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  1. Alphaistimz

    Need 'Cursed' accessories to Lock only their own slot

    Hmm I also look for this kind of feature in my game... wonder how
  2. (I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Please move it if it's wrong) Hi guys, I'm just wondering if there's someone who can make generator-made face and character color changer . I mean to change the color of eyes, hairs, etc, preferably with switch/variable to trigger Currently, I'm making a tactical RPG with offspring feature, so it makes a lot of sense if the children shares the same features (eye color, hair color, skin tone, etc). I know that it can be done with making the characters multiple times with different features, but this is just so much easier to do, and also, making dialogues with face is just so much simpler and shorter in the eventing. I know that this will be useful for everyone who has children feature in their games...
  3. Alphaistimz

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    759 Let's see if my experience develops with this thread...
  4. Alphaistimz

    Appearance change script

    It seems that you don't get my question I have all of my sprites self-customized. I just wonder if I can have something like MV's plugin for changing appearance, but with script instead since it's foe VX Ace.
  5. Alphaistimz

    Appearance change script

    Hi, guys I'm working on a farming game for now, but my main problem is changing the children's appearance. Since I want to make the game sensible, I want the children inherit their parents' hair, eyes, and skin color. I'm looking a script for one, but if it's possible with eventing ,I'll stick with eventing. (earlier, I got a video for changing clothes, does it work the same way for appearance?) Thanks in advance
  6. Alphaistimz

    Farming simulation game idea!

