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  1. ddejan90

    Army Manager

    Thanks man! I really appreciate it! Worst pefrect!
  2. ddejan90

    Army Manager

    It's default. I was thinking of replacing the default scene with the army manager script. I really like it that's why I would love to use it.
  3. ddejan90

    Army Manager

    Hey guys, I know I'm late to the topic, but I just found it. I have a question: Can and how do I replace Menu Formation to lead to this script? I want to show this to the player when he pressess Formation button. I found only way is with script call, I'm really bad with scripting, I just like to make stuff Thanks
  4. ddejan90

    Achievement System

    Last time visited forum 2015... I know it's low chance of probability, but here it is anyway: Well, the script worked fine now it lags like hell. I have no idea what it could be. The previous version of my game that is avaible to download works perfectly, but new one lags like hell. I open the achiv tab and press the sub tab but then it is like help like 1fps window. Anyone can help please write down.
  5. ddejan90

    Lockpick minigame

    Hello. I want to use the script and I set all up. But I have encountered a problem. When I hit all the pins the game ends the door opens. (that's ok it works like intended) BUT When I miss, the door still opens. (now this is where I have a problem) Can anyone help me out? Please. I really want to use this awesome script
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