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  1. PlanetTzero

    game boy Nostalgic Fantasy Pack

    Nostalgic Fantasy Pack OUT NOW on itch.io. HERE: https://planettzero.itch.io/nostalgic-fantasy-pack This is a retro graphic pack with Gamboy style assets. Everything you need for a retro game comes with it! Included Files: Screenshots: hope you like this pack! you can ask me anything about it! Have a nice day: Tzero~
  2. PlanetTzero

    Paracreat demo

    A new Trailer, and many updates: here you can play the demo: https://planettzero.itch.io/paracreat
  3. PlanetTzero

    Paracreat demo

    Android und IOS version available! https://planettzero.itch.io/paracreat-mobile
  4. PlanetTzero

    Paracreat demo

    https://planettzero.itch.io/paracreatbrowser Now you can play paracreat direct in your browser, just open up the link
  5. PlanetTzero

    Paracreat demo

    Paracreat! Download: Link demo version Credits plugin: yanfly message core - battle status Here is the first information about my game that I will submit to the IGMC 2018! Screens: Own Challenge: I want to create a game with Paracreat that comes very close to Gameboy with look, music and technique. In addition I have even loaded a program that virtually emulates the original Gameboy sounds. Graphics are not pixelled by Nintendo but by myself! Resolution Now to the story:
  6. PlanetTzero

    I.Am Production

    little Artwork^^
  7. PlanetTzero

    I.Am Production

    Thanks for Your Feedback! i give my best to realease the demo soon :)
  8. PlanetTzero

    I.Am Production

    Before i start a few words: I.m working hard on my projekt since month and i guess the demo will come in a few weeks. Gamedesign, Graphics, artwork, music, tilesets, sprites, 3DModeling and eventing is done by myself. English translation by: Commander Bert he help me a lot to Translate the game from german to english.Big thanks to you! Scripts credits: Galv-Scripts Yanfly I.Am Production is a Sci-Fi Survival Game... Story: In 1932, Professor Levitt made the discovery of his life. He found deep beneath the Mayan temple in Mexico, Yucatan the fossil of a Mayan queen.... Character: Features: Screenshots: Gameplay and teaser Video:
  9. PlanetTzero

    Hello people!

    So, i´m from germany and making games with the RPG Maker MV What can i tell you about me? favorite series: Fringe, Dr.Who favorite Movies: Interstellar, Inception favorite music: Rock I do alle Graphics in my Game on my own and i write the Musik. I have fun with some Pixel stuff and retro Gamming. So thats all i think!
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