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    Edits and Mack Rips

    Since discovering the Loose Leaf sprite generator, I have been on a quest to expand the available selection of parts. Most of these are simple edits that give more options, and make those simple edits readily available for multiple uses. My edits are imperfect - newbian at best - but I am thick skinned, and always willing to correct my mistakes. So feel free to give feedback and tell me where and how I've messed up. I promise you I will not take it as judgement, but be thankful for the assistance it truly is. If you use any of this stuff, you're not to credit me. I just edited existing sprite materials. I've created nothing. These are Loose Leaf sprites with some Mack and RTP part rips. I have done some crude edits of existing Loose Leaf parts. I turned the robe into a tunic that doesn't obscure as much of the leg area. It's not much of a change, but it's perfect for knights and warriors. The loose cloth areas could maybe be cleaned up a bit, but as part of a composition, it isn't as noticeable I also cut the tunic in half for even more customization, and to port the lower half into a waist option. A more basic headband option with no tie to the rear. .Two versions of the bandana that give it more flexibility. A third waist guard option. A Cloth belt to add more waist options. (Mack Rip) Also check out the fingerless gloves. A simple waist sash. A more decorative waist sash. A simple torso sash (or strap). Arm bracers, and shin guards, for more armor customization and lighter class builds. Light shin pads. Head gear ripped from Mack sprites (some may not line up to your liking, or require removal of overlapping hair pixels) I made this sword strap from scratch. No credit is necessary. Consider it's usage rights akin to Loose Leaf sprites commercially speaking. (I forget if LL sprites are commercial or not. I never intend to go commercial so I forget what's what in that regard.)
  2. That One NPC

    Display image in Status screen

    When you said full body I thought you meant the head-to-toe sprite.
  3. Netflix's new series based on Bram Stoker's Dracula starts off a little slow, but it is so good.

  4. That One NPC

    What are your RPG Maker Goals for 2020?

    Organize my Final Fantasy/Squaresoft Tribute series to be turned into an rpg of a different name. Recruit a small team to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. Convert that concept into a working JRPG. Begin development.
  5. That One NPC


