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  1. To all serious, passionate, visionary game makers who aren't eccentric snowflakes trying to be the next Toby Foxx, but scared of any real work load and downright pessimistic about the idea of a challenge: The Sandbox is a newer, revolutionary game making engine that offers a similar level of power as that of RMs, but has a massive play & share community, and lets you cater MetaVerse experiences if that's your sort of thing.

    Fact is, RPG Maker is a dead medium that is increasing looked at as an outdated, out of touch, awkwardly built and thought-through child's toy. Put simply, the graphics and core engine (limitations where things like simple control functions are concerned) do not appeal to the modern gamer who would be the person playing your game.. It may sound pessimistic, but we have a plethora of classic, 2D JRPGs that are masterpieces, vs poorly written, campy analogs of your favorite anime characters and plots..

    Put simply,. those of you who are serious about even making your name something that holds weight to begin with, you need to change engines, yesterday.


    1. Remi-Chan


      I'm not familiar with how your kind behaves in the wild, I mistook you for a troglodyte trying to force your opinions on a more or less non-existent crowd and making misinformed claims while having next to no experience with game making that I could find.

      Playing King of the Hill and feigning superiority is all well and good, but please keep it to your scent-marked territory.

      No one asked for your uninformed poorly constructed lectures that show more than anything your own inexperience, clumsiness and foolishness that you should feel ashamed for trying to blame on others.

      Also for someone who chided me for telling people that "Making an MMO will be difficult so be sure it's what you want to do", doesn't it strike you as a little hypocritical to then share your own brand of bitter pessimism and more or less stating similar to what i did if even more harshly? Did you need another car so you can drive over even more lanes while implying anyone should take you seriously when even you can't seem to?

      Maybe next time, let people who have actually made games and have something of a presence speak, because you just seem bitter, but then that seems to be your entire gimmick these days, down to your very new username which I'm not sure I inspired but I'd be more disappointed in you than proud of myself if that were the case.

      Most people makes games for the fun of it, myself included. This engine gives us the opportunity to share the worlds in our heads, some of us are just less good at it than others, but I don't think many gamedevs are interested in the fame and just wanna make something cool.

      The engine is by no means perfect or even serviceable in the big leagues, but you seem to think that's a concern.

      I'll take it any-day over the crypto-coddling abomination you're shilling for here, though given your distaste for hard work in general, it's about the least surprising thing for you to do, I suppose.

  2. Better late and understated than not at all, huh?

  3. Please Delete

    Let's Make an MMO

    Anyone also share the dream of making a good, quality 2D MMO that captures the essence of the classic JRPG, in a massively multiplayer setting, with modern features and logic? I am good with creating worlds, lore, plots, characters, Sprites, and icons edits. I am a workhorse looking for a project where multiple people can combine their talents and efforts to produce something truly noteworthy. This is an evolving thread and I will be adding ideas and concepts over time in addition to what others bring to it.
  4. Please Delete

    Let's Make an MMO

    Just one example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYtL7eut4hQ It's not on me to educate you ahead of that mouth of yours. You see, when you horn into a thread, bumping a necro post to 1) insult the OP, 2) rifle off assumptions in place of asking questions (since you're here and all..) and 3) rant on about how something is impossible, and you're probably a stupid person with problems in the head if you even entertain the notion, you just end up looking like an asshole. Kindly stop doing this. You may feel limited by your stature, but you have no right to drag us down to your level. Your petty vitriol is a disgrace, but after my mother died I was in a very dark place, so I understand your pain, and need to make others feel as small as you do. And I forgive you.
  5. Please Delete

    Copyrighted names for license

    Let's properly break this down in a way that frames up the context here, and actually helps you proceed, shall we? (I grow tired of inefficient, snarky, useless quips disguised as contributions.) So, when we tackle this end of RM game making, it is rather simple, however sketchy it may feel. Any time you find valid resources from the proper sources, you will see the terms of use conditions, almost always. It will say free for commercial use with credit, or ask permission for commercial use. If your game is commercial (you are making money from it in any way, including crowd funding a second title or anything of the sort), you'll need to get permission from that person and potentially work out deeper arrangements. Anything free for non-commercial use with credit is fair game, 100%. You have to remember, these individuals made this stuff with the intention and understanding of it being used by you & I. They do not care, so long as you give credit, and it's non-commercial. The lack of a credit is the only transgression, unless you format your credits wrong. When doing your credits, you need to keep a careful list of all resources you used (including scripts), who made them, and what part of the game they fall under. You do not want to just make a one big list of names so that the player could end up thinking all those people came up with your big Octopus vs young girl scene, or that they made the nude sprites you use. You want to avoid miscrediting at all costs. Make sure you credit the person, and that it is organized so your artists are together, script writers, etc. The only fear is not crediting, or using stuff for a commercial game without permission. The odd resource or collection of them might require permission even for non-commercial. Reading all material that comes with assets is a must.
  6. Please Delete

