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  1. Hi there, I hope that you can help me :)) how can I change window.open && close speed? Thank you
  2. That's alright. thanks anyway, I'll use the squared one. No worries ^^ Meanwhile.... I have some other questions... sorry for hijacking (:´D) EDIT: I've managed to do this one width the help of AMN DQ Battle Addon script and some editing ^^ I've created my own window in Scene_Battle to appear when Skill_list is opened. In that window I've managed to display current in action actor HP/MP when I'm selecting skills.. But I wanted to display MP_Cost when the cursor is on skill. (see image bellow for future reference) Alsooooo, Is there any way to make Critical Hits animation depending on the weapon ? If I remember right, some years ago when I started my first project there was one, I think it was named Golden Sun Critical hits or something related to Golden Sun, but, sadly is gone. For reference: - If Emerald Sword is equipped then Critical Hit animation is Flash. - if current weapon is Daggers of doom then the critical Hit animation is Meteor. Thank youuu ~~
  3. HI there, sorry did you have any luck? I've managed to blend the images as you said, but never full transparency D:
  4. I must be doing something wrong of course -.- Thank you for your help :D :D
  5. Luckily the script already has that 3 sprites that simulate what you mention. I did as you said and created the images but I can't seem to make it work.. The script is divided in 3 parts, but I'm pretty sure that is the second part, Iv'e already tried @map_img.blend_type = 1 I aprecciate your help :D
  6. Hi there, thank you for your response..I don't know if I am making sense. D: so is it impossible to make this: into this?
  7. Hi there again, I'm using Napoleons Minimap (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/napoleons-minimap.13801/) I would like to know if I can make a Mask to make the map circular in scroll mode instead of rectangular , if so how can I ? Thank you
  8. Chucksaint

    LVL decimals

    Hi there! How can I put for instance LV 1 to LV 01? also how to change the color if the first case is 0 ? thanks in advance
  9. Chucksaint

    Theo TSBS + Ao no kiseki

  10. Chucksaint

    Level up & Enemy drops in battle

  11. Chucksaint

    Level up & Enemy drops in battle

  12. Chucksaint

    Theo TSBS + Ao no kiseki

  13. Chucksaint

    Theo TSBS + Ao no kiseki

    Hi Guys, so I've managed to make TSBS work with Ao no Kiseki almost in perfection, but sadly the <slow> and <cancel> doesn't work... I think they have similiar methods hence the "incompatibility"(?) Any one knows how to fix this ? Thank youu
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