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    Konran;Zanki GATE01 [Demo Available]

    Promotional Artworks -Demo release art -Dead Sea Breeze -Funky THIRLLS Park
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    Demo Game (0.1.1) Trailer

    But it's totally fine ! We were really happy to hear about your feedback !
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    Demo Game (0.1.1) Trailer

    Thank you for your report our Lord and saviour Vectra ! I do understand but well it's a visual novel, read read and read even more. But on a more serious note, we do recognize some parts are a bit long but the game genre wants that and we really tried to minimize some sequences. Also we tried to add a few MG and some dynamic to the texts so it doesn't seem too boring. Also it's the beginning of the game so hopefully, the conversations will be a bit a little less long with the rest of the game. (You know, have to settle storyline, characters and all.) Hope it wasn't too boring for you to read this much though and still enjoyed it. Besides, thank you very much again for your feedback ! It means a lot for us and it gives us even more motivation to improve this universe. If you ever have encountered a few typos (a lot?) or glitches, feel free to report them. Have a pleasant day !8
  4. Helloooo world ! So we've recently released the demo of our game "Konran:Zanki GATE01", a sci-fi, survival visual novel made on RPG maker ace. It doesn't seem like we've raised much attention (we're modest people we seemingly no really "marketing" knowledge), we're somewhat struggling to revive the existence of our game. So here is the trailer for you to watch ! Enjoy ! Rpg maker central page : Itch.io download : https://polarmoonsoft.itch.io/konranzanki Gamejolt download : https://gamejolt.com/games/konranzanki/375204 Twitter : @PolarMoon3
  5. Konran;Zanki GATE0 [Prism+Virus] (コンラン;ザンキ) is the first oncoming game developed by Polar Moon Soft. DEMO HERE : https://polarmoonsoft.itch.io/konranzanki https://gamejolt.com/games/konranzanki/375204 Konran;Zanki is going to be a Sci-fi, Survival Visual Novel. You will be conveyed into a pop-futuristic environment in which an ominous future-inducing theme will be mixed with a colorful color palette . Mechanics : It will include mechanics such as an interaction system in order to obtain bonuses bond with the characters . A virtual map will be accessible by pressing a certain button, and more importantly, the game will be accompanied with several mini games . ( Characters' biography is very vague , it will only mention their age , job , height , weight , interests and dislikes . Keep in mind that these informations will be already directly readable inside of the game and that their backstory will only be obtainable by interacting with them. ) Each characters are accompagnied with a set of different facial expressions. They will also all individually include a japanese voice actor. Please , remember that anything related to the game design such as the characters , the dialogue box or even the map can undergo modifications after the release of the Demo . Also , a few screenshots might be added later on . A few maps : This section will includes arts and videos . 1st TRAILER : Konran;Zanki GATE 01 Demo Trailer Our most sincere apologies if we have forgotten to include someone . Feel free to give me words about it ! ( And thank you for sharing your talent , your voice or even your creativity !)  OUR PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/polarmoon?alert=2 OUR INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/polarmoon.soft/
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