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  1. EDIT: For some reason it is not letting me pass through the new blocks, even when I put a STAR (however, the O allows me to go over it). Any idea on why I cannot pass through it? EDIT: I got it to work thank you so much for your help.
  2. I am looking to make a ceiling tile from tile-set A to be able to walk underneath it (only for one section). I have tried to make an event but cannot with auto tile pieces. I tried using GIMP to make the auto tile separate from the others; however, that failed miserably. I have scoured the forum for this and so far nothing works for what I need. Do I need to write a script for this? I am willing to try that but I am not too familiar with Ruby scripting (not anymore been over 10 years). Most YouTube videos I have found are not for VX but for VX Ace and MV both in which I do not have. Any help with this would be highly appreciated.