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  1. I don't think it's something that I can explain with pictures. Basically I want to make a spites that are just a little bigger, but I don't know how to do so. Ok, I think I know how to do that kind of stuff, but can it work with players?
  2. Bigger sprites: So I have 2 characters that should take up one space as one character. I already use a script that makes XP characters usable in VX Ace (Created by Melosx and translated by ShinGamix) I think if I modified the script a little, I would get the desired results. I know to change the check for $xp but I don't exactly know how to make the sprite set bigger. I am not contacting Melosx because of inactivity since 2017. Not contacting ShinGamix either because he seems to just translate, and inactive since August 2018. Sprite animations: How can I make my sprites use an animation? Something like a dancer dancing, or a UFO bobbing. Can't I just use .gif sprite set?
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to ask. If I added some of my own content such as sprites and music, can the player see the assets in the folders after the game has been exported? I also want to know if the game can be edited after being exported.
  4. Triacular

    Virtual tile size?

    Thanks for the info! I tried to make the X and Y smaller, but it reduced all map borders. I then added an IF statement to toggle battle mode $Delta_battle = false if Delta_Battle = true (Modded X/Y) else (Original X/Y) end It only chose the modded X/Y, even with numbers instead of true/false. I decided that making the system by scratch would be a bit easier, until I realized that the built in RUBY manual didn't clearly describe how to spawn a graphic or how to make a conditional loop. Though I think I can and should code it myself; I just need to know where to start.
  5. Triacular

    Virtual tile size?

    I am attempting to make a battle system similar to Deltarune's battles. I asked what things to change in the code to remove the walking grid. I was told that I should reduce the size of the virtual tile size. I'm wondering where the code for the virtual tile size is. I know that Game Maker is a thing, but I can't afford it.