    Ohh thanks, dude, for replying... @Maxim5Can you give an example with pictures please? jut to make sure. I don't mind giving the game for free once it's released for major helpers.
  7. Hi, guys, This is my first game and it will be farming simulation. I do hope that it will be different from Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, so I hope that I do it well in designing my game. This game is made with RMVX Ace and it will be commercial for steam. Anyway, here you go Greenhill Story (Well, this is a title I like, since it's the town where the game is, but I'm open to suggestions) Story: You just finished your bachelor degree in business in a big city. You want to take over your grandpa's abandoned farm in Greenhill town, since the town had lost shipments and prosperity after your grandpa's passing. Your uncle Robert and aunt Nancy's farm isn't enough to cover the whole town's needs. Not long after that, the town started to lose townies since they move out for better life. You take a ship, but unfortunately, there's a terrible storm which makes the ship sink. You then wake up on an unknown beach at early morning. A middle-aged man and woman greets you, and shortly after, an elderly man and woman approach and they appear to be your uncle and aunt. They ask you to stay the night at their house. Around noon, you wake up and have lunch with your uncle and aunt. They tell you what really happened with the town and you accept their request to bring everybody back. Once it starts getting dark, your uncle walks you home to your grandpa's abandoned farmhouse just south of his farm and leave you there. Features: Town: ~80 different NPCs, with only 4 unlocked at the beginning Note: all of them has different requirements, like upgrading certain tools to a level, selling certain number of items from a category/ specific item, or having someone else move in. Some others move in automatically during the first season, mainly to set things up for the player. ~13 marriage candidates of opposite gender for each gender Note: you can choose your gender and name before starting the game, this feature is mainly used for marriage purpose. There's also a rival system, so other possible spouses will marry the rival if you befriend the rival. If you marry their default spouse, they will marry your other farmer counterpart (basically a marriage candidate opposite gender who will marry your rival if you take the default spouse, you can marry them too) ~ marriage system Note: once you grow close to your soulmate, you can marry them, so do the other rival couples. You also need to date and engage before getting married. ~ children system Note: you can have twin children of different genders, the other couples will have 1 child of specific gender, either from default or substitute couple. The children will have different eyes, hair, and skin color based on who their parents are. Hair and eyes color is inherited from parent of opposite gender and skin tone comes from parent of same gender. There are a total of 12 rival children. ~ changing clothes Note: you can change clothes once you buy the pieces you need ~ town shops Note: in the beginning, the town only has flower shop for seeds, later on some shops will make appearance once you unlock those. There will be: cafe, inn, blacksmith, fishing shop, winery, carpenter, church, better seed shop, general shop, clothier, and accessory craft. There's also a sell-only shop laboratory and school followed by some non-shop houses. ~ getting money Note: you can sell your items to the shops and there's no shipping box in this game. You also need to sell your items to the right place. There's no way that the blacksmith accepts your crops. ~season, weather, and time season Note: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with different weathers each. Time also affects shops and people's schedules. ~ Tool and rucksack upgrades to work effectively ~festivals, birthdays Note: you can have these as entertainment. There may be some mini games in some of the competitive ones. Some others requires a date or giving an item from a category. Each person also have birthdays with gift boost. Farming: ~6 5x5 fields, with only 1 at the beginning and you can unlock more later ~ over 40 kinds of crops to plant Note: you can only choose 2 crops from the flower shop at the beginning of the game, but more will unlock as you sell a lot of specific crops. Different seasons have different crops. There're also year-round grains. ~ rain and storm automatically waters your crops, but storm may wipe your crops for good. ~ withering crop system when the season changes ~ greenhouse Note: after building this expensive building, you can grow crops regardless of the season, and it's unaffected by the weather. Just don't forget to water it during rainy days. ~sprinkler system Note: these guys will automatically water your crops as you wake up. You can also have an all-in-one package for greenhouse's sprinkler. Ranching: ~ you can take care of dog and horse. You have neither at the beginning. Dog is used for festival and horse is used for festival and faster traveling (the map is quite big, so you may want to have one) ~ chicken, cow, sheep and their upgraded versions for better profit. Mainly used for festivals and major money maker via eggs, milks, and wool. ~ sick system for neglected or wet animals. Other activities: ~fishing ~mining Note: There are 17 different mine regions with different ores each. I'm still confused whether I make node or ore stone, or other means to mine. ~cooking Note: there are over 300 recipes with 6 different appliances ~foraging Note: you can get wild berries, fruits, flowers, and more in the natural areas. You need to smash the trees using a hammer for them to drop fruit. The items are seasonal-specific. ~building Note: you can get materials from the carpenter or finding your own from the wild. You need axe and hammer for these. You need to build everything in your farm with the help of carpenters. Now... My questions: 1. I need a system for the clothing for MC and the twin children. Any suggestion for this? I have separated parts for upper/lower, except for dress which covers both... Also, since all children inherit their parents' appearance, similar feature should help too... Do I need to draw one of each sprite clothing separately or full sprites? The first one really saves my time. (I mean drawing hairs & separated clothing pieces of different possible colors/ plugins which does so) 2. Mini game system 3. Calendar, because there're plenty of birthdays and festivals year-round. Having one should be useful. 4. Script for changing menu since the default one isn't so suitable for farming game... 5. How to auto show the clock & date? 6. how to make total friendship goes in accordance with number of hearts/ music notes displayed? 7. The shops only accept items from certain categories... I found the script, but I don't know how to use it... 8. Lastly, I'm not so familiar with using plugins and scripts... Having an easy tutorial will help.
  8. Alphaistimz

    Alpha is here :D

    Hi there, everyone! I'm Timmy from Alphadio Production . I should've introduced myself earlier this month (I think), when I finally chose and bought RPG Maker VX Ace from Steam. I've been so busy developing my 1st game lately. I used to have a game developer group with different name back then, but I disbanded it since it has no outcome for almost exactly 2 years. Earlier this year, I finally decided to run a studio by myself. I was an English for Creative Industry student in my university year, and I'm also a natural musician. I'm pretty good with small pixel art, but no good at drawing humanoid creatures (including elves, etc). I'm also unfamiliar with coding and scripting, including setting switches and variables, but I'm good at game designing. For my genres, I really love RPG (especially tactical ones) and simulation. My few favorites are Harvest Moon (GBA and NDs ver.), Dragon Quest series, Etrian Odyssey series, Luminous Arc series, Stella Glow, Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics, Kairosoft games, Suikoden II. For now, I'm developing a farm sim game, but I promise that you can tell the differences between this one and Harvest Moon, especially in term of graphics, since I use my own custom pictures for non-tilesets. I'm planning on publishing my games in Steam and I take this as a serious job, not just a hobby. Trust me, guys. Being in this job is hard since a lot of people around me keep killing my dream, but I know that this community will support me willingly. I think that's all about me , if you have questions, I'll try to answer those. Sorry if this is so long, I'm just used to it. See you around! Best regards, Timmy