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    Skill that gives a random state.

    Hey! I just found it out for you. Skip to "HERE!" for the final solution. So, I tried lots of different things as you did, but couldn't make it without a plugin. Fortunately, I remembered about Yanfly's Target Core Plugin and thought it would be useful, but actually it was his Action Sequence Pack 1 that I thought that gave me solution. But the problem was I still couldn't assign the target, even using the "ADD STATE x: target, (show)" notetag. So I spent half an hour setting something that wouldn't be useful for our purpose. ---- HERE ----- BUT, finally, I had just found SmRandomDude's Metronome Plugin. You can download it from here: http://sumrndm.site/metronome-skill/ and use the following settings for the skill The problem is I haven't it ramdonly casts one of the set SKILLS, not the States. But you can set those not to display messages when cast, then you create a skill that only applies that state and shows nothing. That's why I mentioned Yanfly's battle plugins, because they can probably be useful at this part, specially the Battle Core Plugin, the Damage Core Plugin, the Target Core Plugin and the 3 Action Sequence Packs. You can download them all from here: http://yanfly.moe/yep/ (in the Battle Plugins section) I'll leave it for you now, but if you can't find anything to improve your skill, ask for help again and we can try to solve it