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  1. Hi guys! I just start my first game project and still cannot decide the theme... so I decide to ask for opinions My game (which still doesn't have a name) is mainly about the royal family's fight over the throne The protagonist is one of many princes who need to struggle in order to survive in this cruel environment The game system is more like visual novel RPG with puzzle, romance, politics and some minor fighting system (not so focus though) Every decisions is essential and could lead to different endings That's all for the brief info. Now, what I cannot decide is whether I should choose the western style or eastern style theme Actually, I first plan to make it in Chinese theme but realize that Chinese name is...quite hard to read and I'm worried that players wouldn't be able to remember the characters' name (it's quite important) so I wonder if I should use Japanese name instead? The other choice is western style like normal fantasy game (FE FF LA RF etc.) which is more familiar to most players Like, it will suit one's taste easier? Sooo if it was you, which style would you prefer to play? Thanks in advance for all the opinions!
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    Hello everyone! I’m NTMonday , 18 yearsold from Thailand. I’m a newbie trying to create my first rpg game (I use rpg maker MV) but have some problems so I decide to join this community in case someone can help me . I like fantasy rpg with unique story. My English is not that good so pls understand if I type sth. weird