    The Andoran Concordat During the climax of the Great War, several Time Mages interfered in order to bring the conflict to a close. The death of Icen had drawn a line in the sand. It had gone too far. The world leaders from every nation involved in the war were abruptly teleported to High Rock Plateau in the country of Andora. It was here that the Andoran Concordat was forged. Over a period of three days, the Time Mages endured tireless debates as they convinced the leaders of each nation that this war could not, and would not be allowed to continue. In the end, it took threat of further force to subdue the bloodlust of the Odinkin Empire. Each nation signed the concordat, agreeing to an new era of peace. Borders were negotiated, and the conflict smoldered out over the following decades. Zenobia In the era following the Andoran Concordat, the Odinkin Empire once again fell back into internal conflict. Over the next two mortal eras, their Empire evolved and shifted like the sands their new Empire sits upon today. According to legend, the Zenobian Desert was once a sea of lush, windswept green plains and dense, fertile forests. But somehow, somewhere along the line, it became an arid, destitute ocean of unforgiving dunes. Despite these harsh conditions, the ancient city of Zenobia has managed to not only flourish, but excel. Zenobia is a massive, technologically advanced, desert metropolis. An empire seeking to conquer and erase the old world. Using their far superior technology, they sweep the vast continent committing genocide, and establish new Zenobian cities atop the ruins and corpses. They have been crushing their fellow Odinkin nations, one after another, solidifying a new, glorious Empire of Odinspawn. The desert city is divided in two. The core of the city is awe inspiring. Buildings that tower into the sky. Wealth and luxury for every man and woman. Highly advanced technology ingrained into daily life. Outside the core, beyond the walls and defenses, the people of the slums suffer in poverty and oppression, living in crudely built structures under terrible conditions. They do not hold official citizenship, and are afforded none of the basic services such as fire prevention, law enforcement, or adequate medical care. Zenobia is ruled by the Ducrinus royal family. They have governed over Zenobian lands for centuries, and have become synonymous with Zenobian culture and politics. Hector Ducrinus is the aging, stricken Emperor. Disease has confined him to his bed chambers, and he clings to life support as his oldest son, Lucius, keeps the Empire running. Sarovoc, the youngest, is the President of Zenobia Prime, a technological and energy powerhouse that controls and supplies all of Zenobia's energy. Sarovoc Ducrinus (I've already been informed that it rings similarly to Sephiroth. It was not the intention, and I hadn't realized until I was informed. It's a name I've been using for characters in games for some time. My go-to warrior or mage build name. Zenobia is inspired by Midgar. I've never denied that. Final Fantasy VII is a big part of what this story pays homage to, but it retains an identity of its own.) Sarovoc is a cold, calculated and cruel man. A product of Hector's signature brand of upbringing, and the brutal training of Hogo Marks, Hector's specialist instructor. He loathes both his father, and brother for their cruelty toward him. He desires the throne more than anything, and there is nothing he will not do to sit upon it as rightful Emperor of Zenobia. His first move is to remove his father from the board, unplugging his life support. He attempts to frame his brother, and leaks information surrounding the incident to the Zenobian press. This creates enough of a disturbance to allow Sarovoc to assassinate Lucius, blaming a rogue sycophant looking to avenge Hector. Sarovoc becomes the Emperor Zenobia.
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    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Yeah, RM isn't the sort of thing I'd be comfortable with having tied up under Steam's control. It's the sort of program you want to have total access to and control over.
  7. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Steam. Now I get it. What you need is the hard pc version.
  8. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    I'm so confused. I've never needed a connection to design or test games with RM.
  9. That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    What do you mean by offline builds?
  10. Make the first page of the event blank, condition Test01 - Off 2nd Page set up the teleportation. Make sure the trigger type is On touch, and not auto (or you will tele as soon as the switch is turned on, and not when you touch teleporr area). Set the condition for the 2nd page as Test01 - On. After the dialogue portions of your events, place your Switching changes, and use another Switch to turn that page off and make a new one so that chain of events cannot be run through again. This should work.
  11. Switches. These are little triggers you can manipulate to identify and activate changes in the game. ●When you find Switches in the editor, you'll notice there are tons of blank switches, I think 999-9999. Pick One. Any One. Let's say 0001. ●Label 0001 as whatever you want. Test01. ●Go to the event you want to be your trigger modifier. Wherever you want your trigger to be, go to Switches, Test01 - On. ●Now head over to the thing you want to be triggered. Create a new page. Set the conditions for that page to Test01 is On. Now whenever that Switch is set to On, that event will run the page you set up for Test01. This works for custom settings, changing npc dialogue, common events, everything. This is the bread and butter of eventing.
  12. That One NPC

    Display image in Status screen

    @PhoenixSoul or @Kayzee would probably know how to do something like this. It's a refreshing idea. It would be more lively and sophisticated if it had the stepping animation with the direction rotating, but that's getting into some hardcore stuff. :P
  13. That One NPC

