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  1. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    Found it. Thank you so much.
  2. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    "No matching files found." Maybe I'm not a certain member or something? I only see Himeworks
  3. xSydRowex

    CSCA Game over Options

    Is it possible to change it into switch instead of variable?
  4. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    I cannot find the script. I tried downloading the files but I don't see it. tried checking in the GitHub files abut I don't see it. Is the script under a different name or something? Because the only thing I see that's is close to the title and creator is 'Window Animation' Maybe it's only accessible for certain users or something? I don't know.
  5. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    Can someone send me a new link to the script? the original link doesn't work for me.
  6. xSydRowex

    Character select script?

    Maybe this can help you: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/player-selection-mog-edition.17111
  7. xSydRowex

    Basic Options Menu

    The one issue i have with the script is it's compatibility with the Non-combat menu script.
  8. xSydRowex

    Lockpick minigame

    So it's like this? That's what I'm getting at by your message.
  9. xSydRowex

    Lockpick minigame

    I am getting this error when doing it. So I'm doing this: When it gives me this: So I'm not sure if I should scrap it and try something else or if there is a way to make th common event work. Edit: tried doing it on a singular event instead of a common event.
  10. So it was working fine until today, and I keep getting this error now. I even copied and pasted the entire script again.
  11. xSydRowex

    Keypad Input

    I am still confused on how to make the keypad work. Like the script function well, but I do not know how to put in a password for it to work. Maybe screenshot the way you make it work, so I can understand it more easily.
  12. (I'm new to the forums and still learning a bit of posting about stuff. With that being said, if my post doesn't fit in the category, I apologize and I'll move to the proper section) So I'm looking for a QTE Script for Vx Ace. But not in battle. For example, having your character being in the map as usual but the QTE symbol is there, whether it's a button mash or a button hold. This is a reference for what I'm talking about: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/battle-qte-system-v1-2-17-02-2015.36966/