross (California) Occupation: Unemployed Engineer Motives: Protect and provide for his family Name: Melanie Ross Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Female Species: Fae-Human Hybrid House: Order Gift: Healing. Mel possesses the ability to heal the wounds of others using physical contact. Parents: June Ross, Phillip Ross Siblings: N/A Occupation: Student Motives: Adjust to life in White River Valley ~ Elliot Family Name: Nathan Elliot Age: 46 (1974) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Silver Tongue. Nathan possess the ability to make individuals believe whatever he says. Parents: Rose Elliot, Lucas Elliot Siblings: Jack Elliot Occupation: Construction Contractor Motives: Protect and provide for his family Name: Laura Elliot Age: 46 (1974) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Elemental. Laura possess the ability to control the forces that dictate weather. Parents: Loretta Thompson, Mark Thompson Siblings: N/A Occupation: Dispatcher, White River Sheriff's Department Motives: Protect and provide for her family Name: Luke Elliot Age: 25 (1995) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Telepathy. Luke possess the ability to communicate with individuals within his line of sight, using only the power of and voice within his mind. Parents: Laura Elliot, Nathan Elliot Siblings: Jason Elliot Occupation: Construction Worker Motives: Propose to Molly Harper, leave White River Valley with her Name: Jason Elliot Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Pyromancer. Jay possess the ability to conjure and control fire. Parents: Laura Elliot, Nathan Elliot Siblings: Luke Elliot Occupation: Student Motives: Learn more about his new neighbor (Melanie Ross), finish high school and leave White River Valley ~ Miller Family Name: Benjamin Miller Age: 45 (1975) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Order Gift: Invulnerability. Ben possesses an extreme threshold for pain and physical damage. Parents: Gladys Miller, Harold Miller Siblings: Hanna Miller Occupation: Sheriff, White River County Motives: Protect his family, serve the office of Sheriff, protect his county Name: Diana Miller Age: 44 (1976) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Super Strength. Diana possesses the capacity for raw physical strength. Parents: Sheryl Keller, Max Keller Siblings: Max Keller Occupation: Mayor's Assistant, White River Valley Motives: Protect her family, serve the Mayor's Office Name: Harry Miller Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Tank. Harry possesses a heightened capacity for feats of physical strength and endurance. Parents: Diana Miller, Sheriff Benjamin Miller Siblings: Alexa Miller Occupation: Student Motives: Find the courage to quit the football team and ignore social pressure to leave his best friends behind, win the heart of Jessica Freeman Name: Alexa Miller Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Tank. Alexa possesses a heightened capacity for feats of physical strength and endurance. Parents: Diana Miller, Sheriff Benjamin Miller Siblings: Harry Miller Occupation: Student Motives: Help Melanie adjust to life in the Valley, find a new summer romance ~ Song Family Name: Hisao Song Age: 84 (1936) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Keeper. Hisao possesses the hereditary responsibility of recording and keeping the history and lineage of all Fae in the Valley. Parents: Yua Song, Akio Song Siblings: N/A Occupation: Retired Mayor, White River Valley Motives: Protect his granddaughter Name: Becky Song Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Page. Becky possesses the hereditary right to take her grandfather's place as the next Keeper. Parents: Monica Song, Daiki Song Siblings: N/A Occupation: Student Motives: Finish high school, earn degrees in literature and