    The Lore

    Much of this has been boiled down and summarized to spare you the agony of long, winded explanations. THE LORE The first era (an era is 1000 years) of mortals was harmonious and productive. Civilizations were built and flourished. Cultures interacted, traded and learned from one another, coexisting peacefully through a time when this world was an idyllic paradise. Near the end of this era, infighting between Odinspawn nations began to erupt, resulting in a three-hundred year period of bloodshed and conflict that had been hardwired into their physical makeup by Odin himself. When the dust had settled and the bones had sank into the earth, only one mighty empire of Odinkin remained. But the centuries of expansion and bloodshed had left them with a taste for power and war. They set their sights on Whiteguard. The White War The White War was a long and brutal one. Whiteguard had superior warriors, leadership, equipment and tactics. Odinkin had the sheer force of numbers. Legions of warriors who believed that the worth of an individual could be decided only on the battlefield. War had become the focal point of their culture and spirituality. Despite never making much ground in the grand scheme of the war, Odinspawn would not yield, nor relent in their pursuit of victory. It wasn't long before the Bahamir came to the aid of Whiteguard, creating an alliance to crush the Odinkin foe, putting them back in their place. Feeling left out, Hades decided to directly interfere. In a shocking twist, Black Mages joined the battle, not as allies of Odinspawn, but enemies of Whiteguard and their Bahamir allies. This resulted in the equivalent of a World War, and mass destruction of the civilizations and relationships they built. Hades had interacted with mortals, commanding his Black Mage tribes to destroy Whiteguard, the Bahamir Dynasty, and then the world of Odinkin. This was the first transgression of the Pantheon, and Bahamut's heart was breaking as he watched his beloved creations fall into chaos. The war came to a climax with one crucial battle at the Plains of Turra. Each of the races amassed their forces for what would be the largest battle in the history of the White War. Aroused by the prospect of the destruction about to unfold, Hades joins the battle alongside his Black Mages. As the fight begins, Hades is raining down an unholy brand of death upon the battlefield. Feeling the loss of every White Mage, Alexander joins the fight, going head to head with Hades. Feeling as if it were only fair at this point, Odin, Sleipnir and Gilgamesh begin to do what they do best; make violence seem like an art form. It takes hold like a domino effect, and one by one deities join the battle (the Bahamuts, Ramuh, Shoat and Doomtrain not withstanding). When Bahamut has had enough, he steps in. And his wrath is absolute, however just. The cloudy sky rips open and Bahamut ZERO penetrates the atmosphere, hitting the battlefield with a Tetra Flare, killing the armies of all involved parties. Only the soldiers present. Only the soldiers carrying the torch of that war. Only those actively committing the bloodshed. Every deity, including the Bahamuts, were sealed in a state it's hard to really explain, but I call it an 'Essence.' They exist, but are frozen in time so that they cannot think, act or use magic until a mortal possessing their Essence 'summons' them. At which point, said mortal individual can command their will. The deity knows what you want it to do, you don't even have to speak. An Essence must exist in either an object crafted by a mortal, or a humanoid mortal being. It is impossible to destroy the essence of a deity. Bahamut placed the deities in objects in the possession of the Bahamir Dynasty. The Fall of The Bahamir Dynasty In the era following the White War, chaos would once again take hold on mortals. Struggling to understand what had happened, and mourning their fallen, there was a brief time of peace for contemplation. When Bahamir diplomats traveled abroad to inform world leaders of the artifacts they now possessed, war over the prospect of obtaining such power was inevitable. Another world war ensued, and the Bahamir Dynasty was picked apart by the rest of the divine races. One by one artifacts fell as regions were defeated and failed to evacuate the artifacts in time. The Great War In the centuries to follow, the races one again met of the battlefield, with another world war ensuing. Without Bahamut to step in, the scale of destruction surpasses the White War. During the chaos and bloodshed of the battle, Phoenix strikes Icen down, killing him (this was important because in the written story Shiva was the first deity uncovered by a female antagonist named Lyra Stratta. When she 'summoned' her, she was unfrozen from that moment when she was about to Diamond Dust the entire battlefield to avenge her son. Instead she ended up killing a small element of Zenobian special forces that were accompanying Lyra, thousands of years later. It was how the entire process and purpose of the 'summons' as actually introduced and demonstrated, and a great symbolic moment for Lyra). That climactic battle saw an end to the war when several Time Mages interfered. The summons were gathered by force, placed in artifacts, and hidden away. The Bahamir retreated into the wilderness. They formed several large tribes, one containing the Imperial family. They remained on the move in dense, unsettled northern and eastern lands. Their sole purpose to protect the Bahamuts. The Empire of the Odinspawn claimed the larger victory over Whiteguard in the war, and enslaved many of them during the long exchanges of the conflict. Whiteguard worked out borders and were permitted to keep their capitol. Black Mages denounced Hades, Essences and Magic. They retreated to the savage wilderness of the Veldt, generally considered uninhabitable due to the harsh ecosystems. They remained tribal for all five mortal eras, developing an extremely advanced martial art oriented around mastering the senses enough to defeat armed foes using nothing but mind, body and spirit. Each Essence was hidden away in a secret location, with only the three Bahamuts remaining on the run. Over the next three mortal eras, the wars are forgotten. The Essences are forgotten.
  14. That One NPC

    I need some input on my village layout

    I want to apologize ahead of time for replicating your snapshot. I will delete everything immediately after this post is done. I just thought I'd add as much visual aid as possible instead of rambling the directions in these suggestions. I really want to help you out here. First of all I want to echo what @Rikifive has said about it being square. I might cut a corner into it and I can see an easy way to extend it without really reshaping the portions you've already worked on along the north west. Another major thing is to put snow on more of the roof tops to really embed that feeling of the snow-capped berg all around the player. You might consider adding some detail by making the black smith's house/shop not have snow on the roof, as the forge is running all day. You could add an extra chimney just for it. It's going good, but it sort of shaping up to be paths and buildings.
  15. That One NPC

