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  1. Looking for more projects! Hit me up! =D
  2. I have a website now and am looking for more projects =) https://www.disomikron.com/
  3. Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I'm looking for more games to score :)
  4. Looking for more projects! Check out the original post
  5. Hey everyone! I'm looking for more projects to score. Hit me up!
  6. Hey, I'm currently looking for some more work. If you need melodic music for your game or your YT channel, write me a mail, DM me via Twitter or send over a carrier pigeon (I'd recommend one of the first two options.)
  7. Looking for more work again! Contact me via mail, Twitter or Discord if interested! :)
  8. I'm also offering royalty-free stock music now. Check out my growing (!) library of quirky, orchestral, SynthWave and chiptune inspired music! DisOmikron on pond5 DisOmikron on productiontrax
  9. I've made an entirely new Demo Reel for 2019. Check out my SoundCloud (or the original post)!
  10. I am Christoph Jakob, VGM Composer from Germany. I compose in a variety of styles and I specialize in quirky & joyful, chiptune and melancholic music. - Bandcamp: https://disomikron.bandcamp.com/ - Royalty-free Music: https://www.pond5.com/de/artist/disomikron#1/2064 Contact me if you need music for your game, YT channel or any other project! - Website: https://www.disomikron.com/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/DisOmikronCJ - Mail: ChrisJakob94@web.de - Discord: DisOmikron#5729