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    The Side Villains

    I agree with you, the villains have great relevance in some games (But if you only do puzzles it would almost make no sense to put a villain here, I think so), for example in my game, Dzarov, the main companion of the protagonist, warns that when Get what you want, you'll stab us in the back. However, it has a development behind it (which, in my opinion, of all the sketches of the character, I liked the most). Villains have their relevance, they almost always have a parallel development with the protagonist, which makes it more dynamic when it comes to revealing (Sephirot is a clear example of this) But, you can have a rich and rich history for the players, but if the final boss comes out of nowhere and does not match the entire game (See here Fontaine / Atlas de Bioshock 1, final part), it is to throw everything automatically overboard.
  2. Hello everyone! I have a problem with a command window in my script, I have created a conditional derivation, The first one has three options just like the second one, the difference is that the first one is destined to appear when the user selects that specific item, while The second is the default for all items. If you could help me I would thank you all!