    The Pantheon

    Trying to structure the lore in a way that it would feed a world I could then build a story off of, I kept coming back to the 'Summons', and the dilemma of how I would adapt them into my story. It only felt natural to make them the gods of this world. It was both challenging and fun to not only build a pantheon of Final Fantasy Gods, but develop lore that would make them work in the traditional sense. THE PANTHEON In the beginning, there was only Bahamut. Guardian of the cosmos and creator of worlds. Greater Gods Bahamut created ten Greater Gods that would help shape the features and physics of our game world. Ramuh Wise, powerful sage and Lord of Time. Alexander Brave, exalted paladin and Lord of Light. Hades Shadowy, fiendish sorcerer and Lord of Darkness. Odin Vicious, mounted general and Lord of War. Palidor Wild, ferocious bird of prey and Lord of Thunder. Ifrit Furious, smoldering demon and Lord of Fire. Titan Towering, mighty cyclops and Lord of Earth. Shiva Stern, malevolent huntress and Goddess of Ice. Siren Beautiful, deadly mermaid and Goddess of Water. Sylph Nimble, furtive nymph and Goddess of Wind. Lesser Gods Each Greater God created one or more Lesser Gods. Neo Bahamut Bahamut created Neo Bahamut from the core of a young star. Bahamut ZERO Bahamut created Bahamut ZERO from a ferocious black hole. Shoat Ramuh created Shoat from a ripple in the Time Stream. Crusader Alexander created Crusader from a shard of his sword. Diablos Hades created Diablos from the darkness of the underworld. Doomtrain Hades created Doomtrain from the restless souls of the dead. Gilgamesh Odin created Gilgamesh from the fiery soul of his horse, Sleipnir, and the essence of the warrior from Gungnir, his sword. Quezicotl Palidor created Quezicotl from a collision of lighting bolts. Phoenix Ifrit created Phoenix from a breath of fire. Golem Titan created Golem from a chunk of rock from the earth. Icen Shiva created Icen from a lock of her hair. Leviathan Siren created Leviathan from a stampeding river. Typhoon Sylph created Typhoon from a raging tornado. Children of The Gods Five species of humanoids were created to populate and cultivate the planet. Bahamir First, Bahamut created a special race of warriors. Their vast empire maintained peace and stability for centuries in the First Era. Odinspawn Odin set forth, creating masses of stock humans all across the world. They were primitive, and drawn to war by their very nature. Time Mage Ramuh took his time before creating another special race of humans. The Time Mages are powerful and reclusive. They have watched over the world for centuries from the peaks of Mount Ramuh. White Mage Alexander took pride and care to create the denizens of Whiteguard. Skillful, intelligent healers, oracles and paladins. Black Mage Ever the astute, cunning God, Hades created Black Mages last. He carefully studied the creation of each species and crafted a blunt force tool he perceived to be superior to the rest. Taller, stronger, and capable of tapping into each of the elements in addition to the forces of the Underworld. Palidor, Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, Siren, and Sylph created the elemental magics and forces, and the vast array of creatures upon the earth.
  16. Sick to death of scurrying around like an adolescent rodent, frantically searching for some crumb of sustenance with this RM thing.


    I have a ton of game ideas, and I work on them all, because an idea neglected is an idea wasted. You've got to flesh out an idea, even if you don't throw everything behind it until it's done.


    I have vaults full of ideas and stories from my role playing days, not counting the things I've created for RM. But there is one story that stands tall above the others.


    Around eight years ago I went back to my roots as a story teller. I came up with a tribute to Squaresoft and Final Fantasy. An epic, emotional odyssey that embodies my love and admiration for that brand of story telling and world creation that defined the greatest decade of the genre.


    It's now or never, because this RM is a black hole that devours people's time giving nothing back to show for it. And I'm so over it.

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, I get that. Honestly half reason I was a bit confused and asked what onesy was looking for was I wasn't sure what he meant by 'sustenance' and thought he might be talking about the RM community not giving him enough help and/or that he was looking for something in particular.