    Let's Make an MMO

    To all those who are reading this vitriolic nut-job's nonsense and are buying into it like gospel, ignore this troll. MANY indie devs have released viable, cheap MMOs to the masses. (Actually, MANY are in your App Store right now, and were, brace yourself... MADE WITH RPGMAKER VXACE! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂) Let no one, especially characters like this, dictate to you what it is what, and what you are capable of, let alone what makes sense. This person should be banned, Never let anyone's narrow-minded, dogmatic perception derail your own designs.
  7. Please Delete

    Let's Make an MMO

    Yeah, here's the plot twist... No one gives a fuck what YOU THINK. Especially me. If questions like this can keep you up at night, game making may never be for you. But, now I want you to think for a moment about whether or not I might have all of that planned and conceptualized already.... You are a special breed.
  8. Please Delete

    Let's Make an MMO

    1: this whole site is one big necropost graveyard. 2: It's absurd to make an MMO when at that time, 2 different script engines were out for a while? I think you presume WAY too much for your own welfare.
  9. I'm now on a mobile app called Struckd. It's a simplistic, bare minimum drag & drop, play & share community. This means if you make a game and publish it, people can play that same day. They can play together. And you can link people to the game. They have a good dev team that has a line of communication through their discord team where they take all advice and suggestions, and they add the good ones.

    I'm using it for more simple zombie games that RPG Maker is just a pain in the ass for.

  10. I'm making my first publicly published game. NO no, for real this time. My dream is partially coming true. I found a newer mobile app for free, easy 3D game design without knowing code. It's a simple app that challenges rookie devs to think and design outside the box, giving just enough to create lots of interesting opportunities.

    I am going to be making a few games, but right now I'm working through testing and asset assessment to figure out what I want to do first.

    Although it's not RM, it will be my first game, so I want to chronicle some of that journey here. The community I struggle within to find my footing and create a game for what seems like a while now.

    Blog or Thread coming soon.  

    1. Rikifive


      Interesting, have fun with it!

  11. I recently began playing with beloved classic from my first encounter with the RM franchise. Whilst toying with it, I set out to tackle the notoriously limiting, unsatisfactory mapping engine. I resolved to make a full scale town for my players to explore and adopt as a permanent base of operations, similar to Old Tristram in Diablo 1, and other games with central safe zone locations. I was so impressed with what I got done, I wanted to share this treat to remind everyone of how magical mapping is. More in next post.
  12. Please Delete

    [Classic RM] Mapping Is Magical

    Last is the player home, exterior and interior. Hope this brought back some memories, or reminded you that your town is so doable on Ace or MV.
  13. Please Delete

    [Classic RM] Mapping Is Magical

    Few more to come.
  14. Mark me down for story writing and idea skills. I have questions, though. Like a fictional period piece might be tough for me to pull together, or contribute to in a team. A fantasy or sci-fi number that heavily involves time travel (Chrono Trigger, for example), however, I can do.
  15. Please Delete

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    First draft is in.
  16. Please Delete

    What if the NPCs were the main characters of the game...

    I like it. Even if it doesn't lean into the NPC angle at all, it's a wonderful concept. Some of the all-time great ABS gems like Secret of Evermore, Star Tropics, and Illusion of Gaia, were about a young person of little lordly substance and with very, very little weapons and skills, who undertook an epic odyssey. These were so endearing to the player because you build such an intensity and connection with this little guy, because you know he or she has to negotiate every situation carefully and with brains vs brawn.
  17. Please Delete

    What if the NPCs were the main characters of the game...

