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  1. @roninator2 - Ya. It was a toss up, but then I read this part and thought maybe... just maybe it was what he was asking. Meh. At least I tried. Haha.
  2. I've never used VX, and not even sure this is what you're asking... but if I remember correctly, on most of the rpg makers, if you're looking to change the frequencies of the encounters you can do it on the map name. Left hand side under the tile set - where you create and name your map, if you right click and edit it, you will find encounter rate. Or step rate... or something. This controls how often you get random encounters on the map. Of course, for specific battles like a boss battle, you can use events. I hope that was what you are asking and hope it helped a little.
  3. BillyX

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Just randomly browsing topics and found yours. I really got to say... excellent work. I wish I had an ounce of your ability. Haha. I've been playing with colors, looking for a nice overall scheme, and using templates and whatnot. I know practice makes perfect, but I'm really having a hard time getting the shading right. So much... that I've just stopped shading for now, and am just working on designs and colors. Any suggestions for practice in that area? How, and how long did it take you to get to a point you were happy with shading? Cheers and again, love the art.
  4. Not sure where else to put this, and can't seem to see any topic... so... HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! So... any big projects planned for 2019?
  5. @Asharonapaul - Very retro. Reminds me of old school Commodore 64 games. I like I like. With that said, it's really busy. I know you're going for the overgrown look, but perhaps a lot less little grass blades? Having so many make the trees look like green waterfalls. As for the trees with no leaves? Something odd about them but I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it's the way the bark look a little like veins. I don't know. LOL. Generally speaking, it's pretty cool and I actually think everything would hold together with a little less grass blades. In my humble opinion. LOL
  6. Hey guys. As I'm sure you've guessed, I'm brand spanking new here. Let me see... I love RPG's - especially old ones. Put simply? I'm an old school kind of guy with a little bit of experience using RMXP more than a few years ago. So hello! Glad to be here!
  7. Is it just me? Or has anyone noticed a lack of consistent graphics in a huge chunk of RPG Maker games? Also, to some degree this also applies to the color scheme. It's one of the major issues I've noticed with games and even when browsing the screenshot thread - an issue that immediately lowers my expectations of a game. I know most people would agree that the RTP is a huge factor - that shapes peoples opinions on games. But the inconsistent nature of mix-and-match visuals has to be a close second... right? I think I understand why it happens. In order to get away from the RTP everyone uses, people try and grab the coolest resources from all over the place - and map with them. Hell, maybe they even make a few graphics of their own, to add to the proverbial pot. Key word being few. The end result is a graphical mess with everything looking exactly like what it is. A bunch of resources that individually look great, but together look messy. Same can be said for the color. I would personally rather someone use the RTP - and make a cohesive project. The resources are professional, and fit together... and it shows. Let your work shine for the story. Odds are, the people downloading the demos, or even the game, already know what it was made with. Instead of trying to hide that fact, why not embrace it and learn to work with it? If you can make your own graphics by all means... please do. But keep it consistent. Pro games rely on consistency. Movies use consistent colors. Websites generally use consistent fonts. Why would your game be any different? Am I alone in thinking this?
  8. BillyX

    Consistency in games.

    I do see your point, but am also wondering, after snooping around your profile a little, if maybe you are one of the exceptions... That's not as weird as it sounds -Haha- let me try and explain. You're clearly experienced with RPG maker. You've been there, done that... so to speak. Do you think that maybe you've become a little used to the inconsistency? You kind of said it yourself, when writing about inconsistency being a consistent style. Seeing the mash-up of graphical resources, has become as normal as watching a severed head roll down a hallway by a long time horror movie fan. Myself? I love horror flicks - and don't even flinch at the gory parts. My kid on the other hand, closes her eyes when she sees a drop of blood. There are obviously exceptions, such as the games you listed. I haven't played them but have seen them or read about them. But it occurs to me that something intended to be that way, such as the surreal, would not really count as an example. I'm talking about the first impressions of the average game maker/player. Especially newer ones, that have 6 or 7 types of trees onscreen at once. Just to solidify my point... lets say that 5 of the tree graphics have black outlines... and the rest don't. I am, of course, being a little over-the-top with my example. For the average or casual game player... one look could stop them from even trying the game. Even if it's the most well written game on the planet - crammed full of super fun features. I'm not scared to admit that's how I am - and suspect that's where adding screenshots of games began. Showcasing the visuals of games for potential buyers to judge. I also agree that professionalism is a buzz word of sorts... to a point. If a game looks messy, somewhere in my mind a bell goes off saying it probably is a mess. If it doesn't look professional, what are the chances it actually is? Haha - I know that when it's all said and done we're talking about home brew games - but that doesn't mean they have to look that way. There are plenty of examples that don't.
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    A friendly hello!

    Thank you! Looking forward to exploring.