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  1. Triacular

    VX Ace Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    *Sneezes* *Script magically gets compacted*
  2. Triacular

    VX Ace Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    I would like to make the improvements myself. Also working on it already. 95% done, will be updating this
  3. Triacular

    VX Ace Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Maybe once I figure it out, I can make it more user-friendly and shorter. This script was intended for personal use, but I posted it because who else would? And I can't find another script like this. I never intended for it to be any different from the original function.
  4. Finally done it! I can't find any more bugs! ITS FUNCTIONALLY PERFECT! NOW UPDATED TO BE MORE USER-FRIENDLY! This allows the player to steal items from any shop in your game. The player has a 47% success chance, but the other 53% is up to you to decide! How stealing works: You select the new steal tab in the shop, select the item you want, then hope to god that you got that item. How to make the consequence: If the player fails the dice roll, then switch 21 is set to true. I will let you figure out what to do with that switch in the events; I usually make Parallel Processes that swap 21 with the other switch. How to change values: Just change the values under preferences. Contact me about any problems Warning: May not work with other shop scripts Terms Please give credit to me if you're using this, even if you modify this or merged it with another shop script, give credit to all those who were involved. If you got questions or small modification request regarding this, let me know. Also let me know if you want to use this in your own shop script. Paste this under materials, but above main
  5. I don't think it's something that I can explain with pictures. Basically I want to make a spites that are just a little bigger, but I don't know how to do so. Ok, I think I know how to do that kind of stuff, but can it work with players?
  6. Bigger sprites: So I have 2 characters that should take up one space as one character. I already use a script that makes XP characters usable in VX Ace (Created by Melosx and translated by ShinGamix) I think if I modified the script a little, I would get the desired results. I know to change the check for $xp but I don't exactly know how to make the sprite set bigger. I am not contacting Melosx because of inactivity since 2017. Not contacting ShinGamix either because he seems to just translate, and inactive since August 2018. Sprite animations: How can I make my sprites use an animation? Something like a dancer dancing, or a UFO bobbing. Can't I just use .gif sprite set?
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to ask. If I added some of my own content such as sprites and music, can the player see the assets in the folders after the game has been exported? I also want to know if the game can be edited after being exported.
  8. Triacular

    Virtual tile size?

    Thanks for the info! I tried to make the X and Y smaller, but it reduced all map borders. I then added an IF statement to toggle battle mode $Delta_battle = false if Delta_Battle = true (Modded X/Y) else (Original X/Y) end It only chose the modded X/Y, even with numbers instead of true/false. I decided that making the system by scratch would be a bit easier, until I realized that the built in RUBY manual didn't clearly describe how to spawn a graphic or how to make a conditional loop. Though I think I can and should code it myself; I just need to know where to start.
  9. Triacular

    Virtual tile size?

    I am attempting to make a battle system similar to Deltarune's battles. I asked what things to change in the code to remove the walking grid. I was told that I should reduce the size of the virtual tile size. I'm wondering where the code for the virtual tile size is. I know that Game Maker is a thing, but I can't afford it.
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