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    Coding, playing games, making games, entertainment in general
    Cooking, drawing, and sharp objects

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About Me

I am constantly misguided and , weather or not it was intentional. I keep proving people wrong, proving my potential, proving that I can do stuff on my own. 

No one ever really helps me; people will either do stuff for me or refuse to help me.

I hate it when people one-up me by taking my projects and improving on them, therefor rendering my work worthless. I take what little pride I have in doing my things my way

Please don't make a big deal out of the identity that you forced on yourself, I have no patience for people who need a instruction book just to breathe in their direction. I don't care if you identify as a aliagender Demophan Dragon, I will assume what I see.


Please understand that I have respect for everyone, and I sometimes say something that makes people think otherwise. I'm usually frustrated, so might sound angry all the time.