      It sure isn't easy to make a good game, that's for sure. Even if you are able to handle most of the work it can get incredibly frustrating just trying to get everything to fit together in a way that's not a total mess. I don't think it's a problem with RM in particular though. It doesn't help at all when you have all these big ideas you want to express. People often give the advice not to make your project too ambitious


      Honestly in my case my biggest problem is really mostly just getting myself to do anything at all. I feel like if I bang my head on that wall for long enough I will eventually get something done, but it's so easy for me to completely space out and end up doing nothing or working on some random unrelated thing. There are days where I am am full of energy and tackle my game head on and start coding like a manic, but they are few and far between.

      Thing is though, I have more or less worked on the same project since I started messing around with VX Ace in 2012 or so. That doesn't mean it was the only time I have attempted to make some kind of game. Oh nonono... I have lots of failed projects before this. Nearly all my life I have attempted to make games/mods with many different engines and/or programing languages and never really got far. Honestly I think my current project might be the furthest I have ever gotten on a game project.


      Up until a year or two ago I didn't really have a real solid idea for what my VX Ace project should be. I mean, I had lots of little random game ideas, but none of them were really ones I thought I could realistically actually do and most of them were more vague outlines at best. I would mostly just mess around with making random scripts and trying out whatever gameplay system I could whip up. I was happy with that for a while, just messing around.


      Now I have a much more solid idea of what I want to do... gameplay-wise at least. Story-wise I still only have a pretty vague outline aside form the beginning and maybe the ending, but at least I have a handful of characters (including myself) and a general direction. Still my tone is all over the place right now and the actual 'plot' I have is pretty silly. Some of the writing is inconsistent too (mostly because I am still kinda undecided about some plot points). I will probobly have to rewrite half of what I have finished sometime.


      Oh well. Hopefully one day one of us will finish something. :3

    3. Animebryan


      The problem with RPG Maker is that it has numerous flaws that the developers are too lazy to fix or add whole new ideas into the editor. It relies too much on external scripts & plugins for features that should be built in, simply due to oversight on eventing options & conditional checks. Also, think about how hard it is to develop a meaningful game all by yourself. Game developing companies actually have an entire staff of at least 100 or more people working on a single game, splitting the various tasks of game development to different specialists, and all the money that keeps them going & helps pay for any resources & external tools needed to get the job done.


      Most people who pick up RPG Maker have high standards for their own games but don't realize the amount of time, money & effort that goes into a decent game. In fact, most people who use RM end up burning out before making a single game, hence why there are so few quality games already made.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Animebryan I too have high standards; I do not want to be seen as one of the many asset flippers.

      However, I do agree that RM is flawed, but MV has likely the most flaws (not counting the console ports).

  17. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    See, you literally cannot resist. Of course water has no color, nor do you have control over your smart-ass tendencies. And honestly, I do the same? If you bothered to pay attention instead of looking for ways to disagree, you'd realize my approach is different than yours. You write novels to support your case and discredit others, usually dropping 1 line at the end like, "But hey! That's just my two cents!" I will generally offer my opinion, and then touch on their side of it as well. You just love to sound smarter and wiser than everyone else, and it just gets old.
  18. That One NPC

    Custom Loose Leaf Sprites

    I downloaded the Loose Leaf resources a while back. They come as a series of png files and are adjusted to 3x4 frames for easy importing to earlier Makers like Ace. I've gotten good at splicing together custom sprites using these files, and I expanded my library a little during that process. Since the site is down I've decided to take requests for custom sprites. This is primarily for miscellaneous requests, as many as you want, but I'm not looking to sprite a whole game down to the NPCs. I am participating in an upcoming project and I'm going to sprite the whole thing with loose leafs. So for now if you want to sprite your whole game custom, I can take some requests and give you a link to the resource pack so you can do the rest of your game. I have some samples of my recent works with the resources. I've come up with a form to fill out containing the basic information I can work from. Get as detailed as you want. If you want to tell me what color every clothing item should be, that works. I save pnd files so anything can be edited after first drafts, and I don't mind. I want your sprites to be perfect for you, as many drafts/redos as that takes. Template: (Which you want used, male or female) Height: (Tall or short. Tall is a regular LL sprite, short is the dwarf/young resize I made.) Size: (Regular or muscular.) Outfit Description: Outfit Color Scheme: (If not specified in detail above, you can provide a general scheme you'd like) Hair Color: Eye Color: Extra: (Any extra details. Eye scars, missing arm, elvish, skin color etc.) You do not need to credit me. I am going to find out the exact nature of LL sprites in terms of who you need to credit. Mack is one of them.
  19. That One NPC

