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  1. I agree Kayzee, spent a year in Gamemaker and a little in Unity..and felt like I was spending more time writing code and actually not getting my game idea along. Since it takes half a day (without copy pasting) prepping a small map to spend a week writing code for it.... Some of the tutorials vids helped when I first fired up RPG Maker...but after I saw the events vid I took off on my own lol. My lighting is fixed for maps with a simple event...but for some reason it also causes the battles on that same map to be at the same levels (in this case, almost too dark to see anything).. So I am assuming I will need to write a script for the battles in caves etc.... Not looking forward to it this early but hey....no one said it was going to be easy lol.
  2. Yes, looks like I will need to learn this Ruby language a tad... Have found a couple of side battle scripts but they seem to toss errors all over the place. About to inject a basic one in and then possibly start working my own animations in... We shall see.....Appreciate the feedback.. I am sure I will have more questions lol. Already finding that some things I want to do have videos.....but are literally 2012 and the methods no longer apply..or changes were made since then.. Like the Khas lighting ended up being a disaster for me last night after following the tutorial...
  3. Awesome! I will look for those scripts. As far as coding and making my own, the RPG Maker looks really cut and dry and simple compared to Gamemaker and the year I have spent total with it. I might be making my own scripts for a few things I have noticed in VX Ace so far I would like to have in (unless I find them somewhere). I'm already working on my own tile sets and music right now to catch up what I lost in other engine...but for now I am making a little "tester" game using all the features in VX Ace I can so I can get more familiar with it. I'll have to search for that FF style battle script as well.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. I kind of rushed to RPG Maker after an extremely frustrating issue with Gamemaker and 4 months of work corrupted down to the backup file... And now there is no longer support for 1.4x ..anyways off that. I figured VX and VX Ace were the newest according to the site but MV is the newest? So far I really do like both VX and Ace (I decided to trial Ace). Something I had mentioned in my question was about the FF1 style... I am curious if the old FF1, FF2, and FF3 (All NES and SNES versions US) style of combat can be scripted or used in RPG Maker? I have always been a fan of the "Left side vs. the Right side" type of combat in RPGs... Is one reason I wasn't the biggest Dragon Warrior fan...although still like it...
  5. Spent most of my time in Unity and Gamemaker but wanted something nice and simple so I can focus more on my story lines and actions instead of coding 95% and 5% actually going anywhere... So, I saw that RPG VX was on sale for $12...so, I figured why not... no sense messing with trial restrictions like most other types of software. I started watching a tutorial channel but it seems that literally EVERY SINGLE tutorial is based on RPG VX ACE... I know they are essentially the same but the one thing I seem to be missing that is very important to my game idea are the random encounters (like a FF1 style of play)... I noticed that the "regions" icon is missing from my VX. I ran a search in help for region and do not see any results. I have also not found any info on whether or not this is a feature only in Ace? Again, I am new to RPG Maker and already stopped until I figure out whether or not I have wasted $12.