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  1. Skyla

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Ok, thanks for this ! Now I've just to find the rest of my problem x)
  2. Skyla

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Hi ! I am a French speaking person and, at the same time, I code my game in French too. I would like to know in your script what I have to change for these few details which I can not find the problem. First, how can I change the name so that it is marked '' Encyclop├ędie '' (And by the same token, shorten the menu because since the addition of this script, it hides the one I have for the survival) ? And second question: as the name of certain types of information change to be put in French, I would like to know where in the code I have to go so that the text is perfectly aligned? Last question, with the same screenshot: Where do I go to change the word '' price ''? I'm searching, I can not find ...