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    CAPGRAS - When Your Mind Becomes Your Worst Enemy

    CAPGRAS demo is officially released ! ! Check it out ! MERRY CHRISTMAS ! ! ! CAPGRAS DEMO
  2. kemono3011

    CAPGRAS - When Your Mind Becomes Your Worst Enemy

    IT'S FINALLY HERE!! CAPGRAS OFFICIAL TRAILER. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GUYS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw2emeEYkxY
  3. kemono3011

    CAPGRAS - When Your Mind Becomes Your Worst Enemy

    HEY FELLAS. It's been nearly a year since I posted this game. The game was on hiatus for months because of some issues that I've encountered during the development process, but luckily it's still here! Anyway, CAPGRAS will have a demo and it's coming real soon. Until that, I will keep posting screenshots and updates. see ya.
  4. kemono3011

    CAPGRAS - When Your Mind Becomes Your Worst Enemy

    Hey guys. Just wanna tell y'all that the game is 50% done and I'm still on my way of doing it. Here are some new screenshots from the game.
  5. kemono3011

    CAPGRAS - When Your Mind Becomes Your Worst Enemy

    yeah I have to make our language version first. There will be an English version, you just have to be patient
  6. FIND THE TREASURE, FILL A PURE MIND CAPGRAS is a non-commercial RPG horror game using RPG Maker VX Ace. The game was inspired by many other RPG horror games like Mad Father, Blank Dream, Paranoiac, etc... and features some classic horror gameplay and experiences. This is my second attempt of making an RPG Maker Horror Game so flaws and mistakes are unavoidable. Also English is not my first language so the English Version is not coming anytime soon. However, I will still try my best to finish the game and release it as soon as possible. Genre: Horror Story After she moved to her new house, she found a weird note which contains an instruction of a board game called "Finding Treasure" . . . . "Finding Treasure" . . . . "Finding Treasure?". She's curious about the game and wanted to play with it for a while. "It'd be fun, right?" . . . Features: The whole game takes place in a current timeline of the new millennium (after 2000) and have a lot of easter eggs for upcoming games which are also set in the same universe. The game will have multiple endings depends on your choices and how you play. Every decisions you made will have different outcomes. The game will have extra cutscenes after you finished it (If you found enough "things" in order to have an extra cutscene). There are not lots of thing to say about the game mechanics because it's really simple and quite easy - much like every RPG Horror Games Screenshots: Credits: Script: ENTERBRAIN YanFly MOGHunter SoulPour777 Victor Sant Zeus81 Music: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Tokyo Ravens Jigoku Shoujo Outlast Fatal Frame Resident Evil 5 Annabelle Story: Kenjiko Character & Map Design: Kenjiko Art: Kenjiko Download: I'm still working with the game and unfortunately, there wouldn't be a demo for the game because for some shortcomings and problems. By the time the game is officially released, there will only be more screenshots, announcements and new trailers. Sorry in advance