    Except that's not really the same. Whoever your main is, will be the lead protagonist. The idea was, what if a regular NPC was the hero of a game. It's very neat thought experiment. I've since thought of two more versions. 1: Open world quest-based where you start as the soul of a great warrior of old who is awoken by a Goddess and chosen to return to the world in order to begin a conquest against evil, corruption and darkness in mankind, as well as more powerful forces. You are reincarnated into a random NPC event, where a random actor build is assigned from a list of prefab starters. This person is a nobody, and must be built up to the level of a hero over time. When the player dies, this process repeats, but systems are put in place so that the player can earn bonus starting stats, gear, skills, etc upon each new reincarnation for completing quests and achievements. 2: This is more literal. Completing an ABS (Zelda-like combat) rpg as an NPC, with limited resources, weaponry or offense of any kind, but with a lot of mechanics like sneaking, sound detection, event fields of vision, and other crafty/skill-based methods of approaching conventional RPG situations that prove deadly to the player. So, kinda like bringing in Dark Soulish aspects, strictly in that regard.
  18. Been mulling over the plot for my ABS game lately and I worked out a custom HUD this evening.



    This was edited using materials from Avery's Icons, and windowskin materials from Aindra's Window Skin Generator.


    1. Aslanemperor


      If you ever need assistance with plotting and other writing stuff, I'd be more than happy to help, especially considering how much you've helped me!

  19. Jaws is on AMC, so I'm working on my fishing game. In the plot, angler Island (WIP name), has a north and south side divided by a volcanic mountain. In order to reach the northern side of the island, the player must paddle up the eastern shore along cliffs.

    The problem is a mean shark who guards the passage, tipping boats. He was outcast by the other sharks for being too aggressive, and lives further south, harassing the fisherman of the starting town.

    When the player tries to cross, the Tiger Shark will tip their boat forcing them to swim back to shore, until they access the fishing point and catch it.

  20. I fixed my dashing sprite, folding the arms of the center frames in the side-side animations. This fixes the flow of the dashing animation and makes it so smooth.



    The easiest method of doing this is to assemble the base sprite first, then morph and edit those parts onto the dashing template.

  21. Galv's Fishing species update:

    As promised, after getting comfy with the script, I have begun to flesh out the different types of fish, tackling recolors, and research species to add a layer of realism to it all.

    Fiddler Crab
    Blue Crab
    Vampire Crab
    Stone Crab
    Dungeness Crab
    King Crab


    Short-finned Eel
    Ribbon Eel

    [Common] Jellyfish
    Lion's Mane Jellysifh
    Crystal Jellyfish

    Ochre Sea Star
    Knobbed Starfish
    Royal Starfish

    [Common] Lobster
    Lunar Lobster
    Albino Lobster

    Tiger Shark
    Great White

    Mythical Creatures:

    Tomorrow I'm carefully tackling the 20-some fish sprites I have.

  22. I've developed the concept for an indoor trophy lake. This is a player owned aquarium populated via angler achievements, customized through a settings interface with simple switching commands dictating the spawn table. So over time, and with some skill, the player can fish from the comfort of their home, or just collect fish.

  23. Found some great additional fish sprites by Dusty I can use for Galv's mini-game.

    Shout to Granny's list for providing the hook-up.
    Between recolors and these new ones, I've bumped the species count to 40, not including the mermaid, or gold recolors of the lobster and crab I did just for posterity.

  24. Please Delete

    Feedback on Game Blurb

    At the beginning, find ways of describing and establishing the world and or continental setting more. Tell us a bit about how old it is believed to be, what gods are believed to rule over the people of its lands, the types of cultures and magical forces that govern anything relating to in-game system and features as well as the lore. This may help build it up a bit before whisking us through the clouds to the Kingdom of Alexandria, giving us a much more established sense of where and when this place exists. This should lend some gravity to the immediate setting that I personally feel it may have lacked a bit. Then, just a suggestion. Is there any way to make it so that the village isn't being burned down? Maybe it's being occupied, and someone, an older ally of the youths, warns them to stay away, tasking them with making the trip to warn whoever (wouldn't the elders be in the village; the focal point of it?). Just a suggestion because that old troupe turns the stomach instantly. It's just a bad look within such a small summary package. You know what I mean? To me this is two-pronged. You sidestep the burnt village troupe, and you create an interesting dynamic with leaving your player to worry and think about Ninjoh constantly until and if you decide to resolve that in the plot. Just a suggestion.
  25. Card_Icons.png.9a88e470759eb4ebd51e5f1dcf025d20.png

    I did some new card album icons using Aindra's Window Skin materials found in the Window Skin Generator.