music ~ Harper Family Name: Ellen Harper Age: 42 (1978) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Order Gift: Chlorokinesis. Ellen possesses the ability to communicate with, and manipulate plant life. Parents: Colleen O'Brien, Gregory O'Brien Siblings: N/A Occupation: Florist, business owner. Motives: Run the family business, protect and provide for her family, care for her garden Name: Stuart Harper Age: 43 (1977) Gender: Male Species: Human House: N/A Gift: N/A Parents: Faith Harper, Constance Harper Siblings: N/A Occupation: Bank Manager Motives: Protect and provide for his family Name: Molly Harper Age: 22 (1998) Gender: Female Species: Fae-Human Hybrid House: Wisdom Gift: Siren. Molly possesses the ability to seduce individuals using the movement of her body, and sound of her voice. Parents: Ellen Harper, Stuart Harper Siblings: Peter Harper Occupation: Exotic Dancer Motives: Earn enough money from dancing to go to school for acting in NY, leave White River Valley with Luke Elliot Name: Peter Harper Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Male Species: Fae-Human Hybrid House: Order Gift: Technopath. Pete possesses the ability to communicate directly with machines using the natural electric current in his body, manipulating machines to execute operations and actions within the limitations of their programming. Parents: Ellen Harper, Stuart Harper Siblings: Molly Harper Occupation: Student Motives: Get a degree in programming, get a job working for NASA, win the heart of Becky Song ~ Moody Family Name: Hank Moody Age: 45 (1975) Gender: Male Species: Human House: N/A Gift: N/A Parents: Sarah Moody, Tom Moody Siblings: Sandy Moody Occupation: Unemployed Motives: Get drunk Name: John Moody Age: 19 (2001) Gender: Male Species: Fae-Human Hybrid House: Chaos Gift: Electromancer. John possesses the ability to conjure and manipulate electricity. Parents: Julia Moody, Hank Moody Siblings: Erik Moody Occupation: Unemployed Motives: Protect his little brother, Erik Moody, win the heart of Jessica Freeman Name: Erik Moody Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Male Species: Fae-Human Hybrid House: Chaos Gift: Speedster. Erik possesses a heightened capacity for dexterity and movement speed. Parents: Julia Moody, Hank Moody Siblings: John Moody Occupation: Student Motives: Escape his abusive father, leave White River Valley, win the heart of Alexa Miller ~ Freeman Family Name: Nancy Freeman Age: 46 (1974) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Telekinetic. Nancy possesses the ability to move objects within her line of sight, using only the power of her mind. Parents: Charlotte Walsh, Hector Walsh Siblings: Herbert Walsh Occupation: House Wife Motives: Maintain the Freeman Estate, protect her dynasty Name: Jacob Freeman Age: 46 (1974) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Super Senses. Jacob possesses heightened capacity for all five senses. Parents: Abigale Freeman, Jeremiah Freeman Siblings: N/A Occupation: County Commission Member Motives: Help run County affairs, protect his dynasty and family Name: Brody Freeman Age: 21 (1999) Gender: Male Species: Fae House: Chaos Gift: Mimic. Brody possesses the ability to mimic the abilities of those he touches for a short period of time. Parents: Nancy Freeman, Jacob Freeman Siblings: Jessica Freeman Occupation: Unemployed Motives: Try to get into college, find his place post-high school football Name: Jessica Freeman Age: 16 (2004) Gender: Female Species: Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Invisibility. Jess possesses the ability to make herself or objects she is touching, invisible to the naked eye. Parents: Nancy Freeman, Jacob Freeman Siblings: Brody Freeman Occupation: Student Motives: Finish high school, maintain her social status and popularity
  13. That One NPC

