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    Hello! I love your script and I've been using it to make my game more interesting. Recently, however, I've run into a problem. I got the wild hair to go back and alter an area in my game that I had originally finished with some months ago. I added a new side quest, complete with a new playable character. When the player completes the new area, they meet the new character. Then, using control variables and a conditional branch, I created a scenario that changes depending on how many party characters already exist. If the party has five members or more, the choices the player gets are a) help the new character with a problem or let the new character deal. If the party has four members or less, the choices the player gets are a) new character joins, or new character gets turned away. That part goes just fine. It's what happens AFTER the new character joins the party that things get weird. I set this character up in the database just the same as all the others, so I had no reason to think there was anything wrong. But... if this character gets killed in battle, the game crashes. I *AM* using the ghost followers script I had inquired about sometime back, but even when I removed that script just to test things out, the game STILL crashed when this particular character got killed. This never happens with any of the other party characters or the main character. Just this new one. Every single time the same error message appears following the crash: I deleted my save file and started a new playthrough from the very beginning, just to see if that would have any effect. It did not. TheoAllen gave me a link to a backtracer script so I could attempt to determine what the problem was. This is what the tracer told me: TheoAllen Cache --- Line: 4:in `load_bitmap' Cache --- Line: 39:in `character' Lune Frontal Battle System --- Line: 219:in `block in move_actors_back' Lune Frontal Battle System --- Line: 210:in `each' Lune Frontal Battle System --- Line: 210:in `move_actors_back' Lune Frontal Battle System --- Line: 238:in `update_move_troops' Lune Frontal Battle System --- Line: 131:in `update_basic' Scene_Battle --- Line: 67:in `update_for_wait' Scene_Battle --- Line: 98:in `wait_for_message' BattleManager --- Line: 162:in `call' BattleManager --- Line: 162:in `wait_for_message' BattleManager --- Line: 332:in `gain_drop_items' BattleManager --- Line: 208:in `process_victory' BattleManager --- Line: 194:in `judge_win_loss' Scene_Battle --- Line: 566:in `process_action_end' Lune Frontal Battle System --- Line: 275:in `process_action' Scene_Battle --- Line: 48:in `update' Scene_Base --- Line: 14:in `main' SceneManager --- Line: 23:in `run' Main --- Line: 7:in `block in <main>' :1:in `block in rgss_main' :1:in `loop' :1:in `rgss_main' Main --- Line: 7:in `<main>' ruby:in `eval' Is there something I can do to fix this problem? I'd never encountered it prior to involving this character and I don't understand why it's causing this. Granted, the cache script TheoAllen wrote allowed me to continue the game without it crashing when this new character is killed in battle, it just makes it to where it shows nothing instead of a ghost. (The character can be revived without any apparent issue.) I can live with this, but if I can prevent it from being an issue altogether that would be even better. I'm not in any hurry, so if you're not able to reply for a while I understand. Thanks in advance!