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    Scripts for my game.

    Hi. Want to make a game and I have a few ideas that dont seem possible with scripts online. 1-Im a fan of certain RPGs like growlanser/Langrisser. In those you have a character creation of sorts which determine your MCs stat growth, classes he will be able to learn, skills and some other stuff. Classes and skills seems posible already but influencing a character's growth seems impossible. So would like an script for that. 2-My game is about the cast joining a guild. I would like a system with equipable skills, the twist being that you only gain skill points by leveling up your guild level, this level also determines what equiment you can buy as well as the skills too. Those would be the main ones. Hope you guys can help.
  2. Hi. Just wanted to ask after i some some screens of this. Can we name the MC after ourselves? I prefer playing ROLE playing games if i actually play as myself and as such the MC name must match mine. Thanks.
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