    FAE: [Characters]

    ~ Prime Fae Name: Unknown (Currently occupying the body of Alister Lokey) Age: Unknown Gender: Male Species: Prime Fae House: Chaos Gift: Puppeteer. He possesses the ability to control the minds of chosen subjects, as well as transfer his own consciousness into the bodies of subjects under his control. Occupation: Prime, House of Chaos Motives: Unknown Name: Saito Age: Unknown Gender: Male Species: Prime Fae House: Wisdom Gift: Omnipresence. Saito possesses the ability to watch over Fae in Earth Realm, whether directly present or not. Occupation: Prime, House of Wisdom Motives: Unknown Name: Unknown (Woman In White) Age: Unknown Gender: Female Species: Prime Fae House: Order Gift: All Mother. She possesses the responsibility of assigning Houses to Fae at birth, as well as bestowing their gifts upon them. Occupation: Prime, House of Order Motives: Unknown
  14. That One NPC

    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    As Franklin pointed out the root word is Newbie. It all comes from Newbie. Newbie was boiled down to Newb, which kids and crude gamers began to create slang words for. They range from Noob, n00b, nub - god knows what now. Noob has evolved and mutated into a general life insult for millennials. You can be called a noob at anytime, for anything if you're under 21.
  15. Hello, and welcome to the community. Also a big fan of the Tales franchise. Any RPG with a 2 player function, but Tales had wonderful battle systems that mainlined some life back into the desecrated, turn based husk of the genre at the time. I remember that and Star Ocean being the games I craved playing all the time.
  16. I started doing a sheet of RTP edits. I started with some more modern looking firearms based off the default pistol.





    What do you think so far?


    1. Rikifive


      Looks great!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I actually don't see a lot of resemblance past the first edit. Looks great to be honest.

  17. I have 15 scenes from the first episode of Fae drafted in script form. I stopped working on it due to writer's block and life distraction/compilations. Last year I began adapting that script to a novella sort of writing project. I'm caught up here and need to start converting scenes to posts again.


    I'm thinking about posting the characters today before I get started on that.

  18. To clarify, I don't like, hate Deadpool. I just value him for what he is, vs the old paper back fanboys, and of course, the new Ryan Reynolds sycophants. -.-


    But yeah, D Poolie is awesome, for what he is. And what he is, are moments like this:


    Image result for Deadpool Sins of the Past


    You know what I mean? XD


    And my thing on DP is, when you really sit down and think about how hard it is to make a character like this work alongside the stiff, morose peers of his Universe and genre, it's actually comedic genius.

    1. Kayzee


      Really I don't read comics at all (or watch movies for that matter), so I couldn't say really. I just think there is something kinda fascinating about characters like Deadpool beyond the joke factor. In any case from what I have seen I probably would prefer Squirrel Girl. :P

  19. That One NPC

    Meta and 4th wall breaking?

    Just saying it was typical Deadpool fare. Check out the Sins of the Past mini series. Very good Deadpool material. It was around the era when Joe Kelly was handling Wade, and actually made significant strides toward making him an actual character. It was the first time he was given a more heroic side, as well as the first time he was unmasked. During this four-part series, he begins a longstanding courtship with Siryn*. These are the types of DP stories that hold actual value, and tame his ridiculousness just enough to make him fit into a real plot with other characters.
  20. That One NPC

    Meta and 4th wall breaking?

    It was still a stereotypical Deadpool story. It's called Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. In the plot, the X-Men, having had enough of his BS, send him to an institution for rehabilitation. The therapist handling his case is actually Psycho-Man in disguise. Psycho-Man brainwashed him, overwriting the voices in his head with a new one that only implanted suggestions and impulses of violence and destruction. This caused him to kill every super hero, and every super villain, in the entire Marvel universe, or at least those present on Earth. Afterward, he breaches the 4th wall to enter our reality, confronting the artists and writers of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. Afterward he tells the reader "he'll find us soon enough." It was an over-the-top, home-run Deadpool gag that only served to create a laugh and propel the character's obscene ridiculousness to new heights of lowbrow fuckery. And it actually has a follow-up story called Deadpool Killustrated. In it, DP has been killing all the variations of Marvel heroes and villains, and has realized that an infinite amount of variations exist for every character. He hires a team of eggheads to help him erase every Marvel character. After that comes Deadpool Kills Deadpool. NOw it's revealed that the DP from DKTMU, is now known as Dreadpool. Dreadpool has been killing every variation of Deapool, while a variation of Deadpool has been hunting Dreadpool. Meta enough yet? DP is one big joke. Everything about him is fantastically broken and foolish to the core.
  21. "You mustn't give your heart to a wild thing. The more you do, the stronger they get, until they're strong enough to run into the woods or fly into a tree. And then to a higher tree and then to the sky."

    — Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), Breakfast At Tiffany's



    Truer words have seldom been spoken.

