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  1. Hey, I'm working on a state that increases the HP an ally regains from healing spells such as Heal, Greater Heal, etc. I've created state (36) Heal Buff, and now I'm trying to get the damage formula to work as it is supposed to. The formule i have in my Heal Skill right now is this: b.isStateAffected(36) ? (100 + a.mat*1.5)*1.5 : 100 + a.mat*1.5; I want the skill to check if an ally has the Heal Buff and then multiply the original formula by 1.5 Now, I can't seem to find the problem but whenever I heal in-game, 0 HP is healed, but mana is still subtracted. Why doesn't the game see target b is not affected with state 36 and heal with the original formula. Is it something I did Is there something else that could influence the 0 healing? It could be the fact that I created armor and gave it a state rate(36) of *100%. I just want the player to get healed more by healing spells when a certain piece of armor is worn without checking for every piece of armor in a skill formula PS: I have used the same formula in my fireball spells to check a different state and they also deal 0 damage.