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  1. Lucas22

    JPS Pathfinding script issue

    Thanks again !
  2. Lucas22

    JPS Pathfinding script issue

    Yes, but in fact, I've said it before, I'm not good at scripting, and I would not be able to modify the pathfinding script to include pixel movements, although I guess that's possible. It is rather that I found on the internet a problem similar to mine (activate or deactivate a script through the file Game.ini) and that I appropriated the proposed solution.
  3. Lucas22

    JPS Pathfinding script issue

    Thank you very much for your help Kayzee ! It seems that everything is working as expected. I can save again, and use the pathfinding feature. I had already tried to remove the procs, but maybe I got it wrong or I was missing some. In any case I did not think the solution so easy. For the script call, I just talked about it as a way to get around the problem inside the script, but since there is no problem ... For example, I also use scripts with pixel movements. So to get around the incompatibility, I found a way to disable these scripts, then activate them in-game in the appropriate zone (where there is no conflict of scripts). The solution is to use the file Game.ini, however it forces me to manually save and turn off the game to reset with the script in question activated.
  4. Lucas22

    JPS Pathfinding script issue

    Thanks Kayzee for your message. In fact, the Jet10985's script does not work very well for me, probably because of incompatibilities with the other scripts I use. So, even if you can not solve the problem of this use of the variables procs, would it be possible to realize the second option that I mentioned: clear the procs by script call, save if possible, then reset the procs ?
  5. Lucas22

    JPS Pathfinding script issue

    Hello everyone, I created this topic about a script that has been around for a while and that can be found here : Here is the problem : this script seems to be the best in its field and available, but it turns out that its programming completely prevents to save in game. I'm surprised that no solution has been provided since then. The author no longer seems active, but I find it a pity that his work can not really benefit anyone in the future, because a rpg without the ability to save is not an acceptable option. I am not a script programmer, and I ask if there is a programmer in the community who would take a look at this script to see if a fix is feasible ? If not, I would like to know more about the possible solution mentioned by Sixth : Concretely, how to clear these variables in a script ? For example, we could do a common event with a script call (which clears the variables, then saves and finally returns the variables in their original form) ? Thanks to those who bothered to read me.