    1. Kayzee


      There would be some that would give their heart willingly even so. :3

  22. That One NPC

    Meta and 4th wall breaking?

    Depends entirely on the nature and context of the game, but regardless, it depends on the player, not the game, or the situation, or how clever you thought it was. To the more intelligent, mature player who is probably more directly invested in your plot and characters than the average person who just wants to kill monsters and lvl up, it will almost always translate as a juvenile, lowbrow moment that will compromise not only your integrity as a story teller and writer, but possibly the esteem and merit of your game. We all love to reach for Deadpool to excuse this as totally, 100% acceptable, but Deadpool is a juvenile, edgy mess for rebellious tweens. He is literally a passive aggressive hissy fit thrown by Marvel to get under DC and Deathstroke's skin. I feel as though Deadpool is one of the worst examples one could provide here. His entire character concept is a goofball clown who exists to generate cheap, silly laughs and lighten some of the shit Marvel was trying to do in the 90s to be darker and more complex. If you plan to break the 4th wall often and use that sort of crude, childish humor, I suggest you design a game concept with characters that directly facilitate those sorts of vibes. In a serious, artistic game with great characters and stories, that sort of writing an humor will clash and feel forced, let alone out of place and disappointing. A few cheap laughs are not worth it in the long run. There are better ways to break an egg than crushing it in your hand.
  23. That One NPC

    What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?

    Not to be a wet blanket, but it sounds many of you are ready in a roundabout sense to upgrade from RM. The RM people have never, and will never, set out to create a top shelf, pro editor for pro devs to execute their visions in full. It's a junior edition editor for beginners of a younger demographic to wet their toes in game development. Now I'm not at all saying RM can't or shouldn't be use by skilled hands to create solid games. We all know this to be true. I'm just saying, when you reach the point where you are wishing for better features, it's probably time to check out another editor, and free yourself from the low-hanging RM ceiling where limitations are concerned. Personally, I'd like RM to change it's base model a bit to keep up with the competition, and assert itself as a mid-shelf engine for anyone to take a stab at development. Not full-on Unity levels of complexity, but not the same old model they've been tacking bells and whistles to since '97. You need a decent free image editor. I use Paint.net and it makes everything so easy and simple. Tiles used to give me crippling anxiety as well, until Paint.net. Now I just use this: Each block accounts for one whole tile. Using a top layer image, you simply add the objects you desire, using the background grid to line everything up to perfection. Tiles are not such a hassle for me anymore, and I sympathize with anyone going through that. It's no longer a necessity of working with RM.
  24. I've taken my first stabby-stabby at custom preset buildings. This is a special one because it's heavily based on the video rental store from my home town.


    This is where I first rented Earthbound, Xnogears, FF6, FF7 Suikoden 1 & 2, and so many more. And not only games, but movies as well, as I am a cinephile first and foremost.




    This is for a special project I am working on using characters loosely based on myself and my best friend, who used to rent games with me here at least three times a week.


    This project will provide me with some generalized experience in making a complete game with Ace, and showcase some of talents with regards to plot, characters, and development of them both.

  25. That One NPC

    FAE: Volume I

    (This was created for television format, and does not translate to game format. This is just my latest story project. I've been working on it since 2016, and started writing it last year.) VOLUME I Created by M.J. Saulnier Mystery/Drama/Science Fiction/Horror Some Mature/Disturbing Scenes “Spanning the breadth of your entire existence, you’ve asked the question, ‘What am I?’ Well, my precious child, I’ve been waiting a lifetime to welcome you home.” —Woman In White FAE follows the lives of several families living in the quiet, rustic little town of White River Valley. An eerie, rural community nestled deep into the valley forest. Nothing in this place is quite as it seems on the surface, and seven teenagers are about to find out exactly why. The mystery runs deep, but the connection between them all runs even deeper. One of those teens is a new girl in town, about to discover the truth about this place, and her own connection to it. Danger lurks beyond every shadow, and secrets remain locked behind every door. FAE is a modern fantasy epic that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. VOLUME I
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