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    Ultra Advanced Quest System

    does it check if the player no longer possesses said armour? and does equip the armour still counts as having it in its possession?
  2. I have recently use the shop upgrade and one thing that got me wondering would an item be available to the player if the player has a certain item. The idea I have in mind is some sort of ID system, where a player would need an ID to buy certain items. The reason for the specific is because a character in one of my games in development is using a fake id to buy items like beer and cigarettes for task-related reasons (the main character isn't really a good person anyway or at least not anymore) Is there a way to make that work? Edit: So I actually try it out via regular eventing and it somewhat work did not the way I wanted to. Want I wanted it to do is when I had the ID, the items would show up as available, otherwise, they would just be grayed out. Instead, when I got the ID, the items didn't show in the original shop process but it just forces the players into another shop process. In which to be honest is my fault for the assumption as I don't fully understand the engine yet (far from a newbie but nowhere near an expert.) So my issue still stands but with a more (hopefully) specific detail that is understandable.
  3. I tried it out and it now works. Thank you all so much!
  4. Gives me an error saying "can't convert true into string". line 609. Here's the script call I put down: disable_good(11, !$game_party.has_item?($data_items[31]))
  5. Oh okay. Thanks for the info. But for either one, I still get this error.
  6. So it would be like this?
  7. So I looked over the script. And It does look like what I'm looking for but I can't anything on how to re-enable the goods. or how to re-enable it when a key item is in inventory.
  8. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    Found it. Thank you so much.
  9. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    "No matching files found." Maybe I'm not a certain member or something? I only see Himeworks
  10. xSydRowex

    CSCA Game over Options

    Is it possible to change it into switch instead of variable?
  11. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    I cannot find the script. I tried downloading the files but I don't see it. tried checking in the GitHub files abut I don't see it. Is the script under a different name or something? Because the only thing I see that's is close to the title and creator is 'Window Animation' Maybe it's only accessible for certain users or something? I don't know.
  12. xSydRowex

    Window Timer

    Can someone send me a new link to the script? the original link doesn't work for me.
  13. xSydRowex

    Character select script?

    Maybe this can help you: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/player-selection-mog-edition.17111
  14. xSydRowex

    Basic Options Menu

    The one issue i have with the script is it's compatibility with the Non-combat menu script.
  15. xSydRowex

    Lockpick minigame

    So it's like this? That's what I'm getting at by your message.
  16. xSydRowex

    Lockpick minigame

    I am getting this error when doing it. So I'm doing this: When it gives me this: So I'm not sure if I should scrap it and try something else or if there is a way to make th common event work. Edit: tried doing it on a singular event instead of a common event.
  17. So it was working fine until today, and I keep getting this error now. I even copied and pasted the entire script again.
  18. xSydRowex

    Keypad Input

    I am still confused on how to make the keypad work. Like the script function well, but I do not know how to put in a password for it to work. Maybe screenshot the way you make it work, so I can understand it more easily.
  19. (I'm new to the forums and still learning a bit of posting about stuff. With that being said, if my post doesn't fit in the category, I apologize and I'll move to the proper section) So I'm looking for a QTE Script for Vx Ace. But not in battle. For example, having your character being in the map as usual but the QTE symbol is there, whether it's a button mash or a button hold. This is a reference for what I'm talking about: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/battle-qte-system-v1-2-17-02-2015.36966/