    Custom Loose Leaf Sprites

    New muscular template for male sprites. The athletic female template will be ready soon.
  20. That One NPC

    Holders Animated Battlers

    Have some free time today, so I'm going to draft up some ideas for hero battlers. @Holder I came up with a few concepts that will expand the variety of characters and fighting styles your collection already has to offer. Rather than describe a specific outfit or character style, I'll provide some reference images that will hopefully give you both an idea of what I had in mind, and some generalized inspiration. Concept 1 Gender: Female Fighting Style: Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon: Staff Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2 Concept 2 Gender: Male Fighting Style: Ninjutsu Weapon: Kunai (three per hand), or Kusarigama Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2 Concept 3 Gender: Male Fighting Style: Sword & Shield Weapon: Scimitar, Shield Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2 Concept 4 Gender: Female Fighting Style: Arcane Martial Arts (The exact form was sort of inspired by Zafira from the Tekken franchise. A more practical mage who doesn't just cower in the back row shooting fireballs, but can actually defend themselves at close range.) Weapon: None Clothing: Reference Image #1, Reference Image #2
  21. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    It's that you come in purely to disagree more times than not. You write paragraph after paragraph, maticulously breaking down why we are wrong, and you are right. I say, "The sky was so blue today. It was wonderful!" And you come along. "Well if we're talking about the sky, it's actually an azure variant of cyan. And if we're going to get right down to it, the sky has no color, it's a reflection of the Earth's surface, which happens to be mostly made up of water. In 1869, John Tyndall made this discovery, and it's been common knowledge ever since." Sometimes you've got to pick your battles, is all. It's usually good to come into a thread by adressing the author and content of the OP, not argue and fuss with another participant.
  22. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    @PhoenixSoul If I'm made to feel as though I have to explain myself, you better believe I will. I'm not letting anyone dictate my narrative. Either understand what I'm saying, or don't speak to it at all.
  23. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    You dedicated a paragraph to pointing out how FF shouldn't be the standard we have to strive toward, elaborating by throwing out some of my favorite games to sort of nudge me along toward your point. :P It seemed you literally wanted to point out that FF shouldn't be the golden standard. The point of this thread was the cost of a project, meaning money may be invested in the project. All I was saying was, if you plan to spend money, come up with the best idea you can, and try to hit that mainstream appeal. Of course, it's entirely kasian's choice. As it is yours, and mine. I was just trying to give some friendly advice, and encourage everyone to treat their ideas as if they are special. People today often associate mainstream appeal with negativity, lack of quality, or being generic, uninspired, uninteresting crap. It's just as unfair to discredit mainstream stuff as if it's somehow creatively inferior, as it is to not give indie stuff a chance because it's not mainstream. I don't see streams, I see quality. As a developer who wants my art to reach as many people as possible, I do care about "success" as it's traditionally measured. It's fine if a only a few people play my game, but I would much rather thousands play it because the story was good enough, because it was fun enough. I want people to say, "You have to try this game, it has a really good story." To me this is about more than making fun stuff for people to play. It's about giving back a bit of what my rpgs gave to me. Not only inspiration and entertainment. but a bit of education and wisdom. It's about telling stories that will impact people in a real way; the way my rpgs impacted me growing up. An rpg is not a game like Street Fighter or Mario is a game. An rpg is a playable story. That's what it comes down to.
  24. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    Perhaps read my post again, it wasn't about being like FF. He used FF as an example so I did too. You can't take things like that so litetally, how little do you really think of me? No seriously... The point of this thread was about game cost, so kasian is most likely planning to spend money. How a game is made, the energy that goes into the process of development and creation can be felt by the (right) player. Make no mistake. If you force yourself to work, rushing and settling for enough, that shows. All I'm saying is, give some serious thought to how you invest time amd money.
  25. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    I get what you're saying, I really do, but toss that out the window. Love what you're doing, beleive in what you're doing, and swing for those fences. If you just try to make some fun game with a good story, that's what it will be. Some fun game with a good enough story. If you don't look at a game concept and think to yourself, "this is something special and people are going to love it," I don't recommend investing money in it. How you feel about this game, how invested YOU are in it, will bleed through every last aspect of the game, and that energy is what fuels your players. You have to sell your concepts as the next Final Fantasy.