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  1. I was wondering, why, in Turn Based Battle Systems, each character do a separate attack, there are of course some exceptions (Chrono Trigger, as well as some others, I think) So, this question came to my mind : "How could a game work, if the entire party do a single attack per turn ?" After some thinking, I've found a way to implement this into a game, without making it boring, as well as having classes, like a lot of others RPGs : Each member of the party has a specific role, each role's action will define a different aspect of the attack. Then, I've found a theme which would fit this battle system; a (small) orchestra, and here is how I picture it : First, we have the Conductor, he define the scope of the attack, depending on the scope, the attack get a power buff or debuff Secondly, come the Instrumentalist, who define the "form" of the attack, one single hit, multiple small hits, ... Thirdly come the Piano (or any equivalent), who define the element of the attack, or give bonuses to the attack Lastly, we've got the Backing, who can add states to the attack, as well as others perks Here's an example : 1 - The Conductor chose to Improvise --> 1 random enemy, +20% power (don't work with 1 enemy only) 2 - The Instrumentalist (playing a brass) chose to perform a Bolero --> 3 small attacks, 40% power each, - 10% hit rate (here, one new random enemy is selected) 3 - The Pianist chose to play it in Minor --> Element Table : Brass + Minor = Fire 4 - The Backing chose to play a riff --> +20% damage variation Which give, 3 fire element 48% power attack on a different random enemy with a normal hit rate and with 25% damage variation Different instruments would allow different gameplay, e.g. a brass instrument only allow Shadow, Fire and Earth element, and only enable HP damage skills, or a rubbed strings (not sure for this one) would allow Light, Shadow and Water, as well as focusing on Life Steal So, is this idea worth continuing ?, and how hard would it be to implement ? NB : Sorry if this post is a bit messy, it is my first one
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    Hello everyone, I'm H2WO4, I'm new to RPG Maker, and I'm looking more into game mechanics than actual games. I do have experience in coding, but not in plugin-making I hope that I'll have a good time in this community !