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  1. BitBrosGames

    OTHER Venaitura

    I will. Thanks! :D
  2. BitBrosGames

    OTHER Venaitura

    Wow! I really like the retro style! Looking forward to playing a demo soon!
  3. BitBrosGames

    Hello everyone!

  4. (moh-nee-goh-tay Fantasy) AUTHOR: Bit Bros! Games GENRE: Old School RPG ENGINE: RPG Maker 2003 STATUS: Complete [currently being translated into English (75%) - Beta coming soon!] First beta in English coming soon! The beta will cover around the first 8 hours of the game and it'll be out in some weeks. But we need your help! We're not native speakers in English but we've put a lot of effort and literally our heart and soul (maybe not literally) on making and translating this project, so we'd greatly appreciate if any of you could help us proofread the game (especially if English is your first language). If you're up for it, please let us know! Thanks for your support! You can check our Facebook page here! (in Spanish) BitBros! Games.
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    Hello everyone!

    Nice to meet you! This is BitBros! Games, we finished our first game a couple of years ago and we'd like to publish it for the first time in English. See you around!