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  1. VaronKein

    music Copyright Free Music by Patrick de Arteaga

    Hey there I leave here my four tracks recently remastered: All my video game music is prepared to loop. And, since all my tracks are in Ogg format, some of them have the loopstart and looplength tags included because they have a beginning which will not repeat during their loop playback. In summary, my copyright-free music is optimized for RPG Maker. Just download, import to your project, and enjoy.
  2. VaronKein

    music Copyright Free Music by Patrick de Arteaga

    I have been updating my YouTube channel with some remastered tracks. Take a look at some of theme: Yeah, I forgot to say that I have a YouTube channel for my video game music.
  3. Hello rmdevs! One more composer around here. My name is Patrick de Arteaga and I have spent time composing video game music. I have a repertoire of copyright free music to use in your projects. It's creative commons music, which you can use in your RPG Maker games in exchange for giving credit. This royalty free music is in Ogg format and ready to loop. You can download it directly here: https://patrickdearteaga.com/royalty-free-music Terms of use: ·You can use it in your commercial and non-commercial games, you just have to give credit to my website. ·You can edit and modify my music freely as long as you keep giving credit. ·You can visit the FAQ section of my website for more questions. I hope you like it and be useful for your projects. Feel free to comment here for anything